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6 secret tips for career growth | Career advice for women

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A career change or a career growth doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a planned process.

Today we see that girls are doing great in the field of education and advancing quickly in their careers, but still we see only few women in the top management lists of the companies. Responsibilities of home, family; and even the lack of proper career guidance and advice are some of the core reasons that become the hindrances in the growth of your career.

According to experts, many girls lack some skills that are very important to attract the management of a recruiting organization towards them.career advice for women

You simply need to follow these secret rules and tips for career growth. These tips will guide you through the career building tips and the ways to enhance your career. 

1. Work Hard to prove yourself as a responsible employee 

Whatever work you are given, do it with full determination and confidence. Take your steps in such a way that you finish it with good results. Keep the know-how about other projects too, which will indirectly help you improve your skills and will present yourself as a strong person in the eyes of the company.

The Best career advice is that do not just stick yourself to the work assigned to you. Try to come up with yourself and prove that you are capable enough to handle much more responsibilities. Do more than what is expected from you. These things will help you advance quickly in your career.

2. Keep Socializing with co-workers

Socializing with your co-worker can prove to be a great tip for your career growth. Whether you are at the starting o your career building phase or at any big management position, always build healthy relationships with your co-workers. But, try not to interfere in their personal lives. Plus avoid being with the co-workers who creates office gossips.

Always remember one thing girls..!! If your friendly nature along with your work is appreciated in the company, then your seniors or juniors would always wish to remain in touch with you, irrespective of the company they are working with.

It simply means that your good behavior can easily improvise your career growth.successful women career advice

3. Learn to leave for moving ahead

It’s not good to stay for many years in a company and to avoid or stay away from better opportunities as because you are emotionally attached to that company.  Find a better way to move from the company or firm where your talent is meaningless to them or where senior managers give a break to your career growth. Don’t stay there by just having positive thought that “one day everything will be fine”. After some years, again when you’ll apply for job, at that time the interviewer will put up the question that,  why you continued for a long time in the same company.? Moving on to a new company after some time will give a hike to your salary and designation. It will help you to gain new experience with many new things and new attitude.

4. Try for what you want to achieve

If you don’t want to know your goal, then how you will achieve it.? So if it’s the starting of your career, and you don’t know the path to follow, don’t hesitate to consult your seniors and other experienced persons. Their career advice will guide the way to achieve your dreams. Understanding  your goals, ambitions, aspirations are the secret tips for career growth.  After knowing your ambitions, try to move ahead by updating yourself with required skills and educational qualifications. At last keep the ball rolling with planned ways and achieve your dreamsBusiness women on a chart

5. Learn to speak with Mutual Understanding

A known saying is “It’s important to first seek to understand before being understood.”

For career growth, the best tip would be to strengthen your mutual understanding first. By mutual understanding, we mean here that select the right alternative without annoying or distressing someone. Whether speaking to your senior or junior, talk to them with a sense of mutual understanding.

Don’t speak without thinking. Always remember this advice – you way of communication could even break or build anyone’s passion.

6. Understand your boss 

At the end, for a career growth, it’s really important to understand your boss. You need to successfully manage your relationship with your boss, which is probably the most critical relationship you will have to work upon.  Firstly, understand the goal and priorities of your boss.

Try to know the way like to work? How they wish to get work done which make them happy? What they like or dislike related to work?

A famous person once said that “working towards organizational goals is admirable, but what really counts is the understanding the needs of your manager or boss”. Complete your tasks on time; go to meet your boss not only with problems, get some solutions with you too. By doing this, you will get good importance from your boss & the chances for your career growth will advance up at a faster pace

It is said that “Do more than is expected from you. Prove that you’re capable of handing more responsibilites.”
So , Be confident, Be positive and move ahead towards your goal with these secret tips for career growth. 

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