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Best Friends Forever – 7 Great Ways to Build Friendship

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Smiles and tears,
giggles and laughs,
late night calls and cute photographs.
I’ll be there for you until the day of my death,
best friends forever, until my very last breath.

I always believe that a best friend is one who brings out the best in me! And yes, it’s also true that finding a real true friend is like a mission. Certainly, you must be having many friends at your school, college or workplace that you consider that they are your best friends forever. If yes, then did you found your real best friend that you must have? If not, then when did you finally realise that you have found your best friends forever? (Read: The Ultimate Best Friend Quotes & Sayings)

Check your temperament amongst your friend circle and find out who is gonna be yours forever.

great ways to build friendship - friends forever

I would like to emphasize here mainly on an important note that everyone has some hidden feelings or sense that cannot be understood by everyone in your friends group. These feelings or thinking might be weird sometimes, but in this case, only your real friend will be the one who will be able to catch what you did not speak from mouth even.

The best friends know your most embarrassing or weird habits too, but still they love you. They are the first one who knows your plans, your reason of celebrations or sadness, & hence, they are always available even at midnight as a friendly gesture. Such a friend becomes like a part of family and life could not be imagined without their presence at once. You will always have a good fun time with your best buddy even when you just sit together and do nothing for hours. (Read: Share your feelings with your friends)

friendship - friends forever

Have a look on these realistic ways that will help you know & earn your best friends forever.

1. Initiate & Take out Time for your Best Friend

It’s a meaningful saying that Learn to take out time for your best friend or a group of friends or else, one day you might have plenty of spare time, but friends would be missing from your life at that moment. 

Guys, why do we only expect from our friend to initiate? There is no harm in moving a step ahead to talk or meet your buddy. After all, you consider him as one of the best friends forever! Moreover, your friend could also think in the same way like “If I am busy then why can’t he try to meet me by himself.” (Read: 5 signs You Are in a Healthy Relationship)

time for friends - best friends forever

You should not hesitate to initiate the chat with them just because they did not ring you up by themselves. Do not blame your daily work routine or other responsibilities for not being able to interact with your best buddy.

Search for the valuable moments to spend with your best friends forever. When you meet them and share your happiness & emotions from time to time, then a channel of the healthy relationship builds up faster. It also strengthens your friendly bonding between your whole friends circle.

true friend time quotes

2. Best Friend Keep you away From Depression

Rightly said that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

According to the research based in Britain, spending time with your best friend especially when you are feeling low or sad, then your friend acts as a sweet medicine to your mental state. Scientists claim that the negative thoughts do not develop inside you when you are with your best friends. All the bad memories and sorrows are washed off for that time & give you a relief emotionally, mentally and even physically. (Read: Top 21 Real Depression Quotes & Sayings About Love & Life  

So never miss an opportunity to be with your best friends forever.

good friends make you smile

3. Best Friends Forever Promises

A friend is one, who knows as you are,
Understands where you have been,
Accepts who have become,
And still gently invites you to grow!
Best Friends Forever are Cherished for Life!

True besties never step back to their promises made to be there in the tough time of each others. This friendly relation has no space for those cannot keep up to their promises. Do not go against your promise of helping and supporting your friend. It will be a heartbreaking situation for the one whom you call “My Best Friend”.

promise to the best friends forever

4. Long Distance should not Affect your Friendship

Best friends forever! Never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart!

In this modern world, we see that the childhood friends part away for further studies. Many of them go to different states or even go abroad. Moreover, best friends even part away after marriage as one might have to leave their native places. (Read: 7 Secrets to Spice Up Your Long Distance Love Relationship)

Such situations increase the bonding between the two friends and make them feel the importance of one another. Because whenever you need help, your best friends are the one who extends their hands for help. 

long distance friendship - best friends forever

5. Financial Help or Money Exchange

Lending money to your best friend in need is the important factor that builds your friendly relationship. You must help them in their difficult time, which will increase the bond in between you two for sure. You have to know the nature of friends if you are over helpful to everyone who needs financial support.

Out of one who is your best friend will give you back your amount when he is able to do that. All you need to do is trust and support him. On the other hand, lending money to your friend could ruin your friendship because of some misunderstandings. So my dear friend, pay carefully.

lending money to best friends forever

6. Share Your Problems to the Heights 

A healthy friendship does not stay for long if you have jealousy, double-minded thought, or keeping things in your mind. You have to speak up and share guys! If not with everyone, then at least with your best buddy! Your best friends forever!

Go to a cafe or any riverside place with your best friend and sit there to split out whatever you have in mind. Trust me guys! It really works when you speak up your issues with them and finally, you have a sense of satisfaction where, sadness and tension no more exists.               

sharing best friend forever problem

7. Unconditional Love and Respect for Each Other

There should be no rules when you talk about loving your best friends forever. Your love bond should be as true to your friend as it is with your lover. Care for them and even respect their feelings as and when they show expressions. But at the same time, this care and love should be from both the sides or else, your friendly relationship will end up in an exhausting way. After all, its al about mutual love & not one sided. (Read: 5 Amazing Benefits of Marrying your Best Friend) 

best friends forever - friendship love

Love has no conditions and hence, the friendship should be pure and respectful. Keep those friends who respect your feelings and love you unconditionally.

The best friends will always share,
Your secret dreams because they care!
The best friend worth for than gold,
Give all the love that a Heart can hold!

love is friendship - best friends forever - ezyshine

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