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Myths & Facts about caffeine addiction and health side effects

October 5, 2013 6:36 pm Published by 2 Comments
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Most of the people have addictions to certain eating habits, chewing habit, addiction for a person too, and same goes with drug addiction or caffeine addiction. Ever wondered how addiction to any specific thing could affect your health and body changes..??
Even Tobacco pouches tell us big bold letters “Tobacco causes Cancer”. But as we get addicted to it, we take it simply as a punch line for the product and nothing else. coffee with coffee beans
 Way back in 1994, Scientists concluded that caffeine is a chemical addiction like other drugs.
 Caffeine is categorized under food/drug and is assumed to be taken by a large volume of people across the globe.
 Fact – According to the Food and Drug Association (FDA), more than 80% of the young generation in United States of America drinks it regularly.



Have a look on some proven studies and health benefits made on consumption of caffeine content:

  • 3 cups of coffee per day is recommended to be safe dose that goes up to around 300-400 mg of caffeine per day.
  • Usually, people those have caffeine addiction have 41% reduced risk of Liver cancer.
  • Consumption of Green Tea is recommended over Black Tea because Green Tea has lesser caffeine content.
  • Reduced risk of breast cancer and oral cancers.
  • 25% reduced risk of Colon cancer.
  • Interestingly, too much caffeine intake is helpful in reduction of prostate cancer in Men.
  • Apart from these facts, caffeine intake also accelerates physical and mental performance.
  • Increases one’s concentration, focus and alertness towards work and other activities.caffeine products
Actually, I came across the fact that it’s your caffeine content intake that defines how you react on being habitual to caffeine. So, you should be aware of caffeine content in your respective tea or coffee brand. 
Depending upon the process and time duration (usually 3 minutes) of roasting, grinding and brewing of the coffee, the caffeine content could possibly vary from time to time or day to day. You can experience it even at the same coffee Restaurant or Shoppe.caffeine addiction- impact on health
Know It: Larger the brewing time of coffee, the higher is its caffeine content.
Now whether caffeine addiction can cause serious heart diseases or imbalance..? As far as my knowledge is concerned, caffeine in tea, coffee, or other energy drinks has no such impact on heart problems like developing some cardiovascular disease or stroke. Even the same case was found talking about cancer scenarios while having caffeine addiction. Moreover, it was discovered that when we consume caffeine through a way known as caffeinated coffee, then it is more likely to have reduced chances of cancer.
coffee love

Keeping these positive things in mind, one should also know the SIDE EFFECTS of heavy caffeine dosage or taking too much caffeine:-

  • Fastening of heartbeat
  • Toxicity
  • Sleepless or Restless feeling
  • Dehydration
  • Stomach-ache
  • Restless  Muscle stretch and tremor
  • Nervousnesscaffeine addiction

What happens when someone wants suddenly quits taking caffeinated beverages?? Here the point by point description about caffeine withdrawal symptoms:

  • When a person takes too much caffeine such that he can’t even start his morning before having a cup of tea or coffee, then they gradually develop adenosine receptors in the brain.
  • Stopping the intake of caffeine all of a sudden could result in a term called caffeine headache, that is nothing but the headache caused due to sudden caffeine withdrawal.
  • You could even get sleepless nights and feel restless at times.
But, you would finally be happy to know that caffeine addiction is relatively for a short duration, when compared to other drug addictions. It soon brings you to the normal working state of the brain.SOFT DRINK CAFFEINE

Important note:-

Those already having health challenges since long, kindly sit with your family doctor as you how much caffeine intake is applicable for your body. So, keep moderating your coffee source and use common sense. That’s the best preventive measure.
 Be Happy..!!

Stay Healthy..!!

Contributed by :-
 Shivam Agarwal
 Nutritional Health Consultant

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  • Guido Secco says:

    I have read the article about caffeine and it has given me a lot of good information regarding caffeine. I am amazed by the things I have read and the side effects. I drink from two to three cups in the morning and feel that when the caffeine is lowering in my body I have to take another cup, creating an addiction. I was very concerned about this. People think that caffeine stays in your body a little time but as my experience if I take a cup of coffee at 7pm I have a very hard time to sleep and I did not know why but afer reading this article I KNOW now. It is an addiction, no questions about that given that the “turndown” is horrible, you feel depressed, lots of anxiety and what happens? You have to take another coffee to feel fine again. I myself sometimes carry my Coke or Pepsi all day long or most of the day and did not know why but now I know!!!! I feel the turndown and have to get more caffeine in my body…. scary. What I also experience is that I have headaches and I know it is because the caffeine is leaving my body…. This article has opened my eyes because unconsciously I have been dependind on caffeine, just like any other drug!!!!! I THANK VERY MUCH THIS GREAT ARTICLE!!!!!! GREAT!!!!!!!!! and I have to thank and congratulate for it!!!!!!!!

    • Shivam Agarwal says:

      WOW.. Guido, my friend, that was really good to know about the scenarios you faced in present regarding the same.


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