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Android Smartphones in Smartwatches 2013

October 10, 2013 9:02 am Published by 7 Comments
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Now wear smartwatches on your hand and have a ton of fun of latest technology. A smartwatch  is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that is enhanced beyond timekeeping. Android Smartphones in smartwatches has made life more comfortable and fast. Smartwatches should complement the features of your Smartphone or tablet without fundamentally changing the function of your watch. smartwatch-touchscreen

Smartwatches also have OS like Android Smartphones which helps in running the android apps. Many smartwatches run mobile apps, while a smaller number of models run a mobile operating system and function as portable media players, offering playback of FM radio, audio, and video files to the user via a Bluetooth headset. All smartwatches are designed in the way so that they can be attached to the Smartphones.

Here are some Latest Smartwatches available in the market now…

1. Pebble Smartwatch- Latest Smartwatch of 2013

The Pebble is a smartwatch developed by Pebble Technology. The rechargeable battery keeps Pebble going for 5-7 days. The pebble is a  fully-functional and customized smartwatch. The watch is charged using a modified USB-cable that attaches magnetically to the watch so as not to compromise water resistance.  The pebble has a backlight to view the display at night. It also works with Apple I-Phone 3GAS, 4, 4AS and 5 ,  Android OAS 2.3  and latest versions.pebble smartwatch 2013

2. Sony Smart Watch 2 Smartwatch

This incredible waterproof Android wrist watch has an ultra-sleek and light design that ticks all the boxes that customers could have hoped for. Quite contrary to previous geeky versions of smart watches, Sony smart watch 2 is unobtrusive, premium and sophisticated in its own way.  Even when the watch is safely tucked inside your pockets, it’ll revert to a low-power clock standby mode rather than getting switched off. You can pick or reject calls, pair it with a cam or a smart phone to click pictures, set vibration mode for notifications and download tons of apps for personal entertainment.

sony smartwatch2013

3. Samasung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is attractive, comfortable, and makes it easy to see incoming calls. The Gear has no SIM card or data connection of its own. Instead, it links to your phone over Bluetooth, acting more as an external display so you don’t have to fish your phone out every time it rings.samsung-galaxy-gear-smartwatch-1 It notifies users of incoming messages, such as calls, texts, emails and alerts, delivers a preview of those messages and creates the opportunity for users to accept or discreetly ignore those messages.  Its refined design, executed in, high-quality finishes, conjures images of luxury jewelry while still being understated enough to go well with any outfit.

4. Qualcomm Smartwatches

Qualcomm jumps into wearables with Toq smartwatch. The first smart watch to feature stereo Bluetooth headsets, Toq headsets have no wires connecting the earpieces. You can make phone calls through your Smartphone with great audio on both ends of the call, thanks to directional microphones, noise reduction, and echo cancellation.  A single tap on the bottom takes you out of the clock screen and into the application screens. Qualcomm’s smartwatch has a simple but slick home screen that you can scroll through to choose between weather, your synced calendar, viewing stocks info and basic music player.qualcomm toq smartwatch 2013

5. Strata Smartwatch by Metawatch

This smartwatch is elegant, business-like, and ready to go. Like the Pebble Smartwatch, you get pertinent notifications from your Android Smartphone on your wrist, which can ease the compulsive need to constantly check your Smartphone for the latest updates. The MetaWatch connects to Smartphones using Bluetooth 4.0, but for now it only officially supports IOS devices.

Notifications on the MetaWatch show a long preview for texts and emails, however, which can be helpful for screening longer messages. You can also go back and look at your last notification on the MetaWatch after you dismiss it, where Pebble notifications are gone once they’re cleared.strata MetaWatch smartwatch

Stay up-to-date with simply by glancing at your wrist.

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