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6 Secrets to Stay Healthy and Fit – Mental Health Tips

September 16, 2015 12:00 pm Published by 2 Comments
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Do you blindly focus on how to stay healthy and fit physically? Then what is your mind and brain there for? Have you ever got an urge to know your mental health report card? Friends! Roll down your eyes and make yourself aware of the life-changing facts about being healthy (I am talking about both- physical and mental health).

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Guys, just like you work on to build your physical health, you need to work on the betterment of your mental health too. This is true on the contrary that the mental, physical and emotional health issues are co-related to each other. If you are not emotionally or mentally fit, then your health and fitness gesture is considered to be incomplete. (Read: Top 6 Health Benefits of Cycling – Health & Fitness Tips)

Your Fitness is 100% mental. Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it!

Moreover, even the health gurus around us believe that most of the health challenges faced by a human body is not because of unbalanced physical health, rather, they take birth due to mental ailments or circumstances.

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Now do you have in mind that a bottle of beer is enough to get away the emotional or mental pressure you are going through? Lolz.! To be honest, it works; but only till the time it controls your mind. And same feelings of emotional or mental situations develops after that.!

Anyways, jokes apart Man!

Learn the secrets to stay healthy and fit for the complete nourishment & betterment of your physical and mental health. Simply follow these great ideas for your journey towards the better health. At least give some time to yourself apart from just earning money and running for life race to achieve the status tag in the social world.

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1. Respect Yourself & Others

In order to stay healthy and fit throughout the lifetime, one should give respect to everyone in the surroundings. Not only this, your physical and mental health is highly affected by how to treat and respect yourself too. If you keep on blaming yourself for everything and feel distorted or broken in life, then you can be trapped by depression.

For this, keep in touch with positive minded people or make friends who could guide you to boost up your self-respect. The more emotionally strong you are, the lesser you stands away from diseases.  (Read: 4 Things to Change in Yourself for a Healthy Relationship)

Apart from this, you must treat yourself by a delicious food, a sensuous bubble bath, a morning walk in your garden, hang out with your buddy for a movie or something, etc. I must tell you guys that these small activities will lead to a higher level of mental agility.

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2. Stress-Free Life

The people who fear from stress are the one gets mentally ill with lot of tensions revolving around. Life for such people is like a tension and frustration with every living thing. They always believe that life gives only sadness and sorrows throughout. (Read: 4 outstanding ways to Live a Stress free life..!!)

Just focus on how to convert your anger and harsh language into love and humbleness. I know it’s not easy to always forgive and let happen whatever is going on but you should learn to forgive as much as you can rather than focussing on taking revenge all the time. After all, your positive thinking and cool-mindedness will help you stay healthy and fit mentally. You can also choose deep breathing; regular exercise and meditation to relief stress achieve relaxation in your life.

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3. Avoid from getting into Arguments

How and why to avoid an argument is a common question that has to be rightly understood!

At the time of argument, people get into the race to prove that they are more knowledgeable and intelligent than the opposite party. But, he completely forgets that he is going to get nothing at the end of the fight. Such person keeps on fighting and arguing with everyone. This habit makes their mind restless & thus, affects both the physical and mental health of the person.

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Guys! You should not get deep into it as it highly affects your mental growth. Because you never know the whatsoever you do in day to day life, slowly becomes your habit without prior information. In this case, you must listen to other persons first, and even control your words to keep the relation healthy and eventually, your mind at ease.

avoid fighting

4. Stay Positive

It’s true that to stay healthy and fit, you need to have a strict discipline with your daily activities and the diet funda. But top of it, you have to make sure that your emotional or mental health is effective by your way of thinking. That means how you think about yourself in various situations. Or how positive or negative you are about you?

Friends! You need to first appreciate and improve your positive side & good things. Keep up your self-confidence and self-motivation factor, irrespective of the situations. Don’t get dishearten by your weaknesses and just focus on your inner strength. If you do not accept the failure and keep yourself happy, then it keeps you healthy and fit mentally & emotionally too. Grab the jewel of mental health by the method of practice and positivity.

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5. Keep Yourself Away from Bad Habits

When we are talking about mental health, then how can we forget about the bad habits that affect the mental health to the large extent? You need to avoid smoking, chewing tobacco & alcoholic drinks, etc. not only to stay healthy and fit; but to get control on yourself. These dangerous drugs can lead to memory loss & anxiety.

Though drinking, smoking & drugs can make you feel positive for a particular time but it can lead to serious mental health problems in a long term. It has the power to control your mind which can cause stress & depression. It controls the power to think and take decisions which most of the time can raise the mountain of problems.

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6. Nutrients should be taken in Proportion

Do you know Friends! Proper nutrition in the diet can swing your mood easily? Yeah! According to the researchers, it is found that people who take proper balanced diet or consume the handful of salad or stir-fry veggies are more active physically, mentally & emotionally. Intake of magnesium in the diet can be a great source to fight for depression.

Moreover, Omega-3 fatty acids (Nutrilite Salmon Omega 3 is known to be the best source) highly improves the health of the brain & fulfil the need of essential fatty acids in the body. You should also add folic acid & other necessary vitamins in your meals to stay healthy and fit for ages. Lastly, you need to drink at least 2 litres of water on daily basis for an effective health improvement.

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