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7 Causes of Extreme Tiredness and Weakness to Focus On

April 27, 2015 6:38 pm Published by 1 Comment
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Generally, we feel weakness and dizziness when we come home tired after work. But do you also feel washed out when you reach your workplace in the morning? Or, do you also feel lethargic soon after doing some household works? If it is so, then you need to pay attention towards the problem and you must know the causes of extreme tiredness and weakness. A change in your lifestyle is a must before it becomes a serious problem.

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Do you take a Proper Sleep – First thing First

Many times you take inappropriate sleep at night. There could be various reasons you can give for the same such as corporate work pressure, late night chatting, midnight parties, or other family issues. But Friends! It is highly advisable to take at least 7-8 hrs of sleep daily so as it’s compulsory to give rest to your body.

Moreover, if you take an appropriate sleep and then also you feel tired, then there must be some other causes of extreme tiredness and weakness. It could be a lack of improper intake of nutrients, excessive physical labor, emotional stress, or weak immune system, etc. It justifies the fact there are other reasons too for the loss of energy in you. (Read: 4 outstanding ways to Live a Stress free life..!!)
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How do you define Tiredness (Weakness) and its Symptoms left behind?

Weakness is generally defined as the lack of physical strength or muscle strength where you feel like lethargic and falling asleep. In fact, the nervousness or depression towards anything important also makes you feel exhausted and tired. (Read: 6 Effective Ways to Relax Yourself | Relaxation Tips and Techniques)

According to an expert Cardiac Nurse & a Medical Director of charity Cardiomyopathy (UK) – Robert Hall; “As the heart muscle isn’t working properly, there is less oxygen circulating around the body, which is why the condition causes such tiredness”.

Friends, you must save yourself from anemia, stress, inactiveness, unhealthy diet plans, etc., as these are some of the root causes of extreme tiredness and weakness. Or else, you might have to face multiple health challenges and symptoms of exhaustion like chronic infections, diabetes, thyroid, severe depression leading to migraine, and many other chronic diseases. (Read: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit – Healthy Lifestyle Tips)

My Friends! Tiredness or weakness has no specific treatment that we can start right away. It’s a journey that we have to plan and travel altogether. There are some fundamental ways to stay healthy and keep you away from the laziness.

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But before going for solutions, Ezyshine has bunched up some major causes of extreme tiredness and weakness that you must know. Take a look:

1. Do you Exercise Regularly?

You must be aware that everyone is focusing towards yoga or exercise these days. Still there are many people who make excuses that they feel tired if they go for daily exercise. But sadly, this way neither you regain the energy loss nor you save the energy earned. Apparently, not doing regular exercise is one of the root causes of extreme tiredness and weakness. (Read: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy diet plans | Monsoon fitness tips)

According to a survey by Georgia University, – “daily dose of exercise provides you the strength and control on yourself. Apart from this, regular exercise also speeds up the strength of your cardiovascular system”.

Friends, practicing regular exercise gives you muscle strength as they gain fresh oxygen and strength at its level best. Try doing exercise or Yoga daily for at least 20-30 minutes and avoid breaking the regularity. (Read: 7 Fat Burning Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast – Fitness Tips)

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2. Do you Forgets your Breakfast or does not Do it at All?

You must have analyzed that you are always in a hurry to rush for your workplace. Apparently, you have a tendency to skip your breakfast thinking that what difference it makes! But then, you feel you should strongly complain about the tiredness and weakness you feel during the day time? My Dear! If you do not take your morning meals seriously, or if you skip your morning breakfast frequently, then you must prepare yourself to enter the world of tiredness, dizziness and weakness for sure. (Read: 5 Brain Foods to Improve your Memory and Concentration)

While you take a power nap (sleep), your body makes use of all the food you had consumed last night. This is the reason why your body need energy tonic before you leaves for the day. Add proteins, healthy fats, and fresh grains in your morning breakfast to charge up your battery.

Remember that not having proper breakfast routine might be contributing to all the causes of extreme tiredness and weakness you feel. (Read: 5 Healthy Brain Food Breakfast Recipes for Brain Boosting)

healthy breakfast for healthy life

3. Are you a Junk Food Lover?

Ahh! Don’t you feel your mouth watering while you walk through MacDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos, and other such fast food centers? I do..! Lolzz..!

Well, burgers or pizza always makes you feel like a special treat for yourself but the actual fact lies somewhere here down the line. The health recovery from the consumption of such junk foods takes a long time (or maybe never). The reason behind this is that this unhealthy junk food enters your body with the enormous amount of simple carbohydrates and sugar. They even have high Glycemic Index. (Read: 4 simple weight loss tips without Dieting)

It is even noticed that blood sugar rises with a speed in your body & even slows down later at the same speed. This gives birth to the weight gain problem and by default, it becomes the possible causes of extreme tiredness and weakness in your body.

say no to junk food - causes of extreme tiredness and weakness

4. Does your Body Complain Lack of Water?

According to the diet experts, if there is complain about lack of water in a women’s body, then there could be frequent swings in their mood & it could become one of the common causes of extreme tiredness and weakness in your body. Due to water loss in the body, we also notice the reduction in overall blood volume. This leaves the blood denser, which apparently makes it difficult to pump the blood to the heart.

Moreover, due to lack of water in the body, loss of oxygen is also found easily and you again feel weak and tired this way. Plus, the daily requirement of your body depends on your weight. (Read: Factual Brief about Need & Importance of WATER in our Body)

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5. Does your Body Complain Lack of Iron?

Lack of Iron is one of the most common problems faced by women, & it happens more often as you get older and older. It results in the cause of extreme tiredness and weakness for the whole day. (Read: Importance & Judgement Technique for a good protein sources…)

When you have very less thyroid hormone (or thyroxine) in your body, then you may start feeling tired soon. Plus, you are even likely to gain weight & have aching muscles. You feel tired because your muscles and body parts receive very less oxygen. So start feeding your body with green vegetables, cheese products, butter and much more Iron rich foods.

iron rich foods - removes tiredness and weakness

Additionally, various chronic diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, etc. could also be the causes of extreme tiredness and weakness in your body. Plus, if you find this problem build up for a long time, then you must consult your doctor about the same.

Stay Healthy! Stay Active!

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Shivam Agarwal
Nutritional Health Consultant

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