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7 Secrets to Spice Up Your Long Distance Love Relationship

December 10, 2014 8:34 pm Published by 2 Comments
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Keep loving your long distance love relationship as it is tested and doubted every day. Be creative and proactive to work on your long distance love affair. Plus, understand the hidden strength & many other positive things that will put a step forward towards a healthy living.

Many people have strong gut feeling that love dies one or the other day, when you are in a long distance love relationship. They think this way, due to the fact that love birds pass a long time without a physical meeting. But, the fact lies a way behind these thoughts because whether the love dies or survives, it purely depends on that couple who are in love.long distance relationship couples

It’s true that the long distance love relationships are difficult, but they are also incredible. You don’t need to see & meet each other daily to carry a healthy relationship for long time. You will feel that the love and attraction towards your partner remains the same, irrespective of whenever you meet. If you can love, trust, respect, & support each other from a long distance, then you will be unstoppable once you’re physically together.

You could find out many ways to keep yourself in a healthy long distance relationship. Steal out some quality time for each other (especially at night). Moreover, exchange love and romantic moments through video hangouts. Talk naughty and share everything there. You can start some work online together, which requires a combined effort such as promoting, writing, online gaming, or blogging. This will improve your relationship & you will not feel that your time is going waste.

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Still if you feel that your long distance love relationship  is not on the right track then, hire a relationship counselor for providing you the best counseling tips. This way, you will find yourself close to your lover, by heart.

I’m too in long distance relationship & damn happy enjoying the best moments of my life. Here I’m sharing my experience tips to bloom up your relationship. 

1. Manage the Schedule

Every relationship needs time, weather it is a long distance relationship or people living together. As we know, everyone is busy in their office work, studies, or some other duties. Such busy schedules can pamper your relation. But you can smartly tune your long distance love relationship with your work. Know each other’s schedule so that you can make a call or text at the right time so that your partner don’t get disturb in mid of the class or any business meeting. Both of you can try to manage their schedule in such a way that you can get maximum time for your naughty talks.

2. Make Profitable Use of Net

After the busy schedule, have fun with your partner by playing online games. It’s my own experience & trust me guys, it lead to a healthy relationship. Turn on the skype so that you can see other other & share your computer with the help of team viewer.  This way both of you will feel like operating the same system. Talking, seeing each other & playing games together have its own fun.couple video chat on skype

3. Communicate Romantically at Night

Guys.. If you want your long distance love relationship turn out to be a healthy relationship then dedicate your night time to your partner. Before sleep, call or text your partner & have some romantic conversation. As it become difficult in long distance relationship to have physical contact regularly, so the romantic night conversation will bring you emotionally more close. You’ll feel relaxed, relieved of your whole day tiredness when you’ll be in the arms of your partner.

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4. Focus on your Bonding

Send love quotes, naughty pictures of yours, online flowers or cards expressing your feelings for them will keep you in their mind & heart always in their busy schedule. Whenever your darling will see them, he’ll have a big smile on his face while messaging you lots of hugs & kisses.long distance relationship texts

5. Share Same Interests or Engage in Same Work

Start some online work together, so that you can spend more time with your sweetheart. Working with your partner will make you relax as both of you will be in regular contact with each other whole day. This way you will be able to move ahead & try to synchronize your thoughts with him/her to avoid fights or misunderstandings.

6. Share What’s in Your Mind

Ups & down’s are their in everyone’s life. Sharing your problems with your girlfriend/boyfriend & asking for advice can make you feel light. Your partner will love, when you’ll share your problems with him/her. It makes them feel that they have an special place in your life & you don’t hide anything with him/her.express your feelings

7.  Plan Visits

It’s the time when you feel musics, butterflies all around you. Take advantage of the time you spend together. Let your emotions flow in kisses & hugs because you get these meetings once or twice a month. Plan out for something special for your honey, that will make your every meeting memorable. Use your creative mind everytime you find the opportunities to touch & feel each other. Buy some gifts, wear the outfit your date love & hangout on a romantic venue.love distance love relationship - couple meeting

Actually, long distance relationship teaches you to appreciate the love you create with your partner. It strengthens your love & you should be grateful for that.


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