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7 Splashy Monsoon Fashion Trends You Must Have – Ezyshine

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Are you prepared to welcome the rain drops open handed? Beware! The time has come to opt for the most glamorous and splashy monsoon fashion trends. You need to follow these fashionable rainwear to break the rules of the fashion world! Watch out what we have got on the table that will push you to go trendy this season.

colorful monsoon fashion trends - Ezyshine 2016

In the previous month, Ezyshine helped you out from the scorching summer heat by presenting in front of you the best designer summer outfits, accessories and various summer fashion trends. But this is the time when you need to organize a cheerful and bright colored wardrobe with the latest downpour of monsoon fashion trends! You need not be afraid of the rainy weather, just fold up your pants and get out for enjoying the showers in style!

rainy day fashion trends - Monsoon 2016 ezyshine

Here, we can’t forget to mention the fashion gurus & the Bollywood who have always been very inspirational in setting up a unique fashion trend. Many of our Bollywood hotties are showing off their curves with sensational monsoon fashion trendy outfits. The flaut of pink shades in leggings, or the electric blue tops, they have covered a lot to revamp your wardrobe forming up the classic look! (Read: 5 Secret Fashion Tips for Women to Look More Fashionable)

waterproof bags - Monsoon fashion trends

The sexy B’Town Divas like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor, Anushka Sharma & a couple of dynamic fashion gurus are a complete fit for defining the monsoon fashion trends! (Read: Rajasthani Lahariya | Monsoon Fashion Trend for Women)

As the season demands, the hot pants or short skirts can be very soothing for your comfort but your observers might loose their comfort! Lolzz..!! May God save their lives!

trendy colourful raincoats - ezyshine

Fashion has changed its sense in the upcoming monsoon! Especially, the youngsters are getting highly charged up with such positive changes. This is inviting the monsoon fashion trends, and even the beach wear outfits on the way round!

1. Bright color Boom in Monsoon Fashion

This time, monsoon fashion trends are full of colors. Vibrant & neon colors are in the palette. Watermelon, cherry, coral and royal blue colors are the fresh colors while red, green, neon pink, yellow are also the center of attraction. Royal blue, wine & gray colors are the all-time favorites among youngsters for the night parties. (Read: 5 Best Fruity Colors for Summer – Summer Fashion Trend)

monsoon fashion trends 2016 - Ezyshine

If you have pastel shades in your wardrobe, then go for it without any thought. Hangouts, college wear & workplace, these pastel shades look sober & decent. Wanna bold look? Then bold colors will match your taste.

fashion trends 2016 - Ezyshine

2. Trendy Ethnic Wear

Monsoon replaced the long heavy ethnic to the flowy and light fabrics that look trendy with the touch of elegance. Flowing heavy lehengas took a back seat in this monsoon fashion trends. Block print crop tops are in high demand these days. Ethnic prints with delicate motifs make these crop tops fit for any traditional occasions.

ethnic crop top - Monsoon fashion trends - Ezyshine

Talking about suits, then pack all your Patiala and salwar suits for other seasons. Fill your closet with long classy kurtas which you can carry with churidars and leggings. You can carry a scarf instead of long dupattas. Go for stone work & medal loop scarfs that complete your ethnic look. (Read: Top Fashion Trends for Festive Season – Ethnic Wear 2015) 

ethnic wear - monsoon fashion trends

3. Elegant Striped Dresses

Dress up in style with the striped dresses. Monsoon fashion trends are full of striped pattern, either go for rompers & jumpsuits or one piece dresses. Vertical stripes or horizontal stripes both look classy & chic. Match it with the plain shorts or denim hot pants with a sling bag on the side. (Read: 5 Top Spring / Summer Fashion Trends 2016 – Ezyshine)

monsoon fashion trends for women

Take a note before you jump on these stripes. If your height is short, then always go for vertical lines. It will make you look thin and long.

Also, jumpsuits are in high demand these days because of their loose style & snazzy look. You can gear it with metallic accessories and a pair of boots, heels or slip-ons.

monsoon fashion trends - Ezyshine

4. Colourful & transparent Raincoats

Enrich your wardrobe with the monsoon fashion trends. Stylish raincoats are waiting to get the place in your closet. Yes, lovely peeps, the market is full of variant raincoats other than transparent. Hot pink, yellow, and other neon colors are well liked to make you feel fresh. If you are wrapping yourself with the transparent raincoat, then you should go for the bright color outfits. (Read: 5 Refreshing Monsoon Fashion Trends for Women – Ezyshine)

rainy day outfits - Ezyshine

Even layer style raincoats are on the most wanted list. Customize the colors according to your choice for both top and lower part. It will be better if you go for the light color for top & dark for lower.

One must focus on the fabric of the raincoat. Poly fabric is best as it gets dry soon as compared to others.

raincoat - monsoon fashion trends 2016 - ezyshine

5. Accessories For Hot Look

Accessories always add glace to the beauty. Without handbag & funky accessories, fashion seems naked. I know everyone is scared to carry their fashionable accessories in this drenched weather. But don’t let this monsoon wash away your style. Go for plastic jewelry, waterproof bags & metallic accessories that will punk your fashion statement.

choker trend - monsoon fashion trends 2016

Chokers are in the limelight these days due to Bollywood celebs.  On red carpet & other fashion shows, models are found showcasing the great designs of chokers which can be mix matched with off shoulder dresses. You can even carry it with jackets and denim. They are available in different material & designs to fit with both western and ethnic wear. (Read: Classy Metallic Fashion Accessories | Summer Fashion Trends)

handbag raincoat - Monsoon fashion trends 2016 - Ezyshine

mobile waterproof cover - monsoon fashion

6. Vibrant Rainboots & Flip-flops

Step out in style with monsoon fashion trends. Gaudy rainboots & flip flops are unbeatable in this drenched weather. Plastic & rubber footwear retain for a long time even in muddy, swampy paths. They are easy to carry & can be easily washed. Funky flip flops go perfectly with any outfit. Pair it with capris, denim or salwar suit, it looks amazing. (Read: What your shoes say about you…??)

rainboots 2016 - monsoon fashion - Ezyshine

Monsoon wardrobe is incomplete without rainboots. Now no more boring dull rainboots, printed rain boots are available in the market now. Flow with the trends & look glamorous in this romantic weather.

monsoon footwear - Ezyshine 2016

7. Printed florals & Tropical Prints

How can we forget the prints? These are the evergreen monsoon fashion trends which will make you feel fresh & energetic. Tropical and palm prints are eye catchy in this season with the feel of islands and beaches. Floral prints are also popular among youngsters. (Read: Cool Tropical & Palm Prints | Monsoon fashion trends 2014)

rompers & jumpsuits - monsoon fashion 2016

Before you ride on monsoon fashion trends, don’t forget to look for fabrics & type of clothes you can carry. Perfect match of clothes & soothing fabric will make you comfortable throughout the day. Denim is not good for this season as it don’t get dry soon. Try out capris, hot pants & knee length pants.

monsoon trends - fashionable ezyshine

Also, avoid full length and floor length dresses in this wet weather. Ankle length leggings, trousers, printed crop tops, tunic dresses and short official skirts are best. Focus on the fabric of clothes. Look out for cotton, semi cotton, linen, georgette, and chiffon.

stripped fashion trends - Ezyshine

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