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A Guide to Email Management

July 23, 2013 5:39 am Published by 3 Comments
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Here I’m with some tips that will provide you with best features with minimum space, so that you can handle your E-mails easily.Managing your email has become an important part of modern knowledge work.

@ K-9
This open source E-Mail client supports more than one E-Mail in single mailbox. As its user interface is not updated but, its attractive features makes it more useful. You can keep your E-Mails or attachments in your computer or in any external hard drive  you can also incript the sent E-Mails. Not only this you can also disable the notifications for a specific period of time. can be done easily with K-9 Mail.
@ Maildroid easily
User interface of Maildroid is basically similar to Gmail of Androids.  It is also included in options of spam system services, that helps in keeping the mail box spam free. It also gives option to delete from the server or computer while deleting the mail.
@ Incredimail
This is I-Pad application whose E-Mail box is of magazine style. User can read the mailbox like a magazine  you can also attach photos & videos without opening them. In this application you can show contact photos in mail by copying them directly from Facebook.
email management
This E-Mail client is perfect for Windows, Mac and Linux OS. It is easy to use. It supports more than one E-Mail account at a time.It also has colorful levels, Plugins & E-Mail threads.
Fox-mail is faster, more responsive, more reliable even under the mass data up to millions messages. In Fox-mail all conversation are grouped with their original message and displayed in one place.It is used for all types of V-Mails & Exchange Mails. This software is considered one of the best email management software.
This Email Management client is loaded with popular features. It is the E-Mail client of Mozilla. You can easily access its features according to your needs.It is very safe for use and 1 of the best desktop E-mail Client.
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