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Amazing Benefits of Sesame Seeds for Health, Hair & Skin

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Can you imagine the tiny small seeds having larger health benefits? Yes, Sesame seeds (Til) are such capable oilseeds that have always proved to be healthy & valuable. Know the amazing health benefits of sesame seeds for your personal care.

sesame seeds health benefits

Sesame seeds are largely cultivated as the oilseeds crop. Asia & Africa are the major global locations where sesame seeds are grown in abundance. Their seeds must be tiny, but their plants have a height of 3-4 feet approximately. It is available in the market in red, black, grey and brown colours.

Moreover, it would be surprising to know that sesame seeds have the highest oil content of any known seed. You can find various products around you that make use of sesame like cakes, soups, fish, bread, & products made of grains, etc. It’s not done my friends! It not only adds the taste in your food items, rather, they ensure abundant health benefits as a blessing.

miracle benefits of sesame seeds oil for hairs

Common Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds 

When we talk about healthy living and health standards as a whole, we need to focus on our daily diet for that. Eventually, healthy diet comes out of smart & nutritious food such as sesame seeds.

So, here we are going to talk about health benefits of sesame seeds that apply to various common health challenges. It is workable in delivering healthy heart, strong bones, stress control, diabetes control, liver protection, reducing blood pressure, reducing tension, decreasing blood pressure, & even reduces cholesterol. I would like to add here that black sesame seeds are the wonderful source of calcium and magnesium. (Read: The Ultimate Guide to Sources & Health Benefits of Vitamin D)

benefits of sesame seeds for health, hairs and skin

Now, we will here jot down in detail as to how the sesame seeds are beneficial in these general problems. Plus, you will get to know the other amazing fruitful qualities of this seed.

Sesame Seeds for Kids

Sesame seeds will be helpful in nurturing your kids but there is an important clause that needs to be noted here. Kids that are less than 1 year, or you can say those who do not have developed full teeth, should not be given sesame seeds. They might have the problem in chewing as the seeds are very small. (Read: 6 Secrets to Stay Healthy and Fit – Mental Health Tips)

Other than this, high energy, abundant calcium, and anti-oxidants are various health benefits of sesame seeds for your kid’s health. Just make sure that your kid is above 1-2 years.

sesame seeds oil for healthy living

Benefits of Sesame Seeds for Hairs

In this running lifestyle, most of us suffer from hair problems like hair fall, dandruff and rough dry scalp. These problems not only caused by improper nutrients but also by stress, illness, pollution and harsh hair treatments. Sesame seeds are the ultimate solutions to get rid of these hair problems. (Read: Myths & Facts about Shampoo for Healthy Hair Growth)

1. Stop Hair Greying

Sesame seeds are full of anti-aging properties having highest oil content. It nourishes the hairs & avoid the hair greying. Black sesame seeds are more beneficial. You can mix the sesame oil with other nutritional oils like almond oil, olive oil or mustard oil to extract the maximum benefits.

benefits of sesame seeds for hairs

2. Effective for Hair Growth

Fatty acids are required for the hair growth & do you know sesame seeds are full of it? Yes friends, sesame seeds are full of vitamins and minerals which will feed your hairs and make them healthy & long. (Read: 7 Natural Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hairs | Home Remedies)

3. Prevents Scalp Problems

Sesame seed oil prevents the hairs & scalp from various bacterial & fungal problems  such as dry skin, flaky scalp, eczema & clogged pores. It replenishes the essential nutrients & vitamins for healthy scalp. Regular massage of sesame seeds oil will nourish your scalp.

benefits of sesame seeds oil for health, hair and skin

4. Act as Natural Sunscreen

Sesame seeds act as a natural sunscreen. Rub sesame oil on your hairs to protect them from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. (Read: 5 Best Home Remedies to Remove Sun Tan Naturally)

5. Natural Hair Shiner & Conditioner

Sesame oil is the best conditioner for the hairs which will not only make your hairs smooth but will give extra shine to your hairs. It is the amazing way to treat your unhealthy hairs which are harshly treated with unwanted chemicals, & full of split ends.

health benefits of sesame seeds

Benefits of Sesame Seeds for Skin

Well, my friends! It’s true that beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer, but one has to make sure that you owe something that enhances your beauty every day.

There is no doubt that we have several outstanding health benefits of sesame seeds in terms of consuming, but you cannot neglect the positive punch left by sesame oil on your skin. This can be proven by the fact that sesame seeds oil is rich in antioxidants & many other buckets full of daily needs like Vitamin E, Amino Acids, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial qualities.


1. Can be Used as a Facial

It seems to be quite cheap & interesting solution out of the bundle of so many beauty products. Simply allow sesame seed oil on your face thoroughly & take your time while giving a gentle massage. Now, take a pinch of rice powder and scrub your face with it. Lastly, wash your face with warm water. You are done with your money saving, home based face massage. (Read:

2. Acts as a Cleansing Agent

As I said earlier, sesame seeds are rich in antioxidants hence, they strongly pull out big toxins from your skin. Here, the small amount of vinegar is added with water to wash away your face after rubbing. This needs to be done every night with the splash of water to prevent blackheads and dark spots.

healthy skin benefits of sesame oil

3. Add it in Hot Water Bath

We have one another health benefits of sesame seeds that can be noted down here. Add a subsequent amount of sesame seed oil may be 4-5 teaspoons in your hot water ready for bath. Have a bath and rub your body gently with soap. The oil soluble toxins will be picked up by sesame seed molecules & the job is done! It prevents from Wrinkles & Harmful UV Rays

4. Prevents from Wrinkles & Harmful UV Rays

This sesame seed oil saves your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) that can severely damage your skin. Use the oil daily on your body to slow down the effects of aging. Eventually, it also saves your skin from getting clutched by wrinkles. It also helps in protecting from smoke, dust and other unseen parameters in the environment that are harmful to our skin.

sesame oil benefits for skin

Go on with these tips and boost up your health all the way round!

Stay Healthy!!

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