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An Ultimate Guide to Decorate Your Home with Interior Lights

August 4, 2016 11:31 pm Published by 1 Comment
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It is natural that we human beings respond much better in a house filled with decoration inspired by lights. So, decorate your home with interior lights along with the splash of natural light. Pick up some appealing color paints to add beauty to your home decor!

dining light fixtures - decorate your home

One of the famous architects says that “The best way to screw up a good architecture is the bad lightning combination. If you are not going to highlight the house spaces with accurate materials, then you will not be able to appreciate it!”

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Ezyshine has always been a best buddy whenever you wish to decorate your home with a modern touch! From time to time, we have encouraged our readers to gossip about the happenings on this Blogazine which majorly rotates around DIY home decor ideas, home decoration ideas on a budget.

decorate your home with interior light fixtures

Creative recycling ideas for home decor lighting, use of adorable Neon colors, bright light corners with bookshelves, or the scenic contemporary lights & lamps for home decoration! All these ideas to decorate your home are brilliantly taken care by Ezyshine from time to time. Go through this master stroke article & I am sure that it will enlighten the mood of your home interiors! Decorate your home with the right use of light that will reflect your creativity! (Read: 5 Creative Recycling Ideas for Home Decoration – Ezyshine)

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Friends! Your budget is the foremost important thing when you have a plan to decorate your home. But before this, the natural source of light, i.e., Sunlight affects the look and feel of your room. The artificial lighting materials like bulbs, LEDs, CFLs, halogens, fluorescents, etc are the other key players that add colors & shades to your home interiors the way you want! In day time, adding a glimpse of artificial lights to your home interiors will work like some extra toppings on a cheesy burst pizza you just ordered!! 🙂

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I personally prefer opting for LED lights for home interiors design. They are efficient and always the safe player in the field of lightening materials. This way, you can create a buzz of lightning colors which will leave an overall impact on the look n feel of the rooms & the entire home!

Judge down the expert ideas to decorate your home with trendy & modernized light effects for your interiors!

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1. Kitchen

The kitchen is the area that needs more lightening because of the main focus on food preparations & its presentations. All want the food to be perfect and well served but can you digest the mess which your kitchen’s dim light served you? Obviously No!

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So, what are you waiting for? Turn out your kitchen interior into something classy & novel with just the right adjustment of lights in different areas of your kitchen. Generally, the counters and sink need more lights where most of the work takes place. You can fix interior lights under the overhead cabinets which will cast shadows directly on the counter. (Read: 7 Stylish & Modern Home Decorating Ideas – Home Decor)

Decorative hanging lights & small lamps will make your kitchen more artistic & bright.

ezyshine - Light fixture ideas

2. Bathroom

Time is gone when people used to slam only on the decoration of bedroom, dining or kitchen. Bathroom took the front seat beside other home areas. Large bathrooms with rattling fixtures, shiny glass shower cabinets or designer bathtubs are now the definition of luxurious bathrooms. But everything is humdrum without the miraculous interior lights. (Read: 20 Cozy Bathroom Interior Design Ideas – Interior Trends)

lighting in bathroom - decorate your home

Light fixtures can change the scene of any area of the home. Talking about bathroom lightning, it should be balanced. Not too focusing neither too dim. Majorly, the vanity needs to be in the limelight. You can add decorative wall sconces over the vanity. Attractive chandelier over the bathtub will make your bathroom into stylish & screaming. (Read: 5 Tricky Room Corner Decoration Ideas – Home Decor Ideas)

bathroom light fixtures - interior lights

3. Dining Room & Stairs

Hanging lamps over the dining table look fabulous. Depending upon the size of the dining table, just hang some contemporary small lamps or a large interior light fixture over dining table.

If the dining table is near the wall, then you can make use of tea light holders or mini sconces. Scatter them on the wall for inviting glow. (Read: 5 Scenic Contemporary Lights & Lamps for Home Decoration)

dining room light fixtures - decorate your home

For other parts of the dining room try out the track lights. These are used to focus on specific parts of the room like highlighting some interesting showcase or to focus on some pin area. Table lamps are another great way to enlighten your dining space.

Turn your stairway into a centerpiece with the reactive interior lights. Stair lighting is an appreciable way to sparkle the stairway as it is highly functional & is in the budget. You can even lighten your curvy stairs by lightning its pathways. It will give the look of floating staircase. Install the lights either on the walls or the pathway. (Read: Latest Interior designs for bathroom – Giving your Bathrooms a trendy look..!!)

beautiful stairway lighting ideas

4. Drawing/ Living Room

Transform your living room into the most peaceful place that has the power to pull you close & change your mood with the magical interior light fixtures. But before transforming keep the thing in mind that the fixed lightning can trouble you in future when you’ll think of some change in your living room interior. (Read: 5 Eco-Friendly Home Decoration Ideas with Moss Wall Art)

living room lighting ideas

Go with the large corner lamps to glam up the corners & set the huge comfy sofa there. It will cover the corner of your living room focusing on the reading spot. Chandeliers over the center table will anchors the cozy look of the room. Highlights can be made with the spotting pendant lights or wall lamps. Try to avoid much highlights and limelights in the living area as it will distract your mood.

lighting for living room

5. Bedroom

The discerning light fixtures can create magic in your bedroom. The bedroom is the place where you want to cuddle your bed and cushions to let your stress tumble. So, the ambience needs to be just perfect. Sometimes your mood varies but you don’t find the spanking backdrop to meet your needs. (Read: 5 Contemporary Bookshelves Design Ideas for your Home)

bedroom ideas - home decoration

A wide of range of dramatic, dimmed, basic and bold lights are available to spell your bedroom. All you need is to focus on the size of the room and the space you have. Pendant lights are the great Interior lights that you can hang on both the side of the bed. It will create a focal point without taking any space on your bedside shelves.

Side table lamps took a back seat these days as they take a lot of space. If the headboards are high, then large wall light fixtures can furnish your bedroom. Must try the artistic terracotta lamps for an exotic vibe.

bedroom lighting ideas - Ezyshine

The best thing is yet to come at your doorstep! Go & Grab it, Guys!!




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