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7 Secret Tips to Stay Young and Beautiful Forever – Ezyshine

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To stay young and beautiful is the dream of everyone, either men or women. Everyone want the flawless skin, shiny hairs & a healthy lifestyle. You can easily make your dreams come true not by using any beauty products or throwing money on expensive courses or classes. The key to the door of the healthy lifestyle is in your hands.

Yes, Friends! Beauty products can only make you look beautiful for the short time, but these secret tips can erase the ageing marks from your lifestyle.

Give the break to the things you are doing till now. Modify your lifestyle to stay young and beautiful forever. Try it today & you’ll feel a different kind of energy & relaxation.

skin care solutions - tips to stay beautiful & young

Stress is the key factor that spoils the glow and charm of our body. Hormonal changes due to the stress can affect your thinking, leave the tension lines on your face & can even make you a patient. Try to run away from the stress to stay young and beautiful. You can rush through my previous article which consists of the various stress relieving secrets to keep you happy always. (Read: 6 Effective Ways to Relax Yourself | Relaxation Tips and Techniques)

Try Yoga, meditation & exercise to keep yourself mentally & physically fit. Meditation has the power to keep you relax & calm.

yoga for fitness - stay young

Avoid overeating to maintain yourself & get proper beauty sleep. It is found in the researches that, sound sleep is one of the best mood boosters. 6-7 hours of sleep can keep you young & glowing than your real age. Proper hydration is required to nourish yourself. Drink plenty of water & use moisturiser before sleep.

Attitude means the way you look at the things is again a great factor that can help you to stay young and beautiful forever. Positivity can change your feelings & mood. Look at the bright side & keep yourself happy & motivated.

Try these secret tips to stay young, beautiful & healthy. 

healthy living

1. Daily Dose of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

DO you know that Omega -3 Fatty acids miraculously act as the anti-ageing supplement for a women’s body? Now that must be of great interest for the beauties. Isn’t it?

Omega-3 works amazingly for the body to stay young and beautiful. It improves the immune system & prepares the body to fight against diseases. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that non-vegetarian who consumes Salmon fish receives the abundant Omega -3 along with protein as Salmon fish is one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. In the case of Veggies, the secret tips to stay young & vibrant could be the consumption of almonds, ‘Alsi’ and walnuts. Omega-3 works on the enhancement of flexibility of the skin and gives you a wrinkle free skin.

When we talk about supplements, Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 could prove to be the all in one jackpot for a healthier and young skin tone. You can also Read More about Omega-3 Fatty Acids and its types in our previous article- 5 Brain Foods to Improve your Memory and Concentration

omega-3 fatty acids - tips to stay young & beautiful

2. Drink Green Tea & Grow Healthier than Ever

Green Tea has always been preferred by doctors and health professionals over other natural ways to stay healthy. This anti-aging, anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidants rich food item is always in high demand between those who cares to look smart and young always. As anti-oxidants enters the body and the free radicals escapes out, thus, helps in keeping your skin away from aging. (Read: 6 Different Types of Tea Recipes – Health Benefits of Tea)

This way, choosing a sip of Green Tea on a routine basis could help you take advantage of these secret tips to stay young and beautiful forever. Plus, it helps in maintaining your body weight by working curiously on the fat deposits.

benefits of green tea - tips to stay young & beautiful

3. Stay in Touch with Fruits & Veggies

You know what! The whole game plan of the proper functioning of our body revolves around free radicals & anti-oxidants, where, one use to increase tension in a body (that is free radicals) & the other one acts as a bodyguard. One has to always focus on the active intake of these antioxidants anyhow. (Read: The Best Diet and Exercise Plan to Keep You Fit & Healthy)

Fruits & Veggies are one such food source that provides bucket full of antioxidants or nutrients that will rejoice your beauty to the highest level. They both help our body to fulfil the damage done by free radicals and oxidation. The more you consume, the more your benefit from them.

fruits & veggies importance

Especially, the fruits which are dark in color are more beneficial for the body. We have red Apple, Pomegranate, Sweet Potato, Blueberry, etc. are such food that has to be consumed primarily. In case of veggies, many of the green vegetables are the best source of what we are talking about. (Read: 6 Refreshing Summer Drinks | Homemade Recipes of Juices & Shakes)

At last, I would like to add here that nowadays, a lot of injected fruits and vegetable are flooding the market so as to keep their pockets full of profit. They increase the look and feel of the fruits & hence, we end the day by consuming fewer antioxidants of what we should actually get. So, we could add Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables (Nutrilite CFV) in our diet to fulfil the need.

fruits & vegetables - tips to stay beautiful

4. Use Sunscreen Cream to Look Young 

While you are in search for the tips to stay young and beautiful in a long run, you should not forget to carry sunscreens in your daily routine check. Sunscreens are the great way to keep away from the problems of wrinkles and aging altogether. (Read: 5 Best Home Remedies to Remove Sun Tan Naturally)

Actually, women and working girls face the general problem of getting blackish skin when they are out in the sun. On a later stage, wrinkles start to fill the black areas. Hence, these sunscreens are suggested to be applied before you go out in the sunlight so as to keep your skin protected from direct sunlight. This is one of the ways by which you can control the speed of your skin aging process.

sun screen cream - stay beautiful

5. Guzzle Less Sugar

Thank God! I hate consuming Sugar! Not even This Much!

You know Sugar is not only harmful to a diabetic person, it is a bad dream for your skin too. This sugar is one of the reasons why your face loses glow, get spots and even rough and hanging like skin.

Actually the fact is that those eatables which are rich in sugar, they generally lag behind in other potential nutrients. If you really wish to look young and beautiful, then you have to almost stop eating sugar in your diet. You can have it occasionally, but do not be regular at least.

Although, I have noticed that my friends & the people around of my age group do not love to eat sugary items. They are moreover going away from sweets and sugary dishes.

eat less sugar - tips to stay healthy

6. Treatment for Hairs

Treat your hairs equally as you treat your other body parts. Give importance to them too and feel the magic you have never experienced before. Yes, my dear friends! Even your hairs can make you look younger. After all, you are here to know the secret tips to stay young and beautiful! So, we have got this secret tip that will help to make you look younger through exterior ways. (Read: 7 Natural Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hairs | Home Remedies)

Jus make use of some natural conditioners or hair oiling tips and you will feel the vibrant change in your skin too. It’s the charm of your stylish and young hairs that will leave an effect on your complete personality.

7. Skin Care for Glowing Skin

Ezyshine has already covered a wide aspect that educated you about Skin care tips and tricks for women. In addition to that, I would like to say that make use of natural skin care tips as much as you can because no chemical solutions or combination can be fruitful in comparison to the natural ideas of skin care. (Read: 6 Great Tips to get instant Glowing Skin Naturally…)

For instance, mix ¼ cup of sugar, 2 spoons of lemon juice & one spoon full of honey. Apply it to your dry skin thoroughly. Apply it gently as it feels like getting the massage in a spa. Focus more on the parts where your skin is rough and dry. Finally, wash it with warm water and clean it with a towel. See the difference you observed while treating your skin so nicely. These secret tips will help you to stay young and beautiful for the lifetime. (Read: Top 10 makeup mistakes will make you look 10 years older..)

skin care tips for healthy living

Read Healthy, Stay Healthy!

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