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7 Inspiring Ways to Decorate Your Living Room – Ezyshine

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When there is a need to turn out the essence of our home, the place which needs more eyes is the living room.

The living room is considered as the “Heart” of the home as it brings the whole family together to enjoy the day routine. So, it should be more kicking & alive. Decorate your living room in such a way that thump away the tensions & make the backdrop festal.

colours & textures in decorating living room

For this, you don’t need to blow your money like anything. Stroll in other rooms & pick up the interesting things that you are not using. It can be some greeting cards or your decorative gifts or something that you can showcase. Look out in the kitchen for some ancient trays or crockery, varnish them to decorate your living room. (Read: 5 Creative Recycling Ideas for Home Decoration – Ezyshine

Keep the taste of your family members in your mind & blast your living room with your creative ideas.

tables in living room - Ezyshine

Scroll down for the interesting ways to decorate your living room, that we have clutched together for you so that you don’t need to rush here and there. 

interior decoration of living room ideas

1. Photo Frame Art on Walls

“Home is where Love Resides, Memories are Created, and Laughter never Ends!”

This is the home art that I have on my wall right now which says a lot! So, decorate your living room with lovely memories. You can now feel the presence of your loved ones all around you with the mesmerizing photos framed on the walls of your living room. (Read: Decorate the walls with latest picture frame designs…)

photo frames art gallery in living room

Clump your favorite pictures & get them framed in the artistic photo frames. Arrange them on the wall in the way you want. Picturizing the wall is the best way to decorate your living room. You don’t need a big area to showcase your funny moments, just get the varied size & shapes of the frames and arrange them asymmetrically. Overlapping the frames will add a mix match effect on your whole art.

decorate your living room ideas

2. Beautiful Handicrafts

If you have a small living room, then it doesn’t mean that you are bound to live without a stylish room! One of the endless ways to decorate your living room is to go for handicrafts. For your knowledge, handicraft is such a rich culture in our country that it could be traced to any place on the map.

terracota pots for home decor

For instance, you could go for terracotta design pieces, paintings done in wooden works, miniature arts, etc. Additionally, the artwork in contemporary theme could be seen when we talk about home decoration. (Read: 5 Tricky Room Corner Decoration Ideas – Home Decor Ideas) 

These all will give an artistic look to your living room. So, find the handicraft shop around you or simply educate yourself about the DIY handicrafts & lighten up your room with beauty!

handicrafts for home decoration

3. Bold & Chic Cushions

Cushions are always an add-on for transforming a simple room into a room with special effects. And what if it is with extra cushions? Adding extra cushions in your living room reflects the fun-loving and joyful nature of yours. Like you have not done any formality or professionalism to design your living room! You are being real to what you are!

cushions in living room decoration - home decor ezyshine

Yes, bold and vibrant colors are enough to make your space alive & loud. It is an easy way to decorate your living room & pick up the low-key interior. A mix of eclectic colors with different patterns and prints will affix an interest to the room. If you have a plain sofa, then adorn it with cozy printed cushions. You could also go for vibrant colors and abstract designs in selecting your cushions. (Read: 7 Stylish & Modern Home Decorating Ideas – Home Decor)

colourful living room decoration ideas

4. Add Greenery to make your room Nature-Friendly

Open up your creative mind along with our exclusive guess works & decorate your living room to the best! Craft your thoughts to add charm in your home sweet home. In short, give a touch of greenery to your living room space.

planting in living room decoration - ezyshine

Plants are like the lifeline that must be there in every house. And yes, we are talking not only about the outdoor planting or the garden areas, it has also been widely used for indoor decorations & positivity. Trust me guys! If you decorate your living rooms & other indoor house places with such refreshing plants, then you are surely giving the modern & natural touch to your living standards too. (Read: 5 Amazing DIY Garden Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces)

add plant to decorate your living room

Additionally, you can commonly see artificial plants along with such natural plantations. Even more, you can see dry plants commonly used for decoration purpose.

Do it now and embraces the beauty of your home naturally!

living room interior decoration ideas

5. Interesting Bookshelves on the Walls

We have earlier given an interesting article about the contemporary bookshelves design ideas for your home, where, we came to know about various designs, shapes and patterns of bookshelves that can fulfill the empty spaces without creating havoc. (Read: 5 Contemporary Bookshelves Design Ideas for your Home)

bookshelves designs to decorate your living room

In context to the same, here we have yet another way of decorating the living room walls in a well-mannered way! If the walls of your house are having empty spaces, then don’t let them go waste! You can utilize them by creating the wall shelves and then they can preferably be used as bookshelves.

bookshelves decoration ideas

This perfect patterns and shapes of the shelves will work as a showpiece adding beauty to your living room. Choose from some endless examples and get it done for the walls of your house.

decoration by bookshelves

6. Blend of Textures & Patterns

What do you think about some texture inspiration for your bedroom? Does it make you excited to know how it could transform your living room as a whole? If not, then my friends! Get excited to explore the world of perfect texture for the walls of your living rooms. (Read: 5 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Neon Colors | Home Decor)

interior design - decorate your living room - ezyshine

The wall texture design comes from the tiles or fabrics that inspire you to touch them and feel the simplicity of the room. Join the network of Ezyshine now and think on the ideas to decorate your living room this summer!

bold colors decoration in living room

7. Cozy Bean Bags & Ottoman for Home Decoration

Bean bag or the Ottoman are just the perfect decoration items for your living room. They are cozy and comfortable always in any place and conditions. The small stool shaped designs are the one that describes the level of comfort your room can have. You can find hundreds of designs and color combinations in bean bags too. The fabric styled Ottomans or stools are in trend. (Read: 5 Classy Jute Decorative Items for Interiors – Home Decoration)

ottomon in living room

Bean bag chairs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It creates extra space for sitting providing comfort zone as compared to normal chairs. You can find them in different textures and rugs. Go with color blends if you want to pop up your living room with colors. They help in enhancing the space of your living room. So, get them done for living room as soon as possible.

bean bags in living room


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