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7 Evergreen Color Palette Ideas for Home Interior Decoration – Ezyshine

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Wondering some eye catchy home interior decoration for your place this year?

C’mon! It’s high time to fulfill your home design fantasies with Ezyshine and let the neighbors bow you in respect. All you need to do is sit back relaxed in your comfy chair and just watch the best home interior decoration ideas for your interior walls along with the jaw-dropping color pattern. I am pretty sure you’re gonna love the charming and inspirational wall design ideas with various color palettes.

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As you know that colors are the smiles of nature. They really have a high importance in life and living as it has the power to alter your mind. Unknowingly, today we even wish people like “May God fill your life with colors” this shows how much importance we give to colors in our life.

Now, when we talk about the use of elite colors for renovating, furnishing, painting, or home interior decorations, we first need to know the principles of colors as it will help you in carrying out your own color palette ideas.

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For interior designers, the use of moderate colors according to the mix match and look around is always a challenge. All the light colors will make you feel open like under the sky, whereas dark color palette will give a sense of heavy feeling. Note it! One perfect color has to be chosen from thousands of shades and then drawn up directly on the wall to provide the best outfit for your home wall.

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You can go with the wide market of home interior decoration tips with different color palette ideas on the internet. It involves various interior designing firms, online magazines blogs, communities and many other inspirational lookouts to encourage your mind.

But here, Ezyshine has mustered up some great color palette ideas for home interior decorations that will jump-start your home project.

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Check these color palette ideas for your home interior decoration and choose the best out of it.

1. Ultra Purple

Ultra purple color is announced as the Pantone color of the year 2018.  A color full of inspiration, imagination and obviously the royalty in it. It’s the color that goes perfectly with different neutral shades. The mix of little blue gives the purple color a unique tone. Focusing on royalty doesn’t mean that you can use this color only to show the luxuriance. Just spread your imagination and play with this verdant color.

Get the wall behind the bed painted with this “top pick” from the color palette and keep other walls white or can jump on the neutral shades. In addition to this, you can create a center point in your room to place the ultraviolet colored sofa. This will give a feeling of boldness to your room interior. (Read:  7 Stylish & Modern Home Decorating Ideas)

Moving to the living room, ultra purple color creates magic when goes live on the front wall or the back wall showcasing the family pictures framed artistically in golden or white. Check out these collective ideas for home interior decoration that includes a purple touch to your room.

color palette 2018 - home interior decoration

2. Ocean color palette

This is one of the best options for home interiors that will make you feel like living in the ocean thus, taking you deep inside the calmness and quiet environment like feeling. Ocean color palette or the beach colors are the evergreen colors to deal with. The hues of sea green, blue, aqua, navy blue and the white make this color palette versatile.

ocean inspired color palette - home interior decoration

These beachy colors are the faultless colors for the home interior decoration. They work as stress busters and make you unbend. Ocean color palette is one of the best palettes that you can use blindly on the walls. The breezy strokes of the ocean hues will give you the feeling of waterfront.

Mix the shades and sag your home interior in the tinge of briny colors and make your home gleeful. These ocean-inspired paint colors in various patterns will add a beauty to the home interior decorations overall.

ocean color scheme - home decoration ezyshine

3. Tints of Grey – Designers preferred choice for Home Interior Decoration

Use of grey shades can turn out any space to bright, warm, nippy or even goodly. The color grey with a lot of variations has emerged as one of the important choices of interior designers. Further, it depends on how you treat the color grey. The dark tones of grey look appreciable when matched with the wooden grainy furniture.

grey color palette ideas - home decor

If you are not comfortable with the dark grey timbre, jump to the texture paint or creative wallpaper having different hits of grey. The shades of white, black and grey are the modern colors that designers are using nowadays in home interior decoration. These colors are subtle and versatile that helps you to keep calm and a bit moody. (Read:  7 Incredible Home Decoration Materials that are Easy to Maintain)

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4. Blush Pink

Make your room blush with the blush pink color. This is the ideal color for the girl’s room decoration. If you are planning to gift your princess her private space, don’t give a second thought while picking this tender color scheme from the color palette. After seeing her harmonious room, your girl will definitely gonna drench you with love and smile.

blush with gold - ezyshine home decor

Not only this, blush pink shade is modern pink, that shows maturity and softness together. It looks great in the play area, drawing room and obviously the nurseries.

Moving to the home interior decoration, this color blends easily with a variety of shades. If you want to add a dramatic touch to space, mix it with dark indigo shades. Gold, silver, and chrome colors will add finishing touch while spreading the glam and masculinity.

blush pink home decoration ideas - ezyshine

5. Pastel Greens

Green always drags us into the world full of bright colorful flowers and variety of green plants. There are several ideas of using pastel colors for your home interior decoration but here, at Ezyshine, we have a special attention towards pastel green color. Including the various decorating accessories, you will find that pastel color leaves behind the perfect style for your home interiors. (Read:  7 Amazing Ways to Decorate a Florida Room With Green)

Actually, the pastel green colors are very relaxing and it completely transforms the design language of the interiors, when used in tiles combination. Be it starting from dark green color tones or it may be the pale green color; pastel green is a versatile option that adds up a sensual home decor fitting to any style.

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