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7 Fat Burning Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast – Fitness Tips

November 12, 2014 10:57 am Published by 7 Comments
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Looking for some simple, yet result-oriented exercises to lose belly fat fast? Ezyshine has picked up some proven tips and tricks to reduce belly fat. Check out what actually works.

Considering the unusual lifestyle trend, it gets really tough for people to manage the proper balance between life and health. Getting up in the morning when the time is running fast, rushing to office, disturbing the morning diet schedule, whole day dedicated to workplace, then coming back home tired, and lastly, sleeping late at night due to office over work pressure or family issues & demands…!!

Take a break! Friends..!excercise to lose belly fatfast

There should be a balanced distribution of time for work & health. Especially, for those babes who wish to have slim fit belly, & for those guys who wish to have killing abs. Unhealthy eating and lifestyle give birth to that belly fat you always try to get rid of. But have you ever believed in indulging yourself in some fat burning exercises to lose belly fat? You will now come to know the facts why and how do you get this belly fat because of unhealthy eating and improper balance in lifestyle.reduce belly fat

Important reasons why you get Belly Fat

When you take stress, you secrete access Cortisol. Now, Cortisol is one who directly affects the abdominal or belly fat by increasing its level. Apart from this, hypertension, overeating, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc. all contributes to increase in belly fat.

Additionally, poor sitting or eating postures and your lifestyle becomes the reason for your belly fat to hang out on your tummy.exercises to burn belly fat fast

Expert Advice

Dr. Sheila Dugan (MD), Rush University Medical Center, Chicago states that

“If you’re consuming more calories than you’re expending, fat will develop. Depending on a variety of factors, it can start to build up predominantly around the belly, even if other parts of the body, such as the arms and legs, remain thinner. I would say committing to physical activity, to a physical lifestyle, is the single most important thing people should do to prevent the buildup of belly fat & get rid of existing belly fat.”

unhealthy eating habits

As of whole, the foremost important thing is that you follow these fat burning exercises to lose belly fat and give a change in your looks.

1. Start with Running or Jogging 

It’s said that “Walking is man’s best medicine.” Being said that one must walk and exercises to lose belly fat, it also makes you feel energetic and shaped from other parts of the body too.

Wake up bit early in the morning & go for a walk. All you need is a nice pair of shoes. You could start slowly with jogging and then a bit of running according to your stamina. Keep track of the time you consumed in respective activities. Guys, you will observe the calories burning. You could even do the same in evening if not possible in the morning.jogging to reduce belly fat

 2. Ride a Bicycle Daily

Riding a bicycle daily for 30 minutes is the cool idea you can opt for reducing your belly fat fast. Additionally, you could opt for a stationary bicycle if not able to go out for the same. It always proves to be one of the great cardio exercises to lose belly fat, where you could burn around 200-300 calories within 30 minutes of work out.

cycling to lose belly fat fast

Give some time after a walk, & then start cycling slowly for a while. You could gradually increase the cycling speed as your body becomes habitual of it as a routine work because increasing it all in one day can result in severe muscle pain and muscle stretch. Always keep in mind the cycling pace and resistance you add.

cycling excercise to reduce belly fat fast

3. Bicycling Crunch Exercise

Having a belly fat seems like a nightmare to every person who has it, especially when you are about to attend some special function or marriage. It’s the high time friends..!! Go bicycling..!! Bicycling crunch exercise is one of the most effective abdominal exercises to lose belly fat quickly and easily. It will work directly on your belly fat and your thighs too.

All you have to do is – Lie down on your back with your legs raised up in the air making a 45 degree angle & your hands behind your head. Now, slowly start to pedal your feet like a bicycle. Give it a 5 round shot with 3 counts each. Just make sure that you do it in a right way.bicycle crunch excercises to burn belly fat

 4. The Exercise Ball Crunch

Carefully my friends, as this action needs a lot of stabilization. First, sit on the crunch ball while your feets are touching the floor and your knees in line with your bum. Now lean back slowly on the ball so that you feel a force on your abdomen. Hold the same position for a while and repeat the same action 8-10 times with regular interval.

Just take care that you do not jump on the ball as that might result in some injury.exercise ball brunch to reduce belly fat

belly fat excercise

5. Do all necessary Crunches

Crunches are always the best exercises to lose belly fat. Every style of crunches you do leaves a positive response on your abdomen especially. You should go for side to side crunches, waist crunches, vertical and reverse crunches, etc. Performing all these crunching activities will definitely help you in reduce your belly fat & hence would result in overall weight loss.

crunches to reduce tummy fat

ways to get flat belly

6. Performing Side Planks

It’s again one of the best exercises to lose belly fat. Simply lie on your one hand while your elbow is below your shoulders. Stretch your legs straight. Count till 5 and repeat the activity 5 times. You can increase the planks according to your comfortability, but slowly and gradually.side plank excercise to reduce belly fat

7. Go Swimming

Yes my friends..!! Swimming is the one word that itself is a complete package to fight against the whole belly fat thing. The best part is that it could be taken up as a hobby class, which will make you learn some activity along with the best fitness mantra regarding fat burn. I am sure you’re gonna love the results.swimming exercise to reduce belly fat

Friends, in addition to this, I would like to suggest that you plan your walk, exercise or crunching plans with your best buddy or even your partner. This way, you both will feel in competition with each other & will have a good time together while you sweat.

I know you are desperate to reduce belly fat &for that, you would be even ready to take supplements for quick results. Eventually, you start skipping meals thinking it as a pride that you are on dieting, but my friend, food has to taken in a balanced proportion and that too, on a scheduled time set. Skipping meals is no good option. In fact, get yourself involved in Yoga, aerobics & other easy fat burning exercises to lose belly fat. Doing this along with maintaining healthy diet plan, I am sure you gonna get your body in shape you deserve.

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  • Much on this depends on the kind of foods you’re eating,
    if you are eating them and the amount and type of exercise you’re doing.
    If you take in too much appropriate food choices too you are able to still gain weight from it.
    This is superb to boost the aerobic side with the body and finally increases
    volume of air you can inhale and energy you expend.

  • Reading labels will assist you to understand how many calories have been in each serving, sugars, fats,
    and assist you to lose weight the fastest way possible.
    If you gradually go back to your old ways, there’s
    no question that you are going to gradually come back to your old weight.

    If you follow these 5 steps, you are going to be putting yourself inside best possible position for fulfillment and so are pretty much guaranteed to acquire results quickly and easily.

  • Family and friends will be the best resource in accomplishing your goal.
    By eliminating Gluten from the diet, we give our intestines an opportunity to endure
    the injury Gluten previously caused. It will require around 7-10 days to complete a cleanse and results may start
    to be noticed in the first three days.

  • Set a small goal to start to cut back water retention and lose excess body fat.
    It’s essential that you are tracking how many calories you adopt
    in every day because that will make an extremely large difference in how fast it
    is possible to obtain a flat stomach. In these
    fasts you will not consume any calories, and after these periods are gone you’ll be able
    to eat what you like.

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