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5 Smart DIY crafts to Reuse Gift Wrapping Paper | Ezyshine

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Welcome to the World of Wonders! Yes, Ezyshine has again brought you a new majestic DIY work that will extract the talent out in you. Get ready to re-create your home by the leftover gift wrapping papers. The DIY you would fall in love with! Fill the brightness around you with the colorful patterns and designs of gift wrapping paper.

holiday arts by gift grapping paper

There must be lot of stuff lying around in your home that is unattended. Yeah Right! You might be busy in your daily important works and do not even bother to stress your mind a little about such things. But we need to grow up and reuse every single paper too in one or the other way. This is no tough job with the expert guide by Ezyshine. Learn to reuse gift wrapping paper and save your home from mess of papers.

DIY - Resuse of gift wrapping papers - Ezyshine

Do not allow to get the leftover gift wrapping paper go waste! Rather, think of reusing and re-wrapping these papers onto something for enriching the essence of creativity in you! The inexpensive, yet adorable DIY craft ideas are going to bring the graphic touch in your home sweet home. The best way you could understand the importance of the DIY craft ideas is Kids! They just love such home activities which utilize colors, papers and little bit of brain.

reuse of gift wrapping paper - DIY crafts

So, sit along with the kiddies this weekend, and dig up some adventurous craft work. You can look for the wonderful party hats for celebrations, design a greeting card to show your thanks and appreciation for your loved ones, opt to decorate pots and wooden boxes, dress up your bottles with bright gift papers, and much more.

DIY art - Ezyshine - Gift wrapping papers

You know what make me more curious in this regards? Whenever I buy a new shirt, shoes or accessories, the boxes or the cases are my precious armour. I make sure to keep them safe somewhere so as to cover them later with the gift wrapping papers for presenting the better you! This is one of my favorite DIY crafts to reuse gift wrapping papers.

Well, if you are looking for a hint or a little inspiration for some new DIY projects, then you need to see the handful of ideas below to use up the old gift wrapping papers.


1. Line the Drawers with Bright Gift Wrapping Paper

Add more excitement to the tedious drawers & bookshelves with the leftover gift wrapping paper. It will make the drawers & open shelves look bright & colorful. Cut the leftover gift wrapping papers into the desired shapes & clasp it with the colourful tapes or fevicol.

wrapping paper in drawers - Ezyshine

You can even mismatch the colors & form a pattern that will bring life to the things kept in the shelves or drawers. Bold prints will act as backdrops which will twist the color accent of the room. Even toddlers room looks great with the reuse of gift wrapping paper.

leftover gift wrapping papers

2. Blow up your books

If you are a book lover, then, this is a great idea for you. Now you can easily transform your old books & torn book covers into new with the reuse of gift wrapping papers. Eclectic shades of leftover gift wrapping papers will blow up your books.

book covers - DIY gift wrapping paper

Books are the great things to decorate the walls & other spaces. Contemporary bookshelves are in full demand these days. It not only gives the modern look to the home but also covers the empty spaces. And what if the books kept in these bookshelves are also decorated? It will add glitters to the whole scenery.

reuse of gift wrapping papers - DIY art & craft

3. Frame the Wrapping Papers

If you don’t have photos to frame, but want to decorate the walls of your home, reuse the gift wrapping paper. Yes, dear, wrapping papers are the great things to frame & decorate the walls. Sort out some amazing bold prints from the trash, match the sizes of the gift wrapping papers, frame them & hang them on the walls.

DIY art - Gift wrapping paper frames

The magic of vibrant colors & prints will add flare to the dull walls. Photo frames are one of the best decorative items which don’t need any hustle bustle to cover up any space.

gift wrapping paper photo frames - DIY art - Ezyshine

4. Add Fun to the Empty Boxes

We generally throw the shoe boxes & other empty boxes. But have you thought, that these can save your spaces & keep the things organized? Yes, Lovely peeps!! You can stack the socks & napkins in the empty boxes. Even can arrange your cutlery sets.

reuse leftover gift wrapping papers - DIY art ezyshinre

I know what you are thinking, that keeping the empty boxes looks nasty. It’s the time to add fun to the empty boxes. The quest for some lovely gift wrapping papers from the waste & reuse it to lace the empty shoe & dress boxes. Add some embellishment to make it look more pretty. Keep the stock of your decorative items, make it your color box, arrange your jewellery & other accessories & much more.

DIY craft - Gift wrapping paper for kids room

5. Decorate the holiday Ornaments

This is my favourite DIY craft to reuse the gift wrapping papers. Especially Christmas & Diwali decoration make a lot use of the wrapping papers. Hanging paper chandeliers, glittering stars, Christmas tree ornaments, gift wraps & other decorative items all get wrapped in the funky shiny gift wrapping papers. You can even try it & beauty your home with amazing arts. I have drafted many DIY arts in my previous articles. Have a look at them & show your creativity t0 others.

holiday art - DIY crafts - Ezyshine

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