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7 Must Try Pongal & Makar Sankranti Dessert Recipes – Ezyshine

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Recipes do have uniqueness even it is some festive feasts like Makar Sankranti dessert recipes! You just need to put an effort for perfect recipes with ingredients poured up in appropriate proportion. But, Ezyshine is all set with ready to serve delicious Makar Sankranti dessert for decorating your dining table! Get drown in the taste of Til-Gud with the blessing of Goddess Saraswati!


Makar Sankranti – History, Importance & Belief

On this auspicious day, the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Capricorn (Makar rashi) & sun moves from one zodiac sign to another. Hence, the name is given as ‘Makar Sankranti’.

Makar Sankranti is the sacred festival of Hindu community that falls on 14th January! Interestingly, according to Hindu calendar, there is a total number of 12 Sankranti in India. Out of which, Makar Sankranti holds the special & biggest position.


Plus, it has been mentioned in Mahabharat & Bhagwat Gita! As per Hindu Dharam, God Yama blessed the sesame (Til) seed as the symbol of immortality. This seed was originated from the sweat of Lord Vishnu & fell on earth. Hence, Til-gud and blankets are donated on this day. Plus, kite flying is common on this day as the part of the celebration.


It is celebrated in different states of India with different names & values. Pongal is nothing but another name of Makar Sankranti common in Tamil Nadu. In Himachal & Haryana it is known as Maghi, Lohri in Punjab, Bhogali Bihu in Assam, Uttrayan in Gujrat, & Khichdi in Bihar! Overall, it is very important and popular festival in West & South of India! Plus, the Til-gud chikkis are the main attractions along with other Makar Sankranti dessert recipes available. You can even try these more desserts too. (Read: Dessert Recipes)


Here, we have noted down the delicious food preparations in different states. This includes the Makar Sankranti dessert recipes that will give a festive feeling with loads of zeal & excitement! Come & celebrate the festive with your favorite Blogazine!


1. Til & Gur Ladoo (Sweet Sesame Seeds & Jaggary Balls)

It’s makar Sankranti time, & we all know that it’s incomplete without the crunchy til and jaggery. Jaggery is basically considered as one of the best winter season food item. Mix the roasted sesame seeds and melted gur with roasted peanuts. Grease your palm with water and make the small balls out of it.

If you are bored of til gur ladoos then you can try mawa til ladoos too. Check out the delicious makar Sankranti dessert recipes with the deep involvement in the sesame seeds!

Recipe: Til & Gur Lad00 (Sweet Sesame Seeds & Jaggary Balls)


2. Dodha Burfi or Milk Fudge

Are you fond of burfi? If yes, then you must try out this palatable, melodious dodha burfi. It is a festive feast made up of mawa, milk, and sugar with some added flavor as per taste. This makar Sankranti special dessert will add butter to your celebration. Let your mouth burst out the richness of mawa and sweetness of relations.

Recipe: Dodha Burfi Recipe


3. Aval Kesari (Poha Kesari)

Aval Kesari or Poha Kesari is the sweetmeat that is specially made during the Pongal celebration. Just a few ingredients and your mouth watering makar Sankranti dessert is ready to relish you. The luxuriance of desi ghee(butter) and the eye soothing color and taste of saffron will complete your festive days.

Recipe: Aval Kesari


4. Dry Fruits Loaded Rava Laddu

Rava Laddu or Sweet Semolina Balls is one of the easiest desserts that you can offer at any festival to the crowd. Soft mouth melting balls with the crunchy and healthy dry fruits make it rich. You can roast the dry fruits and then add it to the semolina mixture or can mix them directly. You need not be an expert for making this makar Sankranti dessert. Just blend the ingredients and pamper yourself.

Recipe: Dry Fruits Loaded Rava Laddu


5. Malpua Rabri

Whenever I hear the name of malpua rabri, my mouth start watering. I’m die hard fan of this creamy, luscious special Pongal & makar Sankranti dessert. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you must add it to your dessert plate this time. Malpua’s dipped in sweet flavored sugar syrup with the rabri on top of it will be the miraculous dish to delight your loved ones on the special days.

Recipe: Malpua Rabri


6. Cherry Flavored Sweet Pongal

Pongal is another name for Makar Sankranti as known in Tamil Nadu. Now, we come to the recipe named after it! It is the traditional south Indian dessert that gives a festive twist to the occasion! Apparently, you might have tried the traditional Pongal but this cherry flavored sweet Pongal will open your eyes with its charming color and licking zest.

Yes, my friends! Make your makar Sankranti celebration more colorful and joyful with this cherry flavored dessert. Few minutes of your precious time, and it will gather a handful of applause for you. Garnish it with roasted pistachios and almond flakes. Mix other roasted dry fruits if you like for crunch.

Recipe: Cherry Flavored Sweet Pongal


7. Gulkand Rabri

Gulkand is something that any kid won’t refuse to eat as I do. Lolzz! I just love Gulkand since childhood & I assume that many other kiddos like me would have been in love with it!

The freshness of rose petals give this gulkand rabri a dainty touch and feel. Gulkand is basically the sweetened rose petals formed using sugar and rose petals. It is a preserve made in India & used in various cuisines especially in paan. I’m a great fan of gulkand and while surfing I found this aromatic gulkand rabri. The recipe is so easy that it won’t take your much time and efforts. Fusion of milk and gulkand make it look amazing. You can eat it like that only or make faluda out of it.

Recipe: Gulkand Rabri



Apart from all these mouth watering Makar Sankranti dessert recipes, we also have some other quality recipes that can do wonders in taste & experience. For kids, you can prepare “Atta ka Halwa” as a sweet & healthy recipe. I am sure that your kids are going to like the Mommy’s food.

Happy Makar Sankranti to all the festive lovers!!

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