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6 Must Have New Home Essentials for Home Decoration – Ezyshine

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Are you shifting to your new home? If yes, then you must check out this new home essentials checklist that can be really very helpful to you and can let your stress down in your starting days.

We are moving in the era of digitization and modernization where we need to keep ourselves updated with the world. This equally applies to personal needs, our belongings, our society and our home.

“Home is where Love Resides, Memories are Created and Laughter never Ends!”

new home essentials checklist for home decoration - ezyshine

Home is the heart of all family members where you live, eat, laugh, and enjoy together! Be it your living room, your drawing room, kitchen, main sitting hall, dining room, garden area, or even the rooftop, you need to build your home in a way that it invites and welcomes every single friend and family members by itself. Just choose the right accessories and attractive decorative items for furniture, walls, dressings, etc.

Moving to the new home is very tricky, as it requires a lot of packing and obviously some new things that can refurbish your new home.

Ezyshine has come up with a selective list of new home essentials that will help you build your home interiors in a smartly updated & exciting way. These ideas will surely inspire you to make the dream home you always wished for & turn your ideas into solutions in an exciting manner.

new home essentials checklist for home decoration - ezyshine new home essentials for home decoration

1. Rugs

If you are searching for some comfy and stylish floor materials, then rugs could be the perfect add in your new home essentials list. Rugs are the most versatile and eye catchy stuff that adds life to the home interiors along with combinations of textures & vibrant colors. (Read: 7 Stylish & Modern Home Decorating Ideas – Home Decor)

Let me be very frank Gals! The remote control of your home sweet home is in your hand & you are the mistress for how you good you want to treat your feet with softness! You can opt for different colors that you love or the one that matches your wall paints. You can locate these soft rugs to your hardwood floors, the bedroom suite, the drawing room’s entrance, or even in the garden area over the rocks! The amazing patterns and color combos of rugs are easily found and can give you magical rugs with style.

rugs - interior decoration - ezyshine

Just to share my observation, a good pad must be kept in mind when you go out shopping for rugs or carpets. A good pad increases the life of a carpet & helps to keep the carpet clean for long. (Read: 5 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Neon Colors | Home Decor)

Apart from this, never forget to do the vacuuming. It’s not necessary that you can see the dust from your naked eyes. But, if you wish your rugs to be clean, then vacuuming has to be done so as to stay healthy and dirt free!

Have a superb selection of Rugs for your home decoration as we have got the perfect rug clicks to make your room Go Live.rugs for home decoration - ezyshine

2. Artwork

Wanna make your neighbor jealous of your fabulous home interiors? It’s time to decorate your home with the jaw-dropping wall artworks and wall paintings!

As a wise Men said ‘Nothing makes a home feel alive than the Art display on walls’.

Yes, the artwork can do wonders to your home interiors as you have multiple choices and countless ideas across the internet. But why to worry when Ezyshine is here to guide you to the best? (Read: 5 Uttermost Mirror Wall Art Stickers for Wall Decoration)

wall art - home decoration - ezyshine

Wall artworks, paintings, landscape sceneries describing the natural beauty of historical places, hilltops, or greenery, etc are a genuine choice for transforming your home interiors. You can also choose wall stickers with positive quotes written on them in cursive writing.

If you have a solid love for painting or drawing, then you can opt for the most trending idea in this industry, Oil Painting! This is something that will not only add a glow to your walls but will also boost up your confidence in knowing your inner strength and talent! (Read: Wall Interior Design Ideas – Glass Art)

Just keep in mind that you arrange your artworks for optimal viewing so that everyone can see the work easily. The sitting area or the drawing room or the main hall is the best suitable place for such decorative!

Don’t forget to get proper lighting effects in that particular area of wall decoration.

artwork for home decoration - ezyshine

3. New Mattress, Sheets & Pillows

After all day hard work, the world comes to end when you fall tired on your bed at night. But what if your bed does not show sympathy for you?

Well..! It’s time to make your bed comfy, cozy and inviting with the shaded patterns of the mattress, bedding crisp sheets, & comforting pillows so that you can have sweet dreams. All you need to do is to discover the bed pillows and mattress out there on the internet and ask them for the best combinations matching your home interiors. Just add these 3-4 bedding special items in your new home essential list. (Read: 5 Classy Digital Printed Fabrics for Home Decoration)

pillows - new home essentials checklist - ezyshine

You can no more ignore this important item of furniture in your room. Keep a well-dressed bed ready in the bedroom or even in the guest room. You will surely feel confident that the family guests are going to be delighted with the tone of the room. Always remember one thing while buying bed sheets that ‘the higher the thread count, the smoother the sheets will be!’ Only, the price in such case will be high. The microfiber sheets have a feeling of high thread counts with the comparatively low price. Also, take an expert advice about the selection of various fabrics like cotton or satin!

mattress and pillows - new home essentials checklist - ezyshine

4. Comfy Furniture

You need some inspirational ideas for your furniture to provide a comfort zone for family & relatives. Either go for modern style or contemporary touch to your home, both are the win win situation for you!

We have already elaborated some furniture decoration in above key points such as Rugs under the table, shaded pillows & fabricated bed sheets, & artworks with wall hangings. Apart from this, home essentials cover a wide range of items that you can cover according to your budget. For less filled pocket, you can select table lamps for adding glow to the decoration. Refresh your living area by placing Beanbag or armchair in the hall. You can choose fabrics or leather style for items such as sofas, armchairs, and bed corners. (Read: 5 Classy Jute Decorative Items for Interiors – Home Decoration)

Moreover, you could hang some memories of your family outings together on walls to give a personal touch to your home sweet home.

home decor - furniture - new home essentials - ezyshine

5. Indoor Plants

Making the checklist of your new home essentials? Then, don’t forget to mark the eye soothing and refreshing indoor plants. These indoor plants are easy to handle and will fulfill your dreams of having a mini garden in your home.

You don’t need an extra space for these beauties. They just go perfect everywhere. Make desks their favorite place or set them in the windows. If you don’t have space, hang them in your balcony or in the corner spaces of your living area. The lush green color and tropical feel will add extra points to your sweet home. (Read: Want to give new look to your interior?? Try these indoor plants…)

indoor plants for home decoration - ezyshine

If you find the corners of your living room or drawing room empty, try out huge pots with ferns and other large leaves indoor plants. These will not only fill the emptiness but spread the fragrance and freshness all around.

Chic colorful flower plants on the countertops of the kitchen and on top of the dining table and center table create the scenic effect. (Read: 7 Amazing Ways to Decorate a Florida Room With Green – Ezyshine)

indoor plants - new home essentials - ezyshine

6. Interior Lights & Lamps

Lights play an overriding role in setting the mood of any room. All you need to focus is the correct light fixture at the right place. Nowadays the market is full of classic and modern light fixtures to pamper your home decoration. But, before jumping on the fancy lights, opt for some simple modern lighting fixtures that never go out of track. (Read: 5 Scenic Contemporary Lights & Lamps for Home Decoration)

light fixtures - ezyshine

If you don’t want to expand much on the lights, grab the lamps and fix the look of your home sweet home. Terracotta lamps, hanging lamps and other riveting wall lamps are the perfect choices to beautify the look and feel of the home.

You can even try the carved Mughlai lamps and make the corners alive or hang the colorful Moroccan lamps above the dining table or in the living room.

interior lights - ezyshine

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