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5 Valentines Day Recipes for Romantic Dinner – Ezyshine

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Hey, Love Birds! Have you started hunting a cozy restaurant for your Valentine’s Day dinner? What if you go an extra mile this year to make it more special?

valentine day recipes - Ezyshine - chocolate cake

Love is in the air & soon this air will spread in the atmosphere with the start of February, the love month of Lovers. So, this time set up your mood with the delicious Valentines Day recipes for romantic dinner. Simply treat your honey with the intimate dinner plan where you will be the Master Chef of the whole plan. The mouth-watering food recipes will surely add a wow factor in your romantic Valentines Day dinner!

cheese ravioli - valentine day recipes for romantic dinner

After all, self-made special food items could also be one of the unique ways to express your love towards your partner! Choose the Valentine’s Day special food that you love but simultaneously, check out the other side of the coin too! Lolz..! I mean you must know what your partner’s choice in food habits!

valentine day recipes - romantic dinner recipes

So dig out the best Valentines Day recipes for your sweetheart from the land provided by Ezyshine. We have kept in mind that every recipe is quick & easy to make so that you can enjoy sharing it with your lover, rather than spending the whole time cooking! Plus, the sweet desserts, at last, will work as a cheese burst!!

Guys, I am sure that these tasty food recipes will work great in bringing you guys closer. The sweetness of these recipes will surely energize your taste buds for your partner.

valentine day dinner recipes - ezyshine

Go on with these easy Valentines Day recipes for a romantic & utterly buttery delicious dinner. 

1. Strawberry Champagne

Start your romantic date with this chilled strawberry champagne. Trust me, guys, it will definitely set your mood & will drive you crazy. No hustle bustle in this valentine day recipe, just 10 min & your flavourful drink is ready.

strawberry champagne - Romantic valentine day recipes ideas


  • Fresh Strawberries washed   –  6-7
  • Fresh strawberries for Garnish –  6-7 pieces
  • Chilled Champagne  –  1 bottle
  • Lime Juice  –  1/2 tbsp
  • Sugar or honey (optional)  –  1 teaspoon
  • Champagne for soaking strawberries


  • Soak 6-7 strawberries in the champagne in a bowl & keep it in the fridge for 5-6 hrs.
  • In a mixer, grind another 6-7 fresh strawberries, lime juice & sugar until smooth.
  • Fill the serving glasses 1/3 full with the strawberry puree.
  • Now fill those glasses with the champagne.
  • At the time of serving, take out the champagne soaked strawberries from the refrigerator & adjust them on the top edges of the glasses.

strawberry champagne - valentine recipes

2. Grilled Cheese Hearts

Cheese & sandwich lovers, try out this recipe & you’ll surely be satisfied. These crispy grilled cheese hearts will make you burst out of cheese. The crunch of veggies & creamy texture of cheese will take your heart away. And if served with creamy tomato soup, it will be like a cherry on top of the cake.

grilled cheese hearts for valentine day dinner


  • Bread Slices  –  10-12
  • Butter to grease the bread slices
  • Cheese  –  2 bowls
  • Red Bell Pepper  –  1/4 bowl
  • Green Bell Pepper  –  1/4 bowl
  • Chopped Onions  –  1/2 bowl
  • Salt as per taste
  • Black Pepper as per taste


  • Cut the bread slices into the heart shape with the heart cookie cutter.
  • Top the bread slice with the cheese.
  • Place some chopped onions & coloured bell peppers on the cheese.
  • Mix the salt & black pepper in a bowl & then sprinkle some on the toppings.
  • Place another bread slice on it just like a sandwich.
  • Now Grease both the sides with the butter & grill them.
  • Yummy Grilled sandwiches are ready to serve.

Note: Serve these cheesy sandwiches with creamy tomato soup.

grilled cheese heart sandwiches for valentine day romantic dinner

3. Red Velvet Heart cake

Awww…!!! These are so cute. This is what you’ll get from your partner when you’ll serve it. The soft velvety textured creamy cake will make you lost in its essence. Cut out it in any shape with cookie cutters & decorate it the way you want. This is what, which will add glace to your dinner table. Red velvet heart cakes are perfect valentines day romantic dinner date.

red velvet heart cakes - mini valentine dinner recipes


For Red Velvet Cake

  • Eggs  –  3-4
  • Red Food Colouring  –  2 tbsp
  • Sugar  –  3/4 cup approx
  • Vanilla Essence  –  1/3 tbsp
  • Salt  –  1/2 teaspoon
  • Buttermilk  –  2 tbsp
  • Vegetable oil  –  1 tbsp
  • Cake Flour  –  1 cup
  • Cocoa Powder  –  1/3 cup
  • Vinegar  –  1 teaspoon
  • Baking Powder  –  1 teaspoon

For Frosting

  • Fresh Icing Cream  –  1/2 bowl
  • Food colouring (optional)


For Red Velvet Cake 

  • Preheat the oven at 180 degrees.
  • Line the rimmed jelly roll baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • Take the eggs in a bowl & whisk them properly.
  • Add the sugar & vegetable oil in the eggs & again stir it well.
  • In another bowl mix the vinegar, buttermilk & food colour.
  • Pour the buttermilk mixture into the eggs mixture.
  • Mix flour, cocoa powder & salt in another bowl.
  • Mix all eggs mixture with the dry ingredients like a batter.
  • Pour the batter in the baking sheet & make it smooth.
  • Bake it for 10-15 min.
  • Take it out and let it cool for half hour.
  • Cut the heart shapes with the heart cookie cutter.
  • Slice those heart cookies horizontally in 2 slices.
  • Place the frosting on one slice and then place another heart slice on it like a sandwich.
  • Decorate the top slice with frosting and other decorative items.

For Frosting

  • Whip the cream with the grinder till it becomes fluffy.
  • Mix some drops of the food colouring if you want.
  • Slip it into the icing tube & decorate your cake & cookies.

red velvet mini cakes - valentine day recipes

4. Spinach Ricotta Stuffed Shells

Looking for some romantic dinner recipes on the very special Valentines day? Spinach ricotta stuffed shells will meet your carvings. For Italian foodies, this will be a great hit. The savor of Italian flavours with spicy mariana sauce & full of cheese stuffed shells will make your evening.

valentine day recipes - spinachj ricotta stuffed shells


  • Jumbo Pasta Shells  –  2 cups
  • Onion finely chopped  –  1/2 bowl
  • Salt as per taste
  • Olive Oil  –  1 tbsp
  • Black Pepper as per taste
  • Parmesan Cheese  –  1/2 cup
  • Ricotta Cheese  –  2 cups
  • Mariana Sauce  –  1 1/2 cup
  • Eggs, lightly beaten  –  2
  • Mozzarella Cheese  –  2 cups
  • Frozen Spinach  –  1 1/2 cup
  • Oregano  –  1 teaspoon
  • Dried Parsley  –  1 teaspoon


  • Take a large pan. Cook pasta shells in the boiled water till they become soft. (You can sprinkle some oil drops and salt while boiling.)
  • Strain the water & keep the shells aside.
  • In another frying pan, heat some oil in the pan.
  • Add chopped onions & saute it till they become translucent.
  • Add spinach and cook it for 2-3 min.
  • Squeeze extra water and take it out in a bowl.
  • Take another bowl mix parmesan & ricotta cheese.
  • Mix the dry ingredients ( dried parsley, oregano, black pepper, salt) in the cheese mixture.
  • Mix spinach & cheese mixture together.
  • Stuff the pasta shells with the stuffing.
  • Take a baking casserole & spread marinara sauce in it.
  • Arrange the stuffed shells in it.
  • Cover them with marinara sauce & then grate the mozzarella cheese over it.
  • Bake it at 350 degrees F for 5-30 min.
  • Garnish it with fresh parsley & serve hot.

stuffed shells - valentine recipes

5. Jell-O Strawberry Parfaits Recipe

How fancy these Jell-O strawberry parfaits are? Some simple steps & your finger licking dessert is ready. Mostly desserts take time but this easy valentine day recipe won’t involve you the whole day. You can make layers too instead of leaning the jelly on one side. Sprinkle some edible decorative items or put some slices of the strawberries to make it look even more tempting. It’s No-Bake dessert which has creamy touch & flavourful strawberry jelly to tickle your taste buds.

valentines day parfita


  • JELL-O Strawberry Flavor Gelatin  –  1 pack
  • Boiling Water  –  1 cup
  • Fresh Strawberries  –  4-5
  • Ice cubes  –  1 bowl
  • Whipped Cream  –  1 bowl


  • Take a big bowl & mix gelatin with the boiling water.
  • Stir it well while adding ice cubes. It will start thickening.
  • Slice the fresh strawberries & add them to the mixture.
  • Pour the mixture equally into 4 glasses. Keep in mind that you fill at least 1/3 glass.
  • Tilt the parfait glasses it in the muffin cups.
  • Freeze it for 1 hr or more till the jelly get firm.
  • Now fill the remaining glass with the whipped cream & garnish it with the strawberry slices.
  • Delicious strawberry parfait is ready to make your valentine day more special.

jello strawberry parfait recipe

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