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6 Easy Christmas Holidays Makeup Tips & Tricks – Ezyshine

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Welcome to our best Christmas holidays makeup tips and tricks that will keep you looking glowing and polished the whole night.

O yaa, It’s Christmas time, Jingle Bells all around and the popping shades of red and green. When the surrounding is plunged into the flow of Christmas, how can you lovely ladies sit back? During this festive week we all want to look out the best but because of the hurry for celebrations and dancing, we fall short of time for the full makeover.

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As Christmas is the time to look a little fancy, add spangle to your beauty. Show your glamour and make the people drop their jaws. Keep your old holiday’s makeup tips aside and try out these easy and reviving Christmas holidays makeup tips. (Read: Top 10 makeup mistakes will make you look 10 years older..)

A lot of holidays packed up by the end of December, this is one such festival known for lighting trees and blinking lights all around the streets! You wish to enjoy late night this day without any disturbance in your fun. So, we are here with the right Christmas holidays makeup tips that will not let you feel boring.

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1. Glittering Eyes

Picking some eye shades for Christmas holidays makeup? Wait, Go with glittering shades as it will round your eye makeup. Glitters are the best option for holiday parties. But choosing the right glitter and applying it perfectly so that it doesn’t knock out your overall look is little tricky.

glittering eye makeup - christmas - ezyhisne

But no need to worry, stab with these glitter shades and pop up your look. Incite your eyeballs with glitter or finish your look by applying glitter all over your eyelids.

Gold, copper and silver glitters are the evergreen shades that never go wrong. Pair these glitters with the smokey eye makeup. Glitters have the tendency to spill, so after applying it, hold the tissue under the eye & use the brush to remove the excess. (Read: 5 Easy Makeup Tips for Festive Season You Must Try)

ezyshine eye makeup - glittering eyes

2. Winged and Cat Eyeliner

Are you looking for some classy Christmas holidays makeup tips? Go upscale with the sharp winged eyeliner. The plain black eyeliner looks elite with all types of makeup shades. It is for the ladies who don’t want to be in limelight but want to look glamorous. If you have small eyes, use white liners to make your eyes look big.

winged eyeliner - ezyshine makeup tips

Give a new twist to the winged eyeliner with the glitter shades. Create a winged shape with the eyeliner and fill it with the glitter shade. Be it golden, ombre, blue or pink, every shade of sparkle looks fantastic in the holiday parties.

ombre color eyeliner - ezyshine makeup tips

Apart from winged, cat eyeliners are also in limelight these days. Get the look and feel of a cat with the sharp cat eyeliner stroke in the Christmas party.

Artistic eyeliner will be a great pick for these Christmas holidays. Instead of going simple try out different colors and styles when applying eyeliner.

cat eyeliner - ezyhsine

3. Shimmer for Christmas Holidays Makeup Tips

Christmas holiday parties are nude with glitters and shimmers. This time wear shimmer in your makeup and shine like anything in the party. Play with gold, pink and red combinations of matte or metal shades, as they look mind-blowing.

holiday shimmer makeup - christmas makeup tips

Take care of the dark circles before jumping to these shades as it will highlight them more. Apply the moisturizer to make your skin look more soft and supple and then start putting makeup. Try to keep your lips nude or jump on the nude shades with the shimmering eyes to keep the makeup balance. Let your shimmering eyes spread the glam and beautify you.

All you need to do is put the eyeshadow shade and brush the shimmer shade on it. Highlight your eyes with mascara and eyeliner to create the depth.

christmas holidays makeup tips ideas

4. Eye Catchy Lipstick Shades

Ditch other shades of lipstick and look bold with red. Tie your hairs like a bun or turn them into a classy hairstyle, red pout goes perfect with every look. Pick the matte finish or glossy shade and make your lips snap ready.  If you are using glossy lipstick and want it to be matte, just dab the tissue paper on your lips to neutralize the effect of gloss.

christmas holidays makeup tips - ezyshine

Dior, loreal, Mac (Ruby woo, Russian Red), and Maybelline, Revlon are some of the top brands which you can pick and make your lipstick last longer and smudge free. Mac shade DIVA goest perfect with dusky skin tone.

If you are not comfortable with eye catchy red shade, jump on these new lipstick shades for fall that are in limelight this season.

lipstick shades - christmas 2017

5. Artistic Makeup

If you want to try some different Christmas holidays makeup, then paint your eyes with your imagination. Get wrapped in the feel of holidays and seek for some cute images that you can paint.

christmas eye makeup - ezyshine

Pick variant shades and hue your eyes. Draw a cute Santa at the end of your eye, just like holding your eyeliner. Or you can even paint the Christmas bells with small leaves. Just widen your imagination and play with hearts, Christmas bells, penguin, lightning threads and many more. (Read: 5 Beauty Tips for Busy Moms – Makeup Tips and Tricks)

eye makeup ideas - ezyshine

Look at the attached pictures and try out something unique. Give a new face to your imagination in the holiday parties and grab the look of others.

artistic eye makeup - christmas makeup

6. Ombre colors

Don’t forget to add ombre colors to your Christmas makeup palate this season. Down from ombre hairs, now it is taking place in makeup kit too. It’s the high time to drop the plain bold black color and try out something different for the startling look. It is not hard to apply, just pick the perfect match or contrast colors and apply on your eyes.

ombre eye makeup - ezyshine

Before holding your tools, don’t forget to set the color combo that you’re gonna start with. Go off with dark shade and then continue with the lighter shades. After spotting all the colors, blend them well with patience.

christmas makeup tips - holidays ezyshine makeup

Not only eyes, you can create the magic of ombre through your lips. If you are picking blood red shade, then, outline your lips with the burgundy color and fill it with red color. It will pop up your lips, giving it a natural shine. So, choose your favorite combos and play with your lips.

ombre lips - christmas makeup tips

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