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7 Romantic Ideas for Him | Healthy Relationship Tips

May 27, 2014 11:12 pm Published by 1 Comment
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Hey love birds..!!  Have you ever wondered that by simply making your partner smile, you can add lots of happiness to your love life? Don’t you think your partner deserves to be shown some sweet love & extra care too..!!

There are lots many of the things you could do to boost up your relationship with cool romantic ideas for him.
You need to do something special, something different by creating an environment full of romantic ideas for him. For instance, things you must be doing regular out of love could be; Kissing on his forehead, a goodbye hug with a soft kiss on his cheeks, etc. All this works quite well, but you could add up some more romantic masala with this. romantic ideas for your partner

As in, pull him Close and place his head on your breasts and hug him tightly that way..!! Girls, it’s the fact that Men loves to get pampered (whether they accept it or not). Hug her from his back, which could work great as one of the best romantic ideas for him. A lot more to go & a lot more to know about how to maintain a healthy relationship with your darling..!! 

With this Blogazine, we are here with the best romantic ideas & tips which will help you spice up your relationship with him.

1. Cook for him

It is said that way to a man’s heart passes through their stomach. So beautiful, Learn what your partner loves to eat. Prepare his favorite delicious dish. Decorate the table romantically & serve your love to him whenever he returns.  Let him lick your fingers out of taste.cooking for him - healthy relationship ideas

2. Match steps with him (Dance)

To make your partner feel more romantic, don’t hesitate to make your environment full of love with a romantic dance. Play a romantic song. Come close to him, hold his hand, make eye contact and your work is done.  Your sexy touch will arouse him and he would fall on his knees to have a romantic dance with you.couple dancing in room

3. Give him a sensual massage

Now this could be the biggest tool that every guy will melt. Obviously, it would be the most romantic idea for him. When he comes home tired, hold him gently and offer him a sensual massage. Spread your hands all over his body and make him feel relaxed by your touch. Have a shower with him soon after. Trust me gals..!! That would do wonders to spice up your love life..!! 
In return, you could get a more sensual body massage from him. The probabilities would be high your partner is very much aroused by your homework & might end up having wild love making, sexual pleasure..!!

So be prepared for the return gift sweetheart..!! massage to him - romantic ideas for relationship

4. Compliment him

Compliment is the best romantic idea that can change the mood of your partner. Compliment him for his looks, the way he makes love to you. As soon as he comes out of the shower, or when you met him out at dinner; tell him “My baby is looking HOT..!!” Tell him that “I am feeling complex in front of your smartness.”
Appreciate your partner for the things he does for you, the way he care & respect you. These could prove to be romantic ideas for him giving you a plus point.complimenting him -  romantic ideas for him

5. Play Dressup

Your partner will definitely love this act of yours. Just be bold and indulge him for one night. You can go for sexy lingeries or nightgowns to spice up the mood of your honey. Decorate your living area before he returns back to home and dress up yourself in something sexy outfit. He would definitely love to see you in that look.romantic ideas for him - healthy relationship tips

6.  Gifts – Best romantic idea for him

Shop something secretly for him. Romantic love cards, love pendants, the accessories he loves to wear. You can be a little bit creative and can make a scrapbook, full of the memories you both spent together. You can even try to make a video adorn with love messages and your voice recordings. He will love your sweet gift and will praise your efforts.romantic ideas for him - gifts

7.  Be soft and tender

Wildness always work, but not more than soft love. Just try out the soft love this time. He’ll feel your each and every action. At the time of waking him up, sit beside him and softly kiss his forehead, cheeks…. All over..!!  Wish him “good morning” and wrap him in your arms. While he will get ready wrap him from behind and kiss his shoulder. These soft touch of yours will make him feel the depth of your love, respect and care for him.kissing him - healthy relationship

At last, I would like to end with a positive quote that would make you hold a grip on better nourishment of your relationship. 

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because of our blindness, betrayals or illness. Overall, it dies because of our Ego, Attitude and Ignorance.”

Stay healthy and keep grooming up your relationship..!!

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