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7 Smart Ways to Save Money on Groceries – Shopping Tips

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Looking for some tricky ideas to save money on Groceries? No worries Friends! Here, you will be acknowledged by the clever shopping tips and tricks that will help you reduce pocket expense.

This is the world of hypermarkets and supermarkets where people love to shop for all the needy household items in bulk. In major of the shopping cases- be it your grocery purchasing, food items, kitchen utensils, decorative materials, or other family essentials; they are always been considered to be the convenient place where you get more by spending less.

grocery store - shopping tips to save money

Now that’s cool and smart of you to think that way as why would anyone run at different places when they are getting all family feeding at one place! But many a times, this easiness becomes a havoc to your actual budget and you starts drowning deep into the SALE funda & money making clever marketing tricks. (Read: 10 best online shopping stores..)

In this infatuation of so-called low-cost pricing, you buy some unwanted products which not only boost up your grocery budget to a height but also affect your health as you may buy some unhealthy food items that are on SALE. On the other way, you can simply say that it could make you ill in both ways, financially and physically!


Friends, we would suggest that if you sincerely want to save money on groceries at a go, then, first know when to visit your shopping market or hypermarket. Check a week before where you can use the promotional coupons and what stuff is going on SALE. After that, you can plan for what you can buy by taking advantages of promotional coupons.

Actually, learning how to save money on groceries is purely a skill that you can practice by visiting your closest supermarket. You can observe the SALE fundamental at the stores and the items that are displayed for SALE.

grocery shopping list - save money on groceries

For more expert advice, Ezyshine has collected some valuable shopping tips and tricks which will guide you to save money on groceries on a bigger note!

1. Choose the Right Counter

Selection of right counter is the smart way to save money on groceries. Before you enter the supermarket, mark the most important things in your shopping list. Fill the shopping cart with chief things like fruits, veggies, cereals, pulses & dairy products. After all these shopping, jump over packed food, cakes or chips. It is same as we generally prefer to take healthy things first, then go for desserts. It will not only help you to save money from dropping on uncalled and unhealthy items but also keep you on the healthy track.

healthy grocery shopping - shopping tips

2. Don’t Dash After the Organic Products

You think organic food is best for health & you buy it at any cost. It is right, that organic food is healthy, but it is costly too. Use of organic food can shake your budget. If you want to do shopping in your budget, then avoid the purchase of organic items. Go for other healthy products that are in your budget either they are organic or not. You can easily save money on groceries by following these shopping tips.

save money on groceries - shopping tricks

3. Stay Alert – “Sale”

When we hear the word sale, we rush after that. Even try to grab all the things on which we find discounts. Sometimes buying things during the sale can be a good option but most of the time it can result to contort of the budget. During the sale, we buy the things that we avoid in daily shopping. You can purchase the canned & frozen foods, yogurt, nuts etc but stave off from cupcakes & cookies. Always keep in mind that SALE offers only those things whose expiry date is nearby.

sale on grocery items - save money on groceries

4. Make List Before Going

Going to the supermarket without the shopping list can flourish your budget. It is just like going for an exam without preparation. Always make the list before going to the supermarket. It is the best way to save money on groceries as it helps you to buy only prime things. Make a habit of saving the shopping list on your phone too. In case you forget the slip at home, your phone can stop you from buying unnecessary things. Select the recipes you are about to make & purchase groceries according to it.

shopping list - smart shopping tips

5. Calorie Freak

Sometimes being calorie freak can pinch your pockets while shopping. It’s good to maintain your health, but consumption of the low calorie, reduced fat or fat-free things can lead to the lack of some nutrients or essentials fat in our body. It can even lead to hunger due to which you dive on other unhealthy things. While doing shopping, you can easily save money on groceries if you focus on buying the snacks that are rich in protein & fiber like peanut butter & fruits. (Read: Do you consume good fats OR the bad fats.? Know the “Facts about Fats”)

calorie calculator - save money on shopping

6. Full Your Tummy Before Going for Shopping

This smart trick can easily save money on groceries. Don’t go to empty stomach to the supermarket. It can raise the chances of buying those groceries that can harm your health & even of no need. You must resist yourself from buying the items that are not in your list. Just rush through the store to find what you exactly want & leave the store before you get captivated by other things.


7. Shop in Budget Friendly Store

Set your budget before stepping out for shopping. Mark the budget friendly stores & try to avoid the stores that are out of your budget. You can even make use of coupons & discounts. Prefer wholesale markets as they offer the products less than the market price. Even purchase of generic products can save money on groceries. Canned products, frozen products, and food staples can be brought generic instead of name brands.

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