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7 Budget Friendly DIY Ways to Update Your Kitchen – Ezyshine

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Would you like to freshen up and update your kitchen? Maybe you want to know how to make more use of the space, pick up some designer tips, or learn practical skills like how to clean a gas stove.

Whatever you’d like to change, kitchen renovations don’t have to be expensive — there’s even plenty you can do yourself if you want to update your kitchen.Whether it’s changing the color scheme, altering the lighting, or creating a feature wall, small changes not only make your kitchen more functional, they can make it look a lot more stylish too.

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Let’s check out a handful of easy DIY budget friendly hacks to update your kitchen.

1. Light and shade

Changing the lighting in any room can have a major impact on its ambiance. Maybe it highlights different areas or perhaps it creates a different mood. You can achieve a totally different look in your kitchen by altering the power of the bulbs you use, or by strategically placing lamps around your work surfaces.

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Inexpensive under-cabinet lights can create a cool contemporary look, and a statement lampshade can be a real feature too. Or maybe you’d like to make that statement with a decorative light shade hanging from the ceiling. Plan where you need light to shine and where you can use it to create stylish light and dark tones, and play around to find what works best for you. (Read:  5 Scenic Contemporary Lights & Lamps for Home Decoration)

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2. Update Your Kitchen with Fresh Paint

You can’t very well update your kitchen without adding a fresh coat of paint. Changing the color scheme in your kitchen is one of the most dramatic ways you can re-style and give the room a completely new look.

Whether you’re painting every possible area, going for a feature wall, or adding a splash of color to your kitchen cabinets, it doesn’t cost a lot to do but can create a huge impact.

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Think about the existing colors in your kitchen, not just on the walls but on appliances and furnishings too, and go for colors that complement, if that’s your style… or clash, if you want to make a bold statement.

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3. Touch up your tiles

Kitchen tiles can set the tone for the entire look of your kitchen. Sleek and stylish will give you a chic look, whereas tired and dull will make the room feel dated. But that doesn’t mean you have to rip out the old ones as you update your kitchen.

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Here are a few design tips:

Your first step is to clean the old tiles ready for their makeover, with a cloth and an old toothbrush to get in the grouting. Then you’ve got a couple of options: tile paint or vinyl stickers. There are plenty of choices out there, and they’re inexpensive compared to buying all-new tiles and re-tiling the whole area – your main investment is time.

In addition to freshening up the tiles, you can make more of a feature of the grout too, simply by using a grout pen to freshen up the white or even changing the color.

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4. Make a feature wall

If you’ve got the space to do it, a feature wall can bring a really great focal point to your kitchen. This one’s a little more artistic than applying practical skills like putting up shelves or lighting, and the results can be truly special.

Try choosing your favorite photographs and hanging them in a pattern, or putting up some artwork that you’ve had lying around or that you’ve even created yourself.

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Another top design tip and one that combines style with practicality are to paint an area with chalkboard paint. A block of black paint can be really striking and it’ll provide you with a convenient area to scribble down those important dates as well as your shopping list!

Functionality and aesthetic rolled into one, both concepts you should keep in mind when you update your kitchen.

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5. Keep it clean

Cleaning your kitchen to its sparkling best is a great way of maintaining the fresh look. If you leave it grimy and untidy, it won’t matter how stylish your décor is, it’ll just look dirty. It makes a big difference knowing how to clean a gas stove and your other appliances so that they shine, rather than show up old food or finger marks. (Read:  5 Easy Household Cleaning Tips and Tricks You Must Read)

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Don’t leave your newfound skills at learning how to clean a gas stove and other appliances, though, pay close attention to your sink, tiles, windows, and floor too. These are other prime areas that attract grime and can easily turn your fresh kitchen back to being a tired-looking and neglected space.

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6. De-clutter Space

If you’re going through all the effort to update your kitchen, then It’s not just cleaning that’s important, it’s tidying too. Decluttering can have a big effect, especially if you’ve got stuff everywhere. Rather than having herbs, spices, and condiments scattered around the worktops in their shop-bought jars, you can customize yours.

Create your own chic labels and decant flour, sugar, herbs, and spices into matching jars – that’ll give you a stylish, uniform look. You could even create your own storage rack to put all your condiments on. It’s the little touches like this that go a long way.

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7. Open Shelving

Putting up open shelving is a really stylish solution to your kitchen storage needs. Not only are open shelves ideal for storing pots, pans, utensils and dry goods, they’re also the ideal place to display a few decorative touches such as plants and ornaments.modern shelves ideas - renovate your kitchen

You could go rustic with oak or another natural wood, or take things to the uber-modern level by going for sleek white or even silver. The point is that shelves give you the chance to combine the need for additional storage with your aim of creating a stylish kitchen space. (Read:  5 Smart Ideas to Organize Your kitchen)

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Hopefully, that’s given you a chance to look at kitchen renovations in a new light and give you plenty of inspiration to update your kitchen. Give some of these tips a try and enjoy your new kitchen.

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