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6 Inspirational Mantras to Be Positive Always | Ezyshine

June 1, 2016 4:52 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
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“Just when the Caterpillar thought the world was over, it turned into a Butterfly!” And the phrase says It All – Never Loose Hope!

Well, there are plenty of people who never lose hope or never quit from difficult situations in life. In fact, they believe in facing this tough chapter of life in every possible way! They are said to be winners and winners don’t quit! They are the real source of inspiration and motivation for everyone to be positive always.

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Do you have such level of positivity and the spirit to fight the battle of life? Yes! You have the answer to my question within you. Ask yourself and you will get the picture clear. You have that capability to found your unique identity within the gathering. The only thing you need to do is to know about the hidden power within you to fight the difficulties in this cruel world. This could be achieved with the belief that everything happens for a reason as you never know what tomorrow will bring for you!!

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Have you read about Hindu Lord Hanuman? He was made realized about his powers when the sea was to be crossed within a short span of time. Similarly, we need to find out (at times) the hidden power inside us which will help us to keep calm and be positive always even in the worst situations. It will allow you to never lose hope and make you strong enough to fight the situations. What would have been the life of people below if they would have lost their hope:-

  1. A re-known world famous dancer who don’t have one leg,
  2. A student scoring 70% marks who don’t have both hands & by using his leg to write,
  3. A successful IAS officer who lost both her legs in an accident,
  4. A young lady as a top college professor, who got her 3/4th face burnt in an acid attack,

And many more such live examples that will inspire and motivate you always!

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So Guys! Promise yourself to stay strong, never lose hope, have faith in God and be positive always to grow your inner self with confidence. Prove to the world that winners don’t quit & let everyone know your strength.

Ezyshine has brought up some important points about your nature should be! It will make you special amongst the crowd and simultaneously, it will never let you feel down!

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1. Bravery doesn’t mean that you have no Fear

May God bless you with no such fear in your life, but have you ever came across any eve-teasing moment where you find yourself alone and helpless? What do you think how strong you are to handle such tragic situation?

Friends! We must accept the high level of disappointment but we must never lose hope as there is a bright day after every dark night. Generally, when we come across such situation, we start fearing and crying for help in panic. So here, to be strong doesn’t mean that you can’t be afraid of anything. If situations are tough then fear comes up naturally. But like the winners don’t quit, you have to be strong enough to get up again & face the challenge to defeat the fear.  Just believe in your inner strength and give yourself a mantra to be positive always.

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2. Know what’s more Important in Life!

Whatever the surrounding and situation may be! Be it your office, workplace, home, or friends! You have your priorities set for your daily routines. Your will power and strong determination help you out to never loose hope and be positive in this phase of life. You very well understand your responsibilities towards your work and home both, and that makes you unique from others. You have such a strong positivity in life that you never lose hope even when others try to feed negativity in your mind. You keep yourself away from excuses and give out of the line results in your work.

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3. Appreciate the Good Workaround You

Don’t be jealous or showy of the growth that your co-worker is achieving. Never be hesitant to appreciate the good works done by your colleagues. This will give you the positive mindset and you will never let down yourself in your own eyes. Appraising the good work and good people will boost up your positive image rather than gossiping and backstabbing all the time.

Remember, you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind!

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4. Be Ready for a Change in Yourself

Always keep in mind that your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same. You have to understand and compromise with life according to situations. Be positive always with the belief that life is unpredictable, where you never know what you are going to face tomorrow. If you have the flexibility in life to accept the change with time, then you will be on top of the world with no one to defeat you.

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5. Know to Console yourself after Hard Times

Hard times, ups and downs are the sure part of life. These moments make you feel depressed and weak. But never lose hope under pressure situations and make you stand on your feet to fight the sadness. Buck up yourself with the hard times and face the world as you yourself have to win the battle of your life. No one else will come and fight for you or console you always!

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6. That you have to understand to Laugh on your Own

Many times, your colleagues or co-workers makes fun of you because of something that you did incorrectly or said in a kiddish manner. You become a centre of leg pulling between all of them in this case. In general, a normal pure hearted person might feel guilty of what he/she said. He/She would love to run away from the scenario and drown into the deep depression by the feeling of disrespect. The self-confidence comes at stake in such condition.

My friends! Build you nature with the positivity and acceptance of truth always. Be positive always to make yourself a strong human being. You have to become strong enough that before anyone else starts making fun of your words, you start laughing by yourself on you. The people around you will neutralize and the overall scenario will divert into a laughter moment increasing your blood.

This will make a better image of you in front of the people surrounding you. 

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Be Positive Always! Never Loose Hope! Take Care!!

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