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7 Things Guys Do After a Breakup With Girlfriend – Ezyshine

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“For me, after a breakup with girlfriend, my life was full of pain. I remember how my friends use to console me and cheer me up, but I was so disturbed that I kept my mobile switched off for 3 days & was drowned in thoughts of what just happened! Being a guy, I managed to shed my tears in front of my friends or colleagues, but my nights were all alone sobbing in the corner of my room!” these were the words of a guy who just had a breakup with girlfriend.


Can you imagine a guy feels that much pain after a breakup with girlfriend? Yes! It is true with this incident! Let me ask you the same question that my one of closest friend has answered above. Do you ever have a breakup with girlfriend? If yes, then who would know better than you about how low it feels & how tough is the mental situation.


Breakup are always tough and both Men & Women are hurt in such cases. It is a very obvious thing that happens in everyone’s life as humans miss people close to their heart. Both of them have to go through the emotional stress.

Many of them stop moving out of their home and some of them relocate themselves to the different city so that they do not miss their partner much. The only difference is the way they both react to their sadness is entirely different. As there are a lot of emotional feelings in this bad time, hence, breakup is not good for either girl or a boy!


In general, girls are said to be very low in handling emotional situations, but guys are able to manage it in front of everyone. Men might look like they are normal, but mostly they pretend to be normal and happy as if nothing has happened. Only the friends close to his heart can understand the real feeling of a man at the time of the breakup! He weeps secretly and gets completely shattered from inside, but avoid showing it to the world! On the other hand, women might cry loud in front of friends, send senti messages to everyone or even doubt and blame themselves for everything.


Men deals with breakup in various ways & we have collected some important things that men do after a breakup with girlfriend. Check this Out:

1. Try to get Her Back in Life!

Many times in a relationship, we realize its importance after the breakup. We realize what we missed, the good and the bad, the love and the fights, everything that was a part of life when in a relationship. Then, he tries his best to get her back in life in any condition. But sadly, she would have gone too far to come back into life!


2. Feels Guilty for his Mistakes!

This happens only with those guys who are deeply drowned in love. Their life is mostly dedicated to love & feelings. Such people find it difficult to forget everything & always try to find out ways to reduce stress. They remember the time when they were wrong & then also feel the guilt of their mistakes. In the end, such lovers will still wish the best for her future!


3. Gets Drunk! A Lot! And Hang Out with Friends!

Yes! This is absolutely true in the case of my close friend. He narrates to me “I was not a regular drinker but after the breakup with girlfriend, I was so badly disturbed that I had 4-5 bottles of beer. After I got out of senses, I cried like never before & called up my best buddy.”

Well, this is quite obvious with many guys. I mean rarely there would be someone who doesn’t drink after breakup with girlfriend. Guys do it just to relax their mind with thoughts of every single person close to his heart. They need it just to lose their grip on their mind and fly high in the sky for at least for one night. They rather wish to party hard with alcohol all around, without bothering about the world for a time being.

I hope that now every girl understands as to why, at times, boyfriends actually need a drink!!

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4. Pretends to be Okay!

“Yeah, everything is fine”, “I have washed her off from my mind”, “she now means nothing to me….” These are some of the bluffs & excuses generally heard from a guy after a breakup with girlfriend. But deep in their hearts, they know how badly they are broken from inside.

Even their best buddies cheer them up by saying ‘forget her dude! She was not a fit for you, and she doesn’t deserve your love.’ But they know the real fact behind the curtains! Nevertheless, all they do is relax and control their emotions in front of their colleagues and the general public.


5. Destroying the Memories out of Anger!

This is one of the most priority things that a guy does after a breakup with girlfriend. He tries to finish and destroy every single memory in their home that makes him remember her past. The love letters kept in drawers, the teddy and a heart placed in the cupboard, the perfume gifted by her on birthday, etc. Everything is being destroyed by a guy to avoid disturbance in mind to move further in life.

Actually, that is one of the best ways to recover and come out from the past love affection asap.


6. Become a Serial Stalker on Social Media!

In my opinion, it’s a general tendency of Men to keep an eye on the social media activities of their ex-girlfriend. They use to stalk into their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts so as to know what going on in his ex’s life. Is she having more fun after a breakup or is she posting some harsh posts that describe that she is in deep depression? The guys would try to figure out that is she already moved on further with someone else.

Other than this, he would also walk near her house, her workplace, and the places she generally uses to hang out with friends, to know that if she is dating some other guy! This is a real change in the nostalgic behavior of a guy after a breakup with girlfriend.

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7. Cry Alone in the Shower or At Meals!

There is no defined place as such where a guy wants to cry. But the fact is that the imagination and feelings come automatically during some special times. This probably happens when they are all alone & no public is around them.

When the day starts with no WhatsApp chatting that has good morning & love you wishes, then the bathroom is a place where their feelings burst with tears flowing from their eyes along with the shower. That is the time when they being a guy, can’t see their tears due to shower & that might make them believe that they are not a cry baby.

It could be while travelling down to the office, when some incident makes them remember about when they two were together in the car, driving to their workplaces.


May God give lots of love & understanding to all the love birds! I wish no lovers gets apart, ever!

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Shivam Agarwal
Nutritional Health Consultant





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