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7 Unhealthy Salad Bar Toppings You Must Avoid – Ezyshine

November 22, 2016 10:13 pm Published by 1 Comment
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We have always considered salad as healthy & light food but can you believe that some salad bar toppings can actually get you in trouble? Now, get ready to make over your salad dressing style and dip yourself in the world of best salad bar topping ideas.

Hey, C’mon! I am not on diet, I have just chosen to eat healthy!

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That simply means that diet is a word for healthy and balanced eating. While you move forward in your journey towards healthy eating, healthy salad bar toppings are the extra lifeline provided to you! All you need to do is jazz up your salad bowl with these toppings & rest they will do in your tummy. (Read: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy diet plans | Monsoon fitness tips)

Moving on to the most important part of the discussion that we are here for! What is a healthy or unhealthy salad bar toppings?

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Yeah! There is the difference between both of them. We feel like consuming tasty salad in lunch and dinner too! It gives a positive thought that we have finally done something good for our health. But keep in mind that ‘Salad is not a Meal, it’s a Style!’

Eventually, we don’t realize that there are many ingredients which should not be added in our salad recipes. Do not just focus on the taste of the salad prepared, but also keep in mind about the salad bar toppings to be used! (Read: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit – Healthy Lifestyle Tips)

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I mean you must have started consuming salad with lots of tongue twisting bar toppings so as to lose weight & get in shape. But unfortunately, you are not keeping the record of a number of extra calories you are taking in because of your taste buds! This might result in rather increasing your weight a little extra pounds! Lolzz…!! Hence, some healthy salad bar toppings can create a huge difference and make your salad recipe healthy and tastier as well.

So, energize your will power to eat healthy only & check out some unhealthy salad bar toppings you must avoid achieving what you are willing for! Be happy and enjoy your veggie salad like never before!

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1. Say No to Croutons

Croutons are generally made up of all-purpose flour (maida) which is not considered good for health. These are fried bread pieces which are poured in creamy soups to make them more delicious and relish. These salad bar toppings can give you extra fat. You don’t have to add extra sugar ingredients or creamy toppings on your salad as this ingredient alone is enough to stagger your healthy salad. (Read: 5 Healthy Vegetarian Soup Recipes for Fall – Ezyshine)

The calories and the good fat can be saved by switching on the high fat to low fat food. Move onto whole grain bread, or a crunchy fiber-rich ingredient to fill the gap and experience the taste you deserve! Grated radish, sliced cucumber, and bell peppers can treat your tongue well and steepen the profusion your salad.

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2. Full Fat Cheese

Full-fat cheese has to be avoided and the low fat cheese has to be considered while planning for salad bar toppings. It is true that low-fat cheese is not good in taste but eating full fat cheese is not a good choice either! Although, the taste
of full-fat cheese might entertain your taste buds, but it lacks behind in scoring good health points! You can pick the feta cheese as it has low calorie count as compared to blue cheese, chedder and parmesan. (Read: 5 Easy Vegan Italian Recipes – Healthy Snacks & Appetizers)

These wrong toppings, when added to your salad, can boost up your calorie count severely!

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3. Creamy Dressings

Hey, Are you on diet? Eating salads? If Yes, then its great, but did you focus on the calorie count of your salad? Tempting salad dressings can ruin your fat loss sweat as they are made of mayo and full-fat milk.

Jump on the healthy fats as your salad bar toppings to boost its richness and flavors. You can add different spices, creaminess of avocado or tahini. It will give a healthy kick to your unhealthy salad and burst it with flavors. Try to avoid blue cheese and french dressings as these are high in calories and will surely backshift your healthy salad. (Read: 7 Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes – Healthy Summer Drinks)

Replace these creamy dressings with olive oil and grapeseed oil, but don’t add too much. If you can’t avoid your unhealthy creamy dressings, at least reduce the quantity. Just dip the fork in the dressing and then pick your salad.

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4. Fried Tortilla Chips

Salad and Fried items – It’s a deadly combination that can surely spoil your healthy salad. If you are used to add tortilla chips in your salad just to tickle your taste buds or feel the crunchiness, then right at this moment you should stop it.

Usually, in tex mex salads and taco salads, tortilla chips are used. These are deep fried and full of calories. It contains a good amount of sodium and fat that can push up your weight. Break your love for crispy tortilla chips and use capsicum, beans, cucumber and other veggies as your salad bar toppings.

But if you want to eat tortilla chips, then don’t go for packaged chips as it contains preservatives, high level of sodium and lots of calories. Just make at your home and bake it instead of frying. It will protect you from gaining weight.

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5. Glazed Nuts

Firstly, we must know that in terms of cooking, the glaze is a coating of some sweet or savory thing that is applied on food item by dipping or by brush! These are considered to be unhealthy overall. While we talk about the salad bar toppings, the glazed nuts are sure to be avoided thing!

You know that nuts are healthy fats and it would be a good performer for any salad but there is a condition applied with this! These nuts should not be cooked or glazed with sugar. But sadly, we can see the majorities of companies selling out these nuts in glazed form. They might turn out be the worst toppings if you overdo it! So, avoid adding them as much as you can.

Glazed nuts - unhealthy salad bar toppings

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