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An Ultimate Guide on Women’s Longboards – Ezyshine

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The very first Longboards were manufactured in Hawaii in late 1940’s but at that time it was not as well recognized as it is today. People today are crazy for this thrilling sport. As a full-body exercise, it provides you with an amazing body.

Whether boys or girls no one is spared of this prodigious sport. Just like those guys, girls too are firing up the sport like pros. These boards come in different shapes and sizes to suit every body size and age group. (Read: 5 Tricks to Choose the Right Kind of Workout Clothes – Ezyshine) 

womens longboards - ezyshine tips

Presently, women long boarder’s index is very low compared to men long boarder’s index. Talent has no gender, both male and female are capable of mastering this sport. However, the female body structure is little different from that of men, women have to face a number of problems such as menstruation, societal norms etc. which keep them from taking an active part in this sport or literally any kind of sports?

womens longboards - ezyshine

Problems Faced By Women While longboarding. 

1. Stereotypes

If you are a “women” you know about those bone-chilling stares you get every time you try something daring and uncommon. The biggest reason of inactive participation of women in Longboarding is that they feel uncomfortable while they get onto the streets with their “guys group”.

As a woman hanging up or conversation with more than one guy is considered as characterless. In today’s society at the majority of places, women longboarding is considered uncommon and lame, and they are watched with hateful eyes mostly, which in turn makes women think 20 times before getting onto a longboard. 

2. Menstruation 

Yup, who can ignore those harsh and painful days which women need to go through every month. Another valid reason for women not engaging in longboarding is menstruation. The period cramps ain’t no joke, they actually are the worst thing to happen because they keep women from doing any kinds of activities whether it’s going to college or job.

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3. No positive role models

Today internet, media, and those fashion magazines are bombarded with beauty products and how women can become more attractive and fair and beautiful. What does that mean? A woman is only valued when she has a great figure and fair skin? The lack of positive, strong, courageous, brave and athletic female role models is another reason of girls taking a step back from sports. Media and the internet together have brainwashed female to pay more attention to their beauty.

Don’t ever let these external factors affect your inner self, go for what you want to do and don’t fear to be yourself. Longboarding is relatively hard to master, but nothing comes easy everything needs practice and time. (Read: 17 Motivational Cool Life Quotes – Positive Quotes – Ezyshine)

If you are a woman Longboarder or aspire to be one, then here is a guide of few most reliable and specially manufactured women Longboards till day. They all are available exclusively on different online stores.

1. The Stable Dervish Sama

Comes with a drop-through deck, it is for those who need something light -weighted and easily maneuver. It is 42.8 inches in length. It’s light weight which makes it much easy to longboard for those women who are light weighted and cannot perform on those big heavy Longboards as comfort is the first factor of great longboarding. It has a low center of gravity which gives you more stability and saves you from falling down too often.

The Stable Dervish Sama longboards - ezyshine

2. The catalyst

This one comes in 2 sizes (38 and 42 inches) to give you an option to choose your ideal size. Again it’s light weighted, with the high quality of flex. It’s compact and comfortable design will help you achieve a high level of smoothness and stability, which will save you from getting a leg or two fractured.

The catalyst longboards for women - ezyshine

3. Sector 9 Peru longboard

This one is ideal for those who engage in freestyle longboarding with tricks and downhill riding. Suits every kind of terrain and it have that luxurious and unique appeal. Both the long sides are concave which keeps you from slipping and gives your feet a good stable platform. It is 44 inches and is quite heavy and big, but once you learned to put up with you will get addicted to it.

Sector 9 Peru longboard for girls - ezyshine

Safety precautions while longboarding 

  1. Never try it with headphones as those songs can grab your attention and you might just bump into a wall or a car and get serious injuries.
  1. Never wear shorts while longboarding, don’t care about how you look when you are trying out this extreme sport. Try to wear something sporty and comfortable and do wear the knee- elbow pads and helmet to be safer. It’s better to be safe than to be attractive.
  1. Don’t ride on a running road, as it is full of traffic. People might not be able to see you, in fact, a longboard cannot run as fast as the motor vehicles so it is safe to ride on the cycle lane provided sideways to roads.
  1. Don’t ever ride on a hill that is too sloppy as it can increase your speed 7x times and you eventually will lose control of your longboard which will make you fall down fiercely. You might get a fracture or two falling down with such a speed.

longboards for girls - ezyshine

It is not, that women can’t ride other Longboards but it is really important to choose a longboard that suits your height, weight and body shape. It is not about being a girl, it is about being yourself.

There will always be someone or the other who will try to bury you down as they merely want to see you succeed, but the twist is how you overcome their negative expectations. The society’s thoughts about you are of no importance as long as you believe in yourself.

If you have talent and a strong will to achieve something then nothing could stop you from succeeding.

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