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7 Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Skin Tags Naturally

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According to a survey, approx 57% of the people suffers from skin tags. But Hey! Don’t panic! You don’t need to rush for some expensive surgeries for that!!

Now, what do we do to get rid of skin tags? Do we have any medical cures or is there some better option that can safely and quickly remove the skin tags? We will tell you the simple home based ideas to get rid of skin tags naturally but before that, we need to know what we are talking about and what medical science has to say about it! No need to be impatient or worried about them.

remove skin tags naturally

What’s the need to get rid of Skin Tags?

There is no doubt that skin tags are harmless to your health. They generally occur on the surface of our body parts where there are folds of the skin. It could be on your neck, armpits, upper chest, under breasts, or groin.

home remedies to remove skin tags

The only bad thing about the skin tags is that they make you look unattractive when they are visible to others. A person’s physical appearance gets affected with these. Everyone wants to look good & attractive without any If N But! Hence, it’s the need of the hour to get rid of skin tags with all suitable ways. It would be much better if this could be done without going to any skin care professional. You will come to know the effortless home treatments to cure your skin tags by yourself.

nail polish to get rid of skin tags

Medical Assumptions & Clauses

As we mentioned above that skin tags causes no harm or no damage to your skin. To the best of our knowledge, skin tags are generally caused by collagen or the blood vessels. the rubbing of skin against the skin could be the most practical answer to its origin. But still, some medical studies claims that skin tags are commonly found in people who suffers from obesity. It covers the overweighted persons and even most of the pregnant women.

They even say that majorly, people of old age groups have this complaint of skin tags. So overall, we conclude that either you cure it or keep it, it’s totally your choice but there is no need to rush for an emergency like situations for its cure!

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Walk your eyes through the methods below to get rid of skin tags in your “Home” way!

1.Pineapple Juice to Cure Skin Tags

Looking for some easy home remedies to get rid of skin tags, moles and warts, then pineapple juice can solve your problem. Grind the pineapple and extract the juice. Apply the fresh pineapple juice on the skin tags with the cotton ball regularly for some days(at least 10-12 days). You’ll find the skin tags getting smaller. It will get scraped off easily without any pain. Make sure you don’t wash the pineapple juice from your tags.

pineapple juice for skin tags removal

2. Lemon Juice- The Powerful Antiseptic

Lemon juice is another well-known idea & of course, the dynamic way to get rid of skin tags. the reason being is the acidic properties of lemon juice. The citric acid present in the lemon does wonder for the dead skin. This acid could lighten or even dry out the skin in an amazing way by decomposing the cells.

Dip the cotton ball in the lemon juice and apply over the skin tags, moles and warts. Clean it with cold water after half hour. Continue it daily to get the desired results. Your skin tags will fall in 2-3 weeks.

lemon juice to remove skin tags naturally

3. Garlic for Better Results

Garlic is best known for its antifungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is one of the best home remedies to get rid of skin tags without any expert medication. All you need is peel some garlic cloves and crush them. Rub it on your skin tags, warts and moles for 10 minutes. Let it there for 5-10 min more. Repeat it daily twice a day. Skin tags will automatically get removed in few days.

One important thing to note here is that Garlic is hot in nature, so you need to take extra precautions while treatment of your skin.

garlic for skin tag removal

4. Banana Peel to Remove Skin Tags

Usually, we throw the banana peel after eating the banana but this time, don’t throw it away as it can kick off your worries. Yes, friends the banana peel can treat your skin tags, moles and warts. Cut a small section of banana peel and rub its inner side on the affected area. Regularly use of banana peel will make your skin tags disappear in some weeks.

banana peel for skin tags

5. Effective Onion Juice

Now you can get rid of unwanted & embarrassing skin tags with some easy steps. Peel the onion & slice it into small pieces. Mix salt in it and keep it overnight. Grind it next morning and extract the juice. Soak the cotton ball in the onion juice and rub the skin tags, moles and warts. You’ll completely get rid of skin tags in 12-15 days.

onion juice to remove skin tags

6. Dental Floss

It is a very old method of removing skin tags. Experts consider it as one of the safest and effective methods of removing skin tags. Dental floss is a thread that penetrates the blood supply. To cut the blood supply, you need to take a piece of dental floss and tie it hard on the neck of your skin tag. After some days, it will become dark and get scraped off.

It is a little painful method to get rid of skin tags as compared to other natural homemade way. You need to be careful while trying this method. The dental floss and your skin tag area must be clean and dry. Rub the ice cube near the skin tag to cure your pain.

home remedies to get rid of skin tags

7. Duct Tape

Duct tape is another method to get rid of skin tags. Cut a piece of duct tape and cover the skin tag with it completely. Keep it on the skin tag until the tape gets loose. Check it daily weather the skin tag fall off or the duct tape loosen.   Replace the duct tape with another piece till the skin tag fall off.

duct-tape for skin tags removal

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