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7 Secret Fashion Tips for Short Girls – Ezyshine

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Are you depressed of being short height, and curse the God & your genes? Does looking at tall girls make you feel jealous? Do you lose your confidence when you think about coming close to the opposite sex? Are you looking for some real time ideas or fashion tips for yourself?

Awwww.. Sweetheart! You are not Short, you are just concentrated Awesome! And even boys believe that girls who lack in height are the prettiest one!

short women fashion tips

Plus, an expert study says that women who are short in height are more focused toward their life, ambition, achievement & their independence –both mentally and financially. So, rather than cursing God, just think wisely about your short height because it has nothing to do with looking good or bad.

Go fashionable with these best fashion tips for short girls and live upto your passion. Moreover, it is the simplicity in your talks & your proper wardrobe selection that makes you shine like a pearl. (Read: 5 Refreshing Monsoon Fashion Trends for Women – Ezyshine)

fashion tips for short women - lovely dress

My friend! Short girls have some god gifted advantages in the world of fashion and clothing. You can easily wear very short dresses and roam around too. In this case, a tall girl finds it hard to choose such fashion clothing. You just need to make a wise selection while choosing your accessories, colors, prints, and patterns, etc.  Their combination will create an illusion of normal height and hence, you will regain your confidence for bolder looks.

fashion tips for business women - short height

Hence, you could easily mug up the art of how to look taller and slimmer than your height by following some fashion tips and tricks. Rather, the best fashion tip for short girls would be to have confidence in you, dress effectively and stand tall in front of public. (Read: 5 Best Fruity Colors for Summer – Summer Fashion Trend)

Fashion tips for short girls cover a wide topic in itself. The selection of proper color, the printed designs and their patterns, the choice of matching footwear, or carrying heels with the dress are the major points that have to be worked out.

fashion tips & tricks


For Example-

Select a smaller size that looks fine in proportion so that you do not have to hide behind your bag. You can also wear V or U-neck tops revealing your deep cleavage lines that will make the boys drop their jaws. You can wear a pendant that will enhance your feminine beauty.  Plus, if you really wanna show your glamorous skin to lovely peeps, then do a favor to your legs by keeping your dresses or skirts just above your knees. (Do keep your legs waxed so it doesn’t look odd or embarrassing.) (Read: 5 Secret Fashion Tips for Women to Look More Fashionable)

Choose slim and skinny belts that can easily match your lower outfit.

prom dress fashion for short height girls

If you are an extra fashion freak and you want to go the extra mile to get the best out of you, then check out these fashion tips for short girls & feel your importance in this world.

1. Prefer Heels in Special Cases

Many fashion loving girls prefer to carry high heels that are one of the most suggested fashion tips for short girls. It is the best way that makes you look taller by an inch or two. They are also known as shoes with heels.

heels - fashion tips for women

Although I have seen many of my friends who feel very uncomfortable in wearing high heels initially, but later they get used to considering the concern faced by each and every person in their social network. (It’s true that many people change their way of styling by thinking of what the society will say.) (Read: What your shoes say about you…??)

One should also know that many a times girls face the general consequences of wearing high heel shoes like back pain or leg pain. So keep your choice according to the level that your body can hold.

fashionable short height girls

2. Choose Dark Shade Color

Believe it or not babie! The dark shade colors are an add-on as fashion tips for short girls. A dark color gives an awesome attractive look to your feminine beauty. With these shades, you can look slim and taller with ease. Inculcate it in your routine and see the changes within your shadow. (Read: Fashionable Rompers & Jumpsuits for Women | Sexy Outfits)

red dress - fashion tips & tricks

3. Try the Monochrome Pattern: The Illumination Effect

It’s a tricky pattern of a kind where you can carry an outfit that has the same color from the top to the bottom. Actually, Monochrome has a lengthening effect that creates an illusion of being taller to your observers. While choosing for different color combinations at a time will make your look shorter. (Read: Fashionable Rompers & Jumpsuits for Women | Sexy Outfits)

monochronic color - fashion tips

4. High Waist Style is the Call of Nature

You have to follow the high waist styled pattern in your clothing to keep up with the look and feel of taller girl. You have to make a balanced proportion of what you wear and how you actually are. When you gladly carry these high waist pants, shorts, or skirts, then it makes easier for you to bluff the eyes of the observer. This will surely make you look taller than you are. (Read: Summer/ Spring Fashion trends 2015 – Floral Fashion)

You must opt for slim belts that appear to be in better proportion.

dark color fashion trends

5. Go for Vertical Lines Pattern

Do you prefer choosing the horizontal line pattern in your wardrobe collection? Yes, it might be a good choice as a whole because it has a tendency to widen the width of any particular outfit or accessories. Similarly, you could go for vertical lines pattern adding a decent fashion tip for short girls. These vertical lines will help you show the illumination of increased length. (Read: 5 Amazing Summer Fashion Trends 2015 – Geometric Prints)

verticle fashion tips for short girls

6. Wear Pointed Flats

Is there any compulsion to wear high heels to get a taller makeover? No way dear! You can go the other way round too as it depends on you how to carry forward yourself. In this case, the pointed toe shoes are always an add-on for a girl’s party hang out.

They will definitely make you feel an inch taller than your actual height. I would prefer to opt for these pointed flats as they will be the best suitable option on a personal note. (Read: Neon Colored Footwear – Latest Fashion Trend)

classy pointed flats

7. Avoid Cropped Pants

Being short height, do you girls really interested in carrying the cropped pants? I don’t think so dear! You should avoid wearing the cropped pants and choose other different patterns. Yes, the reason behind the fact is that this pattern makes your legs look heavy and bulky. (Read: Summer Fashion Shorts for Women | Sexy Hot Pants)

Simply carry those patterns that cover your footwear too. It will make your legs look more long and taller.

fashion tips for short girls

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