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7 Romantic Ideas for Her | Healthy Relationship Tips

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Hey guys… Are you bored of your love life..? Daily same boring love tactics, same dull way of romance, just 3 letters.. “I LOVE YOU”... Uffff…. Anyone can start losing its interest in love life…

But you don’t worry guys..!! Ezyshine has bunched awesome romantic ideas for her to feel more romantic and seductive. You must be having quite romantic ideas for her in your mind but what if we add a bit spice to your thought? After all, sometimes even the most creative & smart guy can go short of ideas. So, take advantage of these incredible romantic ideas for her and add flavours to your love life with new ideas.Romantic ideas for her - healthy relationship

Guys, you should feel charged as to how you could balance your life with healthy relationship. When we talk about love, avoid being serious, arrogant, or egoistic. Girls like guys with good sense of humour. Moreover, if you truly love your girl, then romance should become the part of your life. It’s the best way to keep you in healthy relationship.

table decoration ideas - roamntic ideas for her

Offer bed tea and breakfast by planting a soft kiss on her forehead to make her feel your care and love for her. Wake her up slowly. To add more spice, play some soft romantic music unknowingly. Check her mood, then hold her hand and ask her for dance. I bet you guys, you and your partner will feel fresh and this morning dose will make your day.

Romantic ideas doesn’t end here..Romantic ideas for her - couple in morning on bed

Check out below for more romantic ideas for her.

1. Leave Love notes and text messages for her

Guys… This is the most cute & romantic idea for her to make her feel special or to give her lovely surprises. If she’s a working woman, then its your day handsome.. After she leave for office, just play a game with sticky notes. Leave some clues on love notes and stick them on different stuffs like refrigerator, bedroom door etc. where she can find it easily that lead to the place where you are waiting for her.

You can even place love card under her pillow or can drop a love note in her wallet. When she will find your romantic or naughty message, she’ll get pink out of blush and then just wait for her Love shower on you.sticky love notes romantic ideas for her

2. Make her Feel Special

Small things can harm your lovely relation without any notification. For a long lasting healthy relationship, there is a very important thing to keep in mind. Always make her feel special first before approaching for further romantic ideas for her. While meeting her, don’t just start kissing her all over. Like a true lover, HUG her at first moment. Make an eye contact to express your heartiest feelings that is full of love.couple hugs- romantic idea for her

Later, never kiss her directly on her lips, softly kiss her on forehead, then on cheeks, neck, hands and most beautifully… on her Eyes…!! Your girl will just love that.

Additionally, while walking, place your hand gently around her waist rather than simply putting it around her shoulders.

Trust me guys, this thing will make her feel your depth of love for her & she herself will come close to you.men kisses women - relationship tips

3. Try Communicating with her in creative way when in Bed

Whenever you both have some extra time and feeling like nothing to talk about, try playing some Truth or Dare Game in bed. This way, you could communicate with her in a romantic questioning way that might help you to know some of her unrevealed desires or likings you are unaware of.

Not only this, keep doing some playful activities to tease her to make her feel horny. You never know when she could get turned on..!! Good luck with this guys..!couple in bed talkin g - healthy relationship with romantic ideas

4. Send Beautiful Flowers for her with a Message

Is it any rule that you can send flowers to your partner on her birthday or any other occasion only?

You are free to execute this whenever you feel like. Open your creative mind & prepare a bunch of different roses or some other flowers with different aroma. Send it to your darling with a note attached like “Hello Gorgeousness, please accept a small token of love from your biggest Fan.”

At the end, you will see your romantic ideas for her are working in improving your relationship.Romantic gift ideas for her

5. Dance with her, She will love It

While looking for some exciting romantic ideas for her, you cannot afford to miss this one. Music has its own charm, it strengthens you and makes you feel energetic anytime. And there are no words to describe its beauty when you are listening to some soft music with your love.

Take a lead, ask her for dance. Trust me guys, girls just love it when her partner dance with her in a closed room. That feeling is awesome..!!couple dancing in living room

6. Make her simply recipient the entire time & you do the rest

Wow..!! It’s gonna be the best romantic ideas for her for sure.

When she comes back home tired, just plan to please her or relax her on condition that all the activities are done by you. Now these romantic activities could be:

  • Give her a soft and gentle massage while she relaxes back on her comfy chair.
  • Take her to the bathroom in a naughty way, and say – “Babie, I would like to have a pleasure of giving you a shower.” Don’t let her use her hands as you have to do that. Massage her this way.. Can you feel the sensuousness buddy?couple bath - romantic idea - relationship tips

7. Give her an Unexpected surprise Gift

Any guesses about such unexpected surprise gift? To make her feel more drawn towards you, one of the romantic ideas for her could be buying a sexy pair of lingerie for her. Gift wrap it and leave a note that “You can’t imagine how inviting you will look in this & I can’t wait to see you wearing it.”surprise gift for her

Be advised that when you purchase it, just look for something stylish or beautiful. Or, simply check her wardrobe sometimes to know about her perfect size and the brand she uses to carry. I tell you that this act of intimacy will take your romantic moments to heights of love and lust.

elegant couple in black outfit - play dressup

Additionally you can also go for these romantic ideas for her. Gift roses, love cards or stuffed soft toys. Keep an eye on her during window shopping and note what she likes and gift her later on. She will become surprised when she’ll find that gift in her wardrobe. Slip in bath tub with her and have horny time. Call or text love messages while you are in office. Send naughty texts to make her blush.

Guys.. Gift her some sexy outfits… It’s for you.. not for her..!!  You would definitely love to see her in hot and sexy wears.sexy outfits - romantic idea for healthy

Go ahead with these romantic ideas for her and share your lovely experiences with us.

Be happy..!! 

Spread the aroma of your love..!! 

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