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5 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Neon Colors | Home Decor

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Being an enthusiast graphic designer, I love to inculcate the funky & florescent colors in my accessories and interiors of my room. It gives a real positive energy to me about my living. Hence, I always wish to get my home full of such light color combinations. Now guys, its fine till my room and my things, but my Mom will kill me if I try to that for every part of my home…!!!

Hey, but if you wanna use these for your home, then I would be glad to share these cool tips with you for your home! So, would you like to decorate your home with use neon colors?decorate your home with neon colors - interior design

Since Neon colors are already rocking the fashion world, they are now grooming the home accessories, furniture, and Interior designs to decorate your home. You could use these colors in moderation of any part of your home and smartly decorate your home with neon colors. You can use Pink color, Yellow, Lime, Vibrant, Peacock Blue, Orange and other trendy colors that will give a jolt to your interiors.

They could be in the form of – Light Blue colored wall decorations, Light colored Bedroom walls & bed, white party ornaments, Neon color Bathroom sets, orange color furniture, Neon color splash in Kitchen area, and color combination of pink & light green in the guest room, etc…. Like these, there could be endless ways to decorate your home with neon colors.

Here are some of the above proven ways in detail as to how you can decorate your home interiors with attractive neon colors.

1. Bed covers and other textiles

After clothes and shoes, now neon colors are spreading their shine from bed covers to couches and duvet covers. Neon color fabrics go perfect with the light wall paint. Pop up your bedroom or living room with the splash of neon colors in bedsheets, cushion and duvet covers. Vibrant neon colors will brighten up and update your space. The Use of neon colors gives fresh and lively look to the bedroom.decorate your home with neon colors

2. Wall paint or wallpapers

Are you tired of same dull, boring colors..? And want to play with colors..?? Then decorating your home with enchanting neon colors is the best choice. Now jolt the room into high gear. Painting the dull walls with bright colors will glow the walls of your home. But make sure, to keep it balanced with grey, white or pastel colors. You can add an eclectic feel  to the space by adding bold artwork. You can decorate your home by adding neon colors at the time of lamination of wooden flooring. While using bright neon colors on the walls, use soft color accessories and furniture. If you don’t want to paint big area, then spice up your room by painting interior doors or vertical spaces.decorate your home with neon colors - home decor

3. Bright curtains for home decor

Bright color curtains work well in the kids room or living room. Now you can easily brighten up your room with these neon color curtains. Light coming from windows will splatter the colors of the curtains in your home. Neon colors such as bright pink, lime green, yellow, orange create an energizing effect. For summers, geometrical and floral prints in bright color curtains are very popular as they soothe the eyes and makes us feel fresh. Specially lime green, bright blue, pink and lemon yellow colors are hit in this season. These bright colors will compliment your home interior designs.neon colored curtains

4. Garden accessories

Now take advantage of blooming colorful flowers and natural light and brighten up your garden accessories with these vibrant neon colors. Harmonize the Garden chairs, swings, earthen pots with rich blue, fresh apple greens, bright pink and soft lilacs. You can also use neon string lantern that transforms your exterior space. Pots are not only to decorate the garden, but also to decorate the interior of your home.  If you want to decorate your balcony with neon accents, then you can go for neon lamps, hanging pots etc. It will give a unique look to your exterior.neon color garden accessories

5. Neon colors in your kitchen

As, women spend most of her time in the kitchen so color and interior of the kitchen should be comforting. According to interior designers, people love  bright colors for home decor, especially for kitchen and living rooms.  It gives a contemporary look to the interior. You can paint the walls with bright colour and can use sober accessories, or can use neon colors in accessories like lamps, designer falling lights, tables and chairs with soothing light color walls. It will keep you energetic and fresh all the time.neon color kitchen

It’s true that these colors are popping up everywhere we look around, but keep in mind that using too much of neon color in the house might give you headache as these colors are brighter, bold and intense in nature. So, you can use these neon colors and shades precisely.

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