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7 DIY Home Decorating Ideas Using Teacups – Home Decor

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Hello, lovely peeps…!! I’m back again with some more amazing crafts to widen up your creativity. Have you ever thought of reusing the old teacups or plates? Most of the answers will be… Naah..!!

We generally dump the old teacup sets in the dustbin or give it to the maids. But this time, don’t throw these ceramic bowls, shake your head & mold those ceramic teacups into your imagination.teacup vases hanging - DIY teacup craft

Feeling excited..?  Before moving to the amazing DIY home decorating ideas using teacups, close your eyes & think what you can make out of boring teacup plate sets. Just give it a try. If you are unable to think something creative, no issues sweetheart. (Read: 5 DIY Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget You Must Go For)

spring decorating idea vintage teacup

Here you can find many alternative ways of using teacups that will bring a handful of applauses for your creativity & I am sure, these DIY home decorating ideas won’t tweak your pockets.

1. Teacup as Planters

Using teacups as planters is the best DIY home decorating ideas to feel the freshness of the flowers and indoor plants without going to the gardens in this pricking summer heat. You can use the classic set of teacups to plant. Paint them with vibrant colors, add ribbons or other decorative items to make them more classy.

planting in tea cups - DIY home decor

Before planting in a teacup, make a small hole in the base using drilling machine. But make sure, you make it very delicately as ceramic can easily crack. Now put some pebbles in it. Teacups are ready to plant. Decorative floral plants or some indoor plants will be the best to give a charming effect to your dining table or windows. (Read: Want to give new look to your interior?? Try these indoor plants…)

teacup garden - DIY Home decorating ideas

2. Teacup as Bird Feeders

Give your garden or balcony a classy touch with different decorative teacup feeders. It’s easy to make & economical. Some of the DIY home decorating ideas using teacup are:

Idea 1

teacup bird feeder - DIY home decoration ideas

Idea 2

  • Hang the chains or strings from the ceiling or any tree branch.
  • Glue the cup on the saucer. Hang them through the string.

teacup feeders - DIY home decor

3. Teacup as Candle Holders

If you want to brighten up your home during festive season or want to add some glittery effect to your home sweet home, then nothing can be better then beautiful candles. But to make your home more impressive, give these candles an unique touch. (Read: Lighten your Home with these Decorative Candles)

So, what you think about candles in an old teacup?  Seems interesting?

teacup candles - bridal shower

This is one of the best and easy DIY home decorating ideas to glam up your interior. Not only for home decoration, these teacup candles are the best option for bridal showers.

DIY teacup candles

4. Teacup as Pendent Lights or Chandelier

Are you thinking of buying a chandelier? Be clever & recycle your old teacups into an amazing DIY craft to decorate your home. You can either hang a bunch of teacup lights together in your living room or can spread different falling teacup lights all over the space. (Read: 5 Decorative Hanging Paper Lanterns | DIY Home Decor)

teacup pendant lights - chalindier

I am sure, everyone will be amazed to see your smartness & will appraise you for that. You can also make them fix in your fixtures. Think how perfect and cute these hanging teacup or coffee mug lights will look glittering all your living area. All you need to do is just paint the teacup and saucer set according to your choice & ask the electrician to fix the lights in them.

teacup lighting - DIY home decorations

5. DIY Teacup vases

If you are looking for some beautiful DIY home decorating ideas, then without thinking, go for teacup vases. Teacup vases are an awe-inspiring way to feel the essence of spring in your home. Ideal for wedding decorations, bridal showers, or any other occasions. You can either put a bunch of flowers in the teacup and make your corners bloom or can arrange 3-4 teacups on one another to make a vase. (Read: 5 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Neon Colors | Home Decor)

flowers in tea cups - DIY home decoration

It will only take some minutes of yours & a gorgeous teacup vase will be ready to spruce up your home with freshness. Just check out the images & you won’t be able to stop yourself from doing this amazing DIY home decorating craft.

teacup centerpieces - beautiful vases

6. DIY Teacup Pincushion

This cute DIY home decorating idea cum pincushion is matchless for sewing lovers. People who are involved in some or other kind of sewing generally face the problem of keeping the needle. Teacup pincushion is the ultimate suggestion for keeping the needles safely. (Read: 5 DIY Ideas to Recycle Old Sweaters – Home Decoration Ideas)

This needle bed will save your time in finding your needles that you generally drop here and there while working. You can also use these pincushions for home decoration. They really look adorable.

DIY teacup pincushion

How to make:

  • Take a round piece of cloth and sew it like a ball. But make sure, you leave some space to fill it with sponge or cotton.
  • Now fill the cloth with cotton and sew it completely.
  • Stick some glue on the cup and press that cushion in it.
  • Make sure you stick it well so that it won’t come out while taking out the needle.
  • Cute teacup pincushion is ready.

teacup pincushion - lovely craft

7. Eye catchy DIY Teacup wall clock

Need a wall clock for the living area? Let’s make your wall clock a centre of attraction. No need to buy, just add some of your creativity & an appealing wall clock will mesmerize your interior. Its easy to make & you’ll surely love it. (Read: 7 Stylish & Modern Home Decorating Ideas – Home Decor)

Things required:

Hardboard, 12 sets of teacup and saucers, glue, paint

How to make:

  • Take a round piece of wooden cardboard.
  • Make a hole in the center of the cardboard to fix the clock machine.
  • Paint the cardboard & the ceramic items.
  • Now arrange the saucers on the hardboard like a clock and glue it.
  • Now stick the cups on the saucers carefully.
  • Lovely DIY wall clock is ready.

Teacup wall clock - DIY home decoration ideas

Apart from these DIY home decorating ideas, you can have fun with these teacups in different ways like decorate the teacups & gift to your loved ones or can make some wall decals out of it. Lamp shade of teacups will be a great artwork to show your creativity. So, just nod your head and show your smartness.

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