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8 Factors to Consider Before Buying Shampoos for Dry Scalp

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With thousand kinds of shampoos for dry scalp and conditioners in the market all over the world, choosing the right shampoos for dry scalp and conditioners will be one of the most difficult processes you have ever made.

So in this article, we have broken down the key points to take into consideration before you purchase. Note that whether your hair type is dry or oily, these factors are all applicable.

1. Is it Necessary to Buy $60 Bottle of Shampoo?

Do you ever consider the difference between $8 shampoo from the local supermarket and a $60 bottle of shampoo from your salon? Some cheap shampoos for dry hair contain foaming properties which can drain your hair very quickly and your hair will get problem very soon.

On the other hand, those are from salon such as Neutrogena and Pantene products are of better quality, and they can help you nourish as well as take care of it easier. Therefore, the answer is to buy those shampoos for dry hair which is of best quality with great brands in the local supermarket since, in the salon, the prices might go a bit high.

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2. Should I Read the Labels?

The names of ingredients printed on the bottle might make you confused. However, it is better if you know what the shampoo you are going to buy contains. Instead of paying attention more to the names on the bottles, you should look for the ingredients they contain, as they play the majority in deciding whether it is for dry hair or oily hair.

Some of them contain mild cleansers such as sodium laureth sulfate or a strong agent such as ammonium lauryl sulfate. Hence, it is better to know what they carry than not.

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3. Sulfates in Shampoos

If you are the person, who is in love with organic lifestyle despite what type of your hair, you should opt for those shampoos for dry scalp which are sulfate free. As sulfates in the shampoos for dry scalp in the ingredient can cause shampoo to lather, it is highly recommended to avoid these kinds of shampoo. Moreover, many natural health professionals also recommend avoiding shampoos with foaming properties such as sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium laureth sulfate.

So the problem is how to know which shampoo is sulfate – free? The bottle already shouts about this on its label. On the other hand, if they do not mention anything on the label, then you can be sure that the shampoo contains sulfates. Besides, to double check, you can see the ingredient lists.

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4. The Importance of Choosing a Right Shampoo that Suits Your Type

If you have been using the only one kind of shampoo – the one that is formulated for other different hair types from yours, then you will know the extreme importance of choosing the proper shampoo when it comes to cleansing your hair. Choosing the appropriate shampoo for your dry hair type can create a giant leap between great hair and normal hairs.

Firstly, shampoo is designed to remove dirt, oils and chemical products buildup from your hair. However, there are thousands of brands to select, and even more types within one brand itself, hence, choosing the right shampoos seems to have a great impact on how well your hair is especially if your hair is dry. Whether you have oily, normal, damaged hair or frizzy hair, you should choose the appropriate shampoos. (Read: Myths & Facts about Shampoo for Healthy Hair Growth)

If you have oily hair, also called fine hair, then you should avoid those creamy shampoos. You should opt for those gentle shampoos for high volume and frequent use. They should be clear, not creamy and thick.

On the other hand, creamy shampoo seems to be the right choice for those who have dry scalp. Combine those shampoos with conditioners will provide better results.

If you have frizzy hair, you should opt for high-quality conditioners, not the shampoo. You should use conditioners on a regular basis plus hot oil treatments weekly.

5. Dry Shampoo

In case you want to have a day off between washing your hair, you need to refresh your hair after working out, and the best selection should be dry shampoo. You can opt for Klorane with Oat Milk which is one of the high-quality dry shampoo for your hair.

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6. Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Dandruff Shampoo?

Dandruff should be treated by rotating three drugstore dandruff shampoos. Namely, one contains salicylic acid (to exfoliate), the second contains pyrithione zinc (an anti-inflammatory agent), and the last one contains selenium sulfide (to soothe). The combination of these three amazing shampoos will provide you the most efficient outcomes, whereas using only one of them will allow the fungus to adapt and become immune to it. (Read: 7 Natural Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hairs | Home Remedies)

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7. I Have Dyed My Hairs, So Does Shampoo Matter?

If you have just dyed your hair, you really should think about shampoo that is specially formulated for colored hair. These shampoos are known to be more gentle on your hair, and they contain compounds that can preserve the color and nourish your hair properly.

Since you have colored hairs, your goal is to reinforce weak regions in the hair that is weakened due to the high amount of chemical applied on the hair. You should look for those proteins-based shampoos with compounds like wheat, silk amino acids or soy extracts.

However, overly processed hair can be weakened due to oily roots and a dry shaft. Therefore, washing and cleansing the hairs can be very tricky. If you want to clean the roots while nourish and moisturizing the ends, we recommend washing hair on a regular basis with the shampoo that is formulated for healthy hair. Besides, it is necessary to clean the scalp as well. And remember to use a strong conditioner from the mid-shaft to ends of the hair. (Read: 5 Hot Fall / Winter Hair Color Trends for Women)

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8. Low pH

Those shampoos for dry hair that have a low pH level will be a better choice because high pH level shampoos can cause severe damage to the cuticles of the hair. Moreover, the shampoos containing a high amount of moisturizer, have a low pH level and will provide your hair enough moisturizing effect. (Read:

For example, you can consider Pure Tea Tree Oil Shampoo by Maple Holistics. It is the best scalp moisturizer shampoo which has a low pH level. It is a natural shampoo for dry hair, which contains the essential oils to remove dirt and dandruff from your hair. Moreover, these natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, tea tree oil, keratin oil, rosemary oil and Argan oil can provide you long, straight and healthy hair. Thanks to the natural ingredients, antifungal, and antibiotic properties, this shampoo can remove the head lice entirely.

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