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6 Effective Ways to Relax Yourself | Relaxation Tips and Techniques

August 8, 2014 8:07 pm Published by 2 Comments
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You have tried a lot of things but couldn’t know the things that can make you relax..!! Do you want to have some appealing tips & ways to relax yourself? Do not worry my friends,  I have picked up the best natural ways to relax yourself that will help you relax to calm down your anger, to make you sleep, to make your feel energetic, and to make you think positive. Check these out –ways to relax yourself

1. Sit under the Morning Sunlight

It’s has been scientifically proven that sunlight could be the best source for relaxation and improving your mood.
There are two kinds of hormones in our body. Sunlight reduces the hormone that makes us feel lazy and tensed, & increases the hormone that makes us feel energetic and happy. Sitting in the front of morning sunlight for some time each day is one of the natural ways to relax yourself. It’s the best therapy for getting rid of tiredness.sit under morning sunlight

2. Stretch your Arms out to the Sky

This specially works for those who have sitting job like computer engineers, etc. Stretching releases the physical form of stress stored inside your muscles. It not only makes yourself feel better, but can also result in effective ways to relax in your muscle pain and injury. You just start by stretching your arms up towards the sky and open your fingers wide. Face towards the sky & now take a deep breath and then slowly release it slowly. You will see that you are feeling fresh and relaxed than before.Open arms to sky - ways to relax yourself

3. Watch Comedy Video Clips

“Laughter is the best medicine.”
When you are in tension, then any comic scenario or funny scenario can make you feel relaxed and decrease your tension to a great extent. It’s very effective in reducing psychological stress. It simply increases your blood level and hence increasing the oxygen in your body. This improves your mood and you feel happy and energetic.

A good comedy video makes you smile. Along with that it normalizes your heart beat, improves your blood circulation, and this way, you could relax yourself to the great extent.comedy video clips to relax yourself

4. Stretch your Shoulders

This is one of the ways to relax yourself which could simply be known as a stretching exercise, but it’s very useful for relaxation.
Just hold your shoulders with your fingers and then try to lift your elbow as much as you can. This will relieve the stress of your neck, shoulders and your back. Plus, your heart beat will normalize and you will feel much better.shoulder-rotations

5. Listen to the Soothing Music or Songs

Listening to your favorite tracks is one of the simplest ways to relax yourself. You can do that while travelling, working, exercising, or taking shower, etc. In any of the cases, you sing your favorite music and you will feel relaxation on your face, neck and shoulders. By singing song, there is an increase in the amount of endorphins in your blood.
It’s found that if two people together sings a song (let’s say in case of husband wife), then stress is reduced at double the speed than before. Moreover, this tip even works on how to calm down your anger.listening music to relax

6. Chewing Bubble Gum

To relax yourself; chewing bubble could prove to be one of the effective ways. Chewing gum lowers the stress levels helps in improving your concentration. The reason behind the logic given by experts – It decreases the amount of ‘Cortisol’ in the saliva. Cortisol, the stress hormone, reduces the bone formation which then favors the long term development of Osteoporosis. Use this relaxing tip & see the difference yourself.chewing gum to relax

These above tips will surely leave yourself feeling relaxed, positive, and confident.

Stay Healthy..!!

Contributed by :-
Shivam Agarwal
Nutritional Health Consultant

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