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7 Healthy Modern Relationship Tips for Couples – Ezyshine

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With everyone swiping left and right today, there is no denying that the rules of modern dating are very different than those of older days. For this, I have mustered up some healthy modern relationship tips that will be helpful to cope up with next-generation styled love.

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From social media presence to flirting through text, technology has changed how we meet, judge one another and communicate throughout the course relationships. With all of these factors at play, hitting the modern dating scene can be extremely overwhelming, So, I’ve compiled some modern relationship tips for keeping your head above water and grow with a healthy bonding. Grab a cup of tea (or wine), sit back and get ready for a lesson in Modern Dating 101 ..!!

healthy modern relationship tips

1. Create a Dating Profile

When we talk about modern relationship tips, we need to talk on the basis of researches. They show it and millennial proves it every now and then that healthy relationships start and progress online nowadays in a modern way. The days of waiting for your future hubby to show up out of the blue and sweep you off your feet are pretty much over (although a girl can still dream).

healthy modern relationship tips

So the next best thing to do is to download one of many dating apps and create your profile. Carefully, choose your most flattering photo, list of your interesting hobbies and likes, and get swiping! And Yess..! Don’t forget to update your social media profiles and link to them in your bio to show off how fun and adventurous you are to all of your potential suitors.

Once you get your first match, don’t be afraid to send the first message, and have fun! After all, you can hide behind your phone to say something bold and don’t think twice about it. If it doesn’t work out, there is bound to be another match waiting for a few swipes away.

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2. Engage in Open Communication

There’s no doubt about it as this is the generation of distance. Everyone wants their space and independence but that doesn’t always help in building trust and comfort in a relationship. Opt to take the traditional route in this situation and have an open dialogue about your past relations, expectations in a relationship and future life plans too. This will not only help you avoid misunderstandings down the road, rather, it will also help you know one another on a more intimate level. (Read:  7 Things to Tell Your Boyfriend About Your Past Relationship)

Going more ahead in taking on modern relationship tips, a few important things to talk about is include previous relationships and why they failed, financial struggles such as student loan debt, if you want children someday and how many, career aspirations and your ideal timing around all of these things.

3. Plan your Future Together

While moving forward in expert modern relationship tips for couples, the next step ahead is about your future planning. After you have mastered this whole open communication thing, put it to use! Talk about what you think your future holds, both together and individually. (Read:  4 Things to Change in Yourself for a Healthy Relationship)

Do you want to move? Get married? Have kids, and in what order? Don’t stop at the basics either, the more you can think to share the better. Get on the same page of when you want to get engaged and married, and how much you both are willing to spend on a wedding.

When the time gets close to taking these steps, consider looking at engagement rings together, so you know one another’s tastes and expectations.

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4. Forget traditional Gender roles and responsibilities

Along with open communication and sharing your life plans, both halves of a couple should be able to express their wants and contribute equally in modern relationships.

Modern couples respect and trust one another enough to leave traditional gender roles and responsibilities in the rearview mirror. Instead of splitting roles by what tradition says, we see both partners working their butts off in the corporate world and taking turns cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids at night. Along the same lines, rather than the roles being strictly initiator and subordinate, initiation roles are often shared as well. (Read:  4 Things to Change in Yourself for a Healthy Relationship)

While in the past, a woman would wait to be asked out by a man that is no longer the case. Women are just as likely to ask men out on a date and also pay the bill. Girl power!!

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5. Consider moving in together before the Wedding

Once the conversation about your joint future has been had, consider moving in together or even buying a house. While in older generations this was unheard of, more and more couples are shacking up nowadays to make sure they can make it for the long haul. And when older family members give you a hard time about doing things differently than they did, remind them of all the financial benefits that come with sharing one living space!

Trust me, this could be a big boost as one of the best healthy modern relationship tips.

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6. Split your Finances

What is a better test of longevity in a modern relationship than money? A large amount of trust and shared values goes into making important financial decisions or large purchases together. A few common purchases couples go half size on these days include splitting rent, buying a home, traveling the world, buying/adopting a dog or cat, splitting the cost of a wedding and raising a child. If you can trust someone else with your money, you can trust them with your life, right? (Read:  7 Tips to Stop Fights | Healthy Relationship Advice)

Split your Finances - modern healthy relationship

7. Embracing “Singlehood”

Sometimes, in this day and age, it’s best to put the phone down and focus on yourself for a while. Embrace the beauty of individuality, and surviving and thriving on your own for a while. Rather than judging others, take this time to get to know yourself and set a list of “deal breakers” before entering a relationship. These deal breakers serve as a set of personal requirements that must exist in a modern relationship. Use this list as a self-empowerment tool to remind yourself to never settle and know that you deserve the best.

Embracing “Single-hood” - healthy relationship tips

I hope these healthy modern relationship tips will help you navigate the dating world or any new relationship, but also remind you to love yourself first and worry about someone else loving you second! Ultimately, the most important aspect of entering a healthy relationship is staying true to yourself and finding someone who shares the same values and interests you do. And until you find that person, have fun with updating your profile, swiping and making your list of values to make the process smoother.

Also, check out my other healthy relationship tips posts for further advice and tips to make your life a bit easier!

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