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7 Amazing Ways to Decorate a Florida Room With Green – Ezyshine

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Are you heated up with the summer heat? Looking for relief? Then, here we are back with the astonishing ways that can make your home nippier and eye soothing, to give you peace and a sigh of relief.

“Greenery – The Pantone color of the year” is ready to spread its charm and bring you close to nature. From pea green to lichen green with the tint of olive and emerald green, are splashed to decorate a Florida room.

green dining table - home decor

Before we jump on to Florida room decoration, get a hint about Florida room.

Florida room is basically a sunroom or patio room at the back of the house or adjoined to it specially made for warmer seasons to get considerable sunlight and fresh air.

decorate a florida room with green

Green is the color that itself is enough to make your home scenic. And there are uncountable ways to add the splatter of green in your home. Cute hanging indoor plants, with the refreshing green Pantone furniture and bold textile items, will change the look of your home. No need to paint the big walls with green, just enhance the beauty of your home sweet home with small green painted things like lamps, vases, curtains, cushions and much more. (Read: 5 Tricky Room Corner Decoration Ideas – Home Decor Ideas)

green carpet on stairs - ezyshine

It’s the time to mix your imagination and talent with these easy ideas and glitter your home like never before. Say Goodbye to summers and enjoy the freshness with your loved one with chilled reviving drinks and soft music.

Green color theme home decoration

1. Decorate a Florida Room with Indoor Planting

Planting can never go wrong in the home decoration. You can keep them anywhere such as in bathrooms, kitchen, living room or bedroom. Clutch a handful of cute small indoor beauties like Peace Lilies, Cactus, Aloe Plant, Anthuriums and Snake Plant. Collect some chic small plant holders and keep them on the center table, window sides, side tables, countertops and on the washbasin counters or shelves in the bathroom and kitchen. (Read: Want to give new look to your interior?? Try these indoor plants…)

indoor plants - decorate a florida room green - ezyshine

You can even glam up the corner spaces with the big terra cotta pots designed artistically & covered with Fiddle leaf fig, peace lily, golden pothos, and rubber plants.

If you don’t have space, try hanging out money plants, and spring of pearls plant so that they cascade their beauty through sides.


2. Green Color Bedding

Decorate a Florida room with the flawless white and green floral bedding. Spread the fully green color dipped bedsheet on the white color bed and enjoy the beauty at its best.

white green bedding ideas - ezyshine

If not this, pick some floral pattern with the shades of green and white and decorate your bedding. Compliment it with the bold and swanky cushions throwing the green ambiance all around.

You can even jump to green blanket stretched on the plain white bedsheet with green color cushions. (Read: 5 Classy Digital Printed Fabrics for Home Decoration)

green bedding - decorate a florida room - ezyshine

green theme room decoration - ezyshine

3. Furniture Like Ottoman/Stools

Decorate a Florida room with green color furniture. Arrange the green chairs around the dining table. Endeavor to mix the green Pantone with white marble dining table or Glass top. Also, fixing a large green colored sofa at the corner will catch the eyes of your guests and make your Florida room more spacious. (Read: 5 Classy Jute Decorative Items for Interiors – Home Decoration)

green furniture - home decor ezyshine

A bunch of appealing bright green ottoman will be great hangout space for your chit-chats and evening coffee. You can even pick the stylish green chairs or fix up the sofas with green accents. Green dappled sofa covers with contrasting cushions will complete your green theme if your sofa is missing the green tints.

green furniture - decorate a florida room - ezyshine

4. Decorative Items

Home decoration is sketchy without artistic decorative items. Either go for green highlighted vases, lamps, pots, sculptures, and other decorative items or paint some section of the wall with green Pantone where you can display your contrast colored accessories. Mix the green palate with some shades of light yellow, turquoise blue, gray or white. (Read: 7 Stylish & Modern Home Decorating Ideas – Home Decor)

paint green on walls - ezyshine

Decorate a Florida room wall with some tropical theme using the shades of green blue and white. It will make your entire space theme ready.

If you don’t want to spend much, go DIY. Create your own artificial green flowers & leaves and dress the empty bottles. Paint the agate coasters green and stick them on the nude color wall.

green pantone - florida room - ezyshine

5. Green Colored Curtains & Rugs

Chase the case to decorate a Florida room with the beautifully designed or bold green color curtains and rugs. A variety of curtain material and designs are available to match the color theme. Plain white curtains with some green strips up and down or vigorous green shade curtains hanging near the glass window will make your home alive. Add some more design to decorate your Florida room with floral and geometric prints.

Green curtains - home decor ezyshine

Small soft Rugs while entering the rooms or large green carpets under the sofa will luster your Florida room. Just like red carpet, walk on the green carpet down from stairs. Throw some green cushions on the sofa and floral window blinds to make your green theme louder.

green rugs - home decor ezyshine

6. Vertical Garden or Moss Wall

Vertical garden or moss wall is an interesting way to decorate a Florida Room. Set the frame on the wall and fill it with herbs and small plants. It will furnish the room like never before. Fix it in the small frame or create a masterpiece with a large frame on the dining wall. If not herbs and plants, moss can also stow its presence.

moss wall decoration - ezyhsine

You can stab for customized moss wall frames and fit it anywhere on the wall. They look fabulous in the kitchen, bathroom or near indoor fountains. (Read: 5 Eco-Friendly Home Decoration Ideas with Moss Wall Art)

vertical garden - ezyshine

7. Dining Table with Green Color

Decorating dining table with green can also complete your color theme. Set the green color table mat matching it with white dinner set & fold the green color tissues near the plates. Keep the beautiful vase in the middle of the center table.

dining table with greenery

You can even add some decorative ornaments on the dining table painted green like salt and pepper bottles or can use the crockery with the green tint. Hanging green shaded lamp will transform the look of your dining area. To amplify your Florida room, just surround the dining table with large green hue seats.

green color dining - ezyshine
“If you’re looking for more ways to decorate a Florida room, then check out a bit of Florida real estate for more designs and inspiration.”

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