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7 Stylish & Modern Home Decorating Ideas – Home Decor

April 24, 2015 10:50 pm Published by 6 Comments
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As you need a change in this summertime along with the modern lifestyle, your house also needs a makeover with clever home designs and some stylish modern home decorating ideas for this warm weather. This will bring a positive energy to you which will make you feel calm and cool in this pricking summer. This way, you can use these summer decorating ideas to save your home from sunny shades of summer.

beautiful home decoration

Moreover, as we know that colors are already overcoming the fashion & lifestyle world, they are now grooming the home accessories, furniture, and interior designs to decorate your home. Hence, you could use the variety of color combinations and patterns (neon colors, neutral colors, accent colors, etc.) for moderation of any part of your home and smartly decorate your home. (Read: 5 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Neon Colors)

Apart from that, chilled Ice cubes, water rushing out from hand pumps, the greenery surrounding the house or garden area, etc gives a relaxation to mind and body in this summer season. From your living room to your master bedroom, from furniture decorative to the dining areas, from your bathroom till your entry way design works, & from your decorative wall arts to the neon fabric color for your pillows/cushions.!

modern home decoration tips

Even if you are planning to cool down the color plates according to the real summer houses or mix -match patterns, embracing bold colors, justifying layer rugs, or for the pretty spaces within casual interiors..! We are here to greet you with all the best tips and tricks that will guide you through the summertime, modern home decorating ideas on a budget. As the bucks, you expense for home decoration ideas can be controlled without affecting that eye catchy look you always wish to provide it. (Read: What Does Your Home Interior Design Say About You?)

Friends, if you love to experiment with your home interiors to give it a modern look including great innovations, then Ezyshine is ready to provide you the wealth of summer decorating ideas for your home sweet home.

pop art in home decoration

Try these 5 modern home decorating ideas for summers to fulfill your home design fantasies while you relax sipping coffee with your friends and family.

1. Boom of Geometric Pattern

With the starting of summers, you can again see the glamor of floral and geometric patterns back in action. Apparently, you will be glad to know that other than outfits, these geometric patterns are also getting famous in home interior designs.

geomatric pattern wall decoration - home decor ideas

Here, the interior designers suggest putting up geometrically shaped tiles on the walls. They also prefer to put up stones on the tiles to give a functional look to your home interiors. Apart from this, the wall decals and furniture are also shaped in geometric format. (Read: Wall Interior Design Ideas – Glass Art)

All these combination of creativity and inspirational roomset ideas will lead you towards the betterment of your living space with the breeze.

geomatric pattern home decoration ideas

2. Pop Art at its Best

You could also find the pop art creation to boost up your summer decorating ideas. With this pattern, paintings are the key player that helps to renovate your home interiors. One of the interesting things to know about the pop art trends is that it’s not only restricted to paintings, rather, it could easily be practiced on your cushion covers, wall decorations & curtains too. (Read: 5 Classy Jute Decorative Items for Interiors – Home Decoration)

pop art for home decor - decorating ideas


Additionally, pop art is greeted even in home decorative pieces. Friends! It gives an appealing look at the center wall. In spite of the nearby shopping centers and home interior outlets, people are getting crazy to buy the wall decals online.

Other DIY wall decorating tricks such as hand painting or silk scarf on the wall also make your wall scream with joy. Go for these functional modern home decorating ideas for energetic summer inspiration. (Read: 5 DIY Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget You Must Go For)

funky room decoration ideas - modern home decor

3. Keep an Indoor Fountain in Living Room

You could put an indoor fountain in your living room to give a breezing effect around you. There is no point to think that you are going to waste the water resource as the same water can be reused again and again through the process of recycling. (Read: 5 DIY Garden Decorating Ideas on a Budget | Home Decor)

indoor fountains home decoration ideas

Apart from this, you can use some light effects falling on the running water from corners so that the scenario gives a feel of a lake view. Put some stickers or handmade birds or animals on the wall which will make your home interiors glow like anything. I bet you will be appraised for executing such a modern home decorating ideas for summers. (Read: Latest Interior designs for bathroom – Giving your Bathrooms a trendy look..!!)

indoor waterfall - fountains for home decor

4. Digital Photo Frame or Wallpapers can be an Add-On

You can buy a digital photo frame with the concept of some flowing water. It may display some pictures related to ice covered mountains, snowy tracks, ice skating zones, or a waterfall. These summer decorating ideas will give you a sense of coolness and positivity to fight the pricking heat. (Read: Decorate the walls with latest picture frame designs…)

modern home decorating ideas - wall paintings

Additionally, you can borrow or draw some sky blue colored wallpapers designs on the wall to release the feel of heat. You can add stars shaped radium stickers to buckle up on the roof so that at night when you lie down on cozy bed, then you feel that you are sleeping under open space facing towards the twinkling stars.

modern home decor art

5. Cool walls with Creative Decorations

Whenever we talk about home decoration or home interior designs, walls are the most targeted area as a whole. In this lifestyle of innovations and creativity, wall designs are experimented every now and then. In this regards, how could summers be on the back foot?

home decor - wallpapers for summers

Here comes our active participation with summer decorating ideas that are transforming the whole look and feel into a cool & breezy look. Modern home decorating ideas for walls are generally noticed with floral patterns & color tricks. Moreover, the technology for wall paints has become so advanced that it has been given a floral touch in a unique manner. This way, you can easily use this wall painting theme for leaving behind the cooling effect. (Read: 5 Contemporary Wooden Staircase Designs for Home Interiors)

beautiful home decoration

6. Floral Patterns – Trending in Fabrics

Irrespective of the season or weather as always, this time again, the floral patterns are the center of attraction for home interiors designs. It again gives a cool look and feel to the home environment. This is the reason why interior design experts are likely to suggest these patterns for your home in the summertime. (Read: 5 Classy Digital Printed Fabrics for Home Decoration)

floral fabrics for summers


Especially, you can see the goodwill of floral patterns when everyone talks about fabric works. It could be your cushion covers, curtains, bed sheets, or sofa covers, etc. Try to keep the light shade color combinations for cushions and bed sheets specially. Curtains are advisable to be of light colors.

home decoration - floral fabrics

7. Making use of Doors for Cool Look

Did you ever think of a soft color lights coming into your room naturally? Do you have any idea how good it feels?

Guys! You can easily give a soft & cozy look to your home sweet home in this summer season. Simply tie a piece of light green color cloth on the door. This will prevent the sun light from falling directly into your room. You could apply this trick to the ventilators or windows too so that the heat gets filtered through the protective sheet. (Read: Want to give new look to your interior?? Try these indoor plants…)

curtains for home decor - summer trends

These stylish and modern home decorating ideas for summers are a must do activity for every house lovers reading this article.

soft curtains for windows

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