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Best Natural Hair & Skin Care Tips for Monsoon – Ezyshine

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Summers are over and it’s the time to get drenched in rain. Yea… the monsoon is banging the door, high time to get relief from the extreme harsh rays of sun, sunburn & sweat.

Everyone loves this rainy season but have you thought that your skin loves it or not? Shake your head and think how it can harm your skin and hairs? Monsoon is the season of humidity which gives birth to many bacteria & these bacteria can lead to many health, hair and skin problems. One can easily get expose to the infections in this rainy season.

monsoon skin care tips

Well, it’s inexorable. But due to infections, we can’t stop enjoying this lovely and romantic season. All you need is the best natural hair & skin care tips for monsoon so that you can maintain your beauty even in this drizzly weather. 

But before moving to the hair & skin care tips for monsoon let’s talk about the problems we usually face in this season.

Skin care problems:

  • Oily skin – Due to the humid weather, sweat & oil secretions get activated & it attracts more dirt and pollution. It can cause acne, scars, pimple problems.
  • Dry skin – In this showery season, dry skin gets drier as the essential oils, vitamins and moisture get washed away due to the rain & because of unavailability of these oils, it becomes difficult to get self-repair.

dry skin care tips for monsoon

Hairs & scalp problems:

Hair & scalp problems are the major concerned problems in this season. Due to the dryness & sweat, hairs become frizzy and can even cause split ends. Rain-water, humidity can raise the fungal infection on the scalp which leads to hair loss problems. Drying of sweat on the scalp can create manifold which results in dandruff. Wavy & curly hairs generally absorb the moisture which can make the hairs flat and thin.

monsoon hair care - get rid of dandruff

But don’t worry beautiful ladies, no need to get scared of these hair & skin problems. Follow these natural hair & skin care tips for monsoon listed below &  twirl and whirl in this rainy season.

Skin care tips for monsoon

For Hands

It is said that, do any kind or quality of make-up, but our hands usually show our age. So don’t allow people to know your age, just add a touch of moisturiser & retain the softness of your hands. Don’t let the moisture of your skin vanish. After doing household chores or any other kind of work, apply a flake of good quality moisturiser. If needed, go for the manicure to get rid of dead skin.

hands care in monsoon - skin care tips

For Legs

During monsoon, our legs need more skin care as they are more exposed to the rain water. Fungal infection increases during this season, so taking care of legs need utmost care to keep them soft & healthy.

  • Wash the legs when you come back home and dry them properly with a towel otherwise moisture for the long time on legs can attract bacteria.
  • If you wear socks, then avoid nylon socks & go for cotton socks as they absorb more moisture.
  • Don’t forget to go for the pedicure, as it will clean the legs.
  • Avoid strolling barefoot to decrease the chances of fungal infections.
  • Avoid using tight shoes and sandals. Carry the slippers which take less time to dry. Also, keep in mind to keep the slippers or shoes under the sun at least once in a week to get rid of bacteria & dampness.

footcare in monsoon season - skin care tips for monsoon

Crack heel problem generally increases in the monsoon. These home-made natural skin care tips for monsoon can cure this problem.

  • If you have cracked heels, then rub the mixture of Desi ghee (clarified butter) and salt on the cracked heels. It will soften your skin and fill the cracks.
  • You can also rub wax and sendha namak (Rock salt) on the cracked heels to shake off from this problem.

home remedies for cracked heels

For Face 

  • Don’t go for bleaching & facials in this season as they can make your skin dry and rough.
  • Avoid using foam cleansers. Try to use good scrubs for the moist skin.
  • Clean your face at least 2-3  times a day from the soap-free cleanser to get rid of the dirt & extra oil.
  • Drink water to keep your skin glowing and soft.
  • You can use rose water & glycerine for the healthy & downy skin.
  • If you are using toners, then go for non-alcoholic toners for the shiny & reflective skin.
  • If you have time then, apply homemade face packs that can rejuvenate your skin. You can check out the homemade face packs for every skin types. (Read: 5 Natural Homemade Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin)

monsoon skin care tips and tricks

Hair Care Tips for Monsoon

  • Don’t go for hair styling in monsoon as it can make your hairs worse.
  • Avoid using blow dryers. Use towel to dry your hairs. Blow dryers can make your hairs drier than needed.
  • When oiling, use hot coconut oil or almond oil to massage the scalp so that it can get nourished in your scalp.

monsoon hair care tips

  • You can use conditioners or serums to get out the frizzy hairs.
  • Don’t comb wet hairs & always use the wide-toothed comb to avoid hair fall.
  • Avoid experimenting too much with your hairs in this season. Choose the hair products wisely.
  • Make a habit to cover your hairs with a cotton scarf whenever you go outside.

natural hair care tips for monsoon

Just keep these natural hair & skin care tips for monsoon in mind and enjoy the drizzling or heavy rain shower the way you wish for. These beauty tips will help you to spread your glam everywhere in this rainy season too.

Happy Monsoon..!!!

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