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6 Different Types of Tea Recipes – Health Benefits of Tea

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People are willing to kick off their day with a cup of Tea. Oops! My mistake..! Now I must mention ‘a cup of Healthy Tea’ of their choice. Sipping a cup of tea gives a relaxation to mind & body, but deep research also tell the perfect health benefits of Tea.

Health benefits of tea - different types of tea

All tea is actually made from the buds and processed leaves. It is interesting to know that Tea began as a medicine and then grew up as a beverage. By the time, tea lovers have made their own choices out of the tasty & delightful tea recipes. Now that depends on your taste and your craziness to keep trying the variety of tastes.

health benefits of tea and tea recipes

In the storm of the rainy season, it is suggested to consume high fibre diet to keep up a healthy digestion. That is why a daily health chart should contain Corn, Oats, Ripe Banana, & Lady Finger in abundance. It boosts the absorption level of vitamins and minerals in your body. (Read: 5 Quick & Healthy Indian Food Recipes – Monsoon Snacks)

So, in addition to this, the monsoon comes with an urge to have Chai in after food drinks or in the morning time. You only have to make sure that your cup of tea is healthy and protective in nature.

different types of tea recipes & their health benefits

Try these different types of Tea recipes and complete your thirst by knowing the health benefits of Tea. I am sure that the bunch of tea recipes will make you feel more blessed & energetic. 

1. Lemongrass Tea: Procedure & Health Benefits of Tea

Lemongrass tea is basically extracted from lemongrass plant and is commonly found in the Asian food. It is also known as fever grass & has long & thin leaves. Consuming this tea will provide freshness and relaxation in this season.lemon grass tea health benefits


  • Take 2-3 stems of lemongrass and cut them into very thin pieces after washing them thoroughly.
  • Now put those pieces of lemongrass into hot water & keep it like this till the color of the water changes.
  • Refine it in another utensil. Add little bit of squashed lemon for tangy taste.
  • You can even add some sugar to your recipe according to your taste.
  • Roll down on your chair while sipping this healthy Tea & enjoy the monsoon way.

Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea:

Like many other herbs provided by our soil, there are quite a few health benefits of tea down here. According to a research by the University of Israel, lemongrass tea helps to fight cancer.

It contains an anti-oxidant named ‘cistol’ that saves from all forms of bacteria and fungus. Pregnant ladies should avoid its consumption. (Read: 7 Causes of Extreme Tiredness and Weakness to Focus On)

Plus, regular use of this tea helps to detoxify the body. Moreover, it has the antibacterial and antifungal properties that fight & protect your body from a cough and cold. Lemongrass tea also helps in boosting up your immune system. Talking about its nutritional benefits, vitamin C, folic acid, calcium and iron are the major ones we receive. 

lemon grass tea recipe - health benefits

2. Hibiscus Tea: Recipe & its Health Benefits

Hibiscus Tea (Gudhal ki Chai) is known for its anti-oxidant qualities with quite long historical shreds of evidence in medications. It is red in color. You can consume it the way you like – either hot or cold! I mean if you are already very hot (a general body temperature) then you can consume it as the cold tea. Lolzz..!! (Read: 6 Refreshing Summer Drinks | Homemade Recipes of Juices & Shakes)

While sipping this iced tea in the monsoon wetness, the hibiscus will boost your experience to infinite refreshment. You can change the game of taste by adding honey to it! 

hibiscus tea - different types of tea


  • Wash the hibiscus flowers thoroughly with clean water and put them in boiling water.
  • Put a bit of dalchini (Cinnamon)  in the teapot.
  • Now leave it like this for some time and then finally refine it.
  • However, it depends on your taste buds how they want to be treated. For more flavour, you need to keep them in water for a longer time. But keep one thing in mind that does not heat it for more than 20 minutes or else, you might lose the taste you wish for.
  • Finally, spruce up with some drops of lemon and a spoonful of honey.

hibiscus tea health benefits

Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea:

It’s just like other herbal teas with surprising health benefits. It greatly helps in weight reduction and even strengthening of the immune system by providing antioxidant like Vitamin C. Moreover, this special Tea helps to balance the blood circulation and cholesterol levels. It has been found as a blessing for those who suffer from high blood pressure. Actually immune system gets low in monsoon season; hence this tea recipe will strengthen you from inside. (Read: Heart disease risk factor and its In-depth relationship with Cholesterol)

Importantly, pregnant women and low blood pressure patients should avoid consumption of this Tea. 

health benefits of hibiscus tea

3. Peppermint Tea: Recipe & Health Benefits of Tea

The tempting Peppermint tea is extracted from the dried peppermint leaves. Pudina is a herb and the herbal tea made from pudina is consumed on a wide range across the world. This peppermint tea or Pudina Tea has been considered as an awesome drink for the digestive system. This is why it is widely used in chutney or cool beverages.

peppermint tea - different types of tea


  • Collect the fresh leaves of Pudina and let them dry under the sun to its best.
  • Leave them to dry till the leaves get hard.
  • Now crush the whole hard leaves and put them in a container for storage and further usage.
  • Now, boil some water in a utensil and add 2 teaspoons full of crushed leaves.
  • Then refine it and after that, just add honey in it according to your taste.

Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea:

The health benefits of tea have been known for long time, it helps in various physical ailments like the gastrointestinal problem, headache and even cold & flu. Nutritious add-ons are Vitamin B and potassium. (Read: 5 Active Ways to Prevent Cough and Cold | Natural Remedies)

peppermint tea recipe - health benefits of tea

4. Green Tea: Recipe & Health Benefits of Tea

It’s true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away…But you cannot deny the fact that 3 cups of green tea has 8 times more oxidant power than an apple.

This is a popular tea when we talk about refreshing health drinks. According to a research in china, it has been proved that those who drink green tea regularly, they have less tendency of getting high blood pressure. (Read: The Best Diet and Exercise Plan to Keep You Fit & Healthy)

I have come across a lot many of my young buddies who consume Green tea on regular basis. They say that it helps in energy boosting and weight loss agenda. Ah! Pretty health conscious of them isn’t it! Lolz…!

green tea - health benefits and recipe


  • The leaves of green tea are very light and hence, do not boil the water too much or else they will burn.
  • Plus, the fragrance of this delightful tea also vanishes with the heating.
  • You can further add come drops of lemon that will increase the taste you deserve.
  • Moreover, a spoonful of honey or a slice of apple could do wonders.

health benefits of green tea - tea recipes

Health Benefits of Green Tea:

There is an anti-oxidant in green and black tea named flavonoid. The EGC present in this fight against free radicals. This helps in reducing cancer and heart problems. It also contains caffeine that boost up your memory power. The other health benefits of tea include weight loss (due to increasing metabolic rate). (Read: 4 simple weight loss tips without Dieting)

Different types of tea have to be balanced in their own ways. Like one cup of green tea has 36 mg of caffeine, while one cup of black tea has 60 of caffeine, whereas one cup of coffee contains around 80-260 mg of caffeine.    

health benefits of green tea

5. Black Tea: Procedure & Health Benefits of Tea

It is suggestible that do not start your day with green tea or black tea because its caffeine can create a disbalance in the digestion system.

Although green tea and black tea are extracted from the same plant, but the quantity of polyphenol is less in black tea because of the processing. On the other hand, the quantity of antioxidant is higher than the herbal tea. (Read: 7 Fat Burning Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast – Fitness Tips)

The process of making the Green tea and black tea is same.

black tea recipes

Health Benefits of Black Tea:

It works great in neurological disorders like Parkinson or Alzheimer’s diseases. According to many researchers, it is shown that the damage done to our lungs by the smoke of the cigarette can be recovered by black tea at max. Moreover, black tea is quite acidic; hence you can reduce its acidity by adding few drops of lemon. 

health benefits of black tea

6. Rose Tea: Procedure & Health Benefits of Tea

As the name suggests, this unique tea recipe is made from the leaves of a beautiful flower-Rose. You must try this as I think it is rarely experienced at home.

Rose tea recipe


  • Take a cup of normal hot water.
  • Now put 5-10 leaves of rose in this water for around 5-8 minutes.
  • For more flavour according to your taste, keep it for a longer time.
  • You can add small pieces of almonds and dalchini (Cinnamon) to the recipe.
  • Better and improvised taste, add some milk or sugar in it.
  • Rather, it would be cool enough to use the natural process of making the tea.
  • Your Tea is ready with mind blowing feeling. (Read: The Ultimate Guide to Sources & Health Benefits of Vitamin D)

Health Benefits of Rose Tea:

It nurtures our body with essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B3, C, D and E. It gives a shining and young skin like rose flower. Moreover, this is considered to be one of the best sources of Vitamin C that helps in boosting up your immune system. Rose tea is also consumed for getting relief from the sour throat problem.

rose tea health benefits

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