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Calcium Health Benefits for Women – Women’s Health Guide

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With the age growth of a human body, it’s natural to find a behavioral change in nutritional needs also. So it’s better to be ready for this fore coming change in your body. Indeed, Calcium is one of the major nutrients (other one is Vitamin D) that are needed for strong bones at every stage of life. Surprisingly, women need this calcium more importantly in comparison to Men. The reason is that women are more prone to osteoporosis than men. So, you must understand the calcium health benefits for women.

calcium intake for women - pregnancy time

In fact, according to a report by International osteoporosis foundation, approximately 25 crore women (majorly above 40 years of age) across the globe are effected by osteoporosis. Rather, every old age people must intake enough calcium in their daily diet so as to maintain the bone strength & to keep them healthier.

Almost everyone is aware of the general perception that calcium is a precious nutrient for the growth of our teeth & bones. But are you aware of the fact that proper functioning of our muscles, heart and nerves also requires Calcium?

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Beware Ladies..!! Understand the calcium health benefits as at every cycle of body change, you need Calcium as your best buddy. Be it your pregnancy, or at the stage when you feed your baby… Also at your menopause stage and much more likely situations you come across. At all the curves you need sufficient calcium dosage.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), a general calcium dosage for adults is 1000-1300 mg/day. While our daily calcium consumption is very low, as compared to these standard. This severely affects our bone health.

calcium need for women at every stage

Check out these Calcium Health Benefits for Women that will protect you from getting in contact of severe chronic illnesses.

1. Save Till the Time is Remaining

Starting from our childhood till we become adults, our bones grow at a faster pace & keep the calcium preserved for coming future. Therefore, how strong our bones will remain in future will automatically depend on how much calcium we have provided to our bones till the time we were adult.

The reason behind this concept is that majority of our bones are developed in this stage only. So it’s better to consume a sufficient quantity of foods high in calcium.

You must know that if our body does not receive handsome amount of calcium this time, then later it starts extracting calcium from the bones itself. That results in reduction of bone strength at later stage.

health benefits of calcium for women

2. Calcium Intake along with Vitamin D

As we mentioned earlier in our previous article about improving calcium absorption, Calcium dosage works better in synchronization with Magnesium & Vitamin D because Vitamin D increases the calcium absorption and utilization from the stomach, which reduces its excretion from the kidneys. This ultimately results in strong bone health & muscle contraction. Calcium health benefits for women or every other person goes at faster rate if chosen with Vitamin D.

The Importance of Vitamin D

vitamin d - health benefits

3. Major Need in Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, then your child in your womb demands for high supply of calcium. This is due to regular changes in body needs & one has to be ready for it. So, keeping these important needs in mind, you have to balance your diet with foods high in calcium; plus also including iron and folic acid to your supplementation.

healthy eating during pregnancy

4. During The Time of Menopause

Those women who are going through menopause stage, calcium is one important factor for them. To understand its need at this stage, you need to know that before & after this menopause stage, the productivity of an important hormone named ‘estrogen’ starts decreasing so as to maintain the bone density in the body. Actually, estrogen helps in collecting calcium in your bones. This is the reason why women with menopause looses their bone strength & attacked severely by osteoporosis.

It is suggestible and advisable to eat foods high in calcium and vitamin D, along with increase in fibre intake in your diet.

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5. Allergy with Lactose or Dairy Products

Do you know that all the milk and milk made products are known as the best source of calcium and that is why our parents always force us to drink milk daily in the morning? Isn’t it friends?

Actually there are multiple ways and sources in which we can consume milk and fulfill our need of calcium to our body. But many of us fall under such categories who do not like to drink milk or they have some kind of allergy from these milk products. In such cases, you do not have to worry for fulfillment of your calcium supplementation. There are many other sources of calcium too that will achieve the target specified for your body. For this we have fortified soya milk, fortified juice or even some lactose free milk.

Apart from these inputs, you could go for lactose enzyme tablets before having milk. This will help you easily digest the milk you drink afterwards. This way, such are the calcium health benefits for women that make it one of the most important nutrients in your day to day routine.

dairy free sources of calcium - health benefits

Friends, the best way to take charge about this need is to add calcium supplements in your diet. Go for some re-known calcium supplements which will take a special care of your fulfillment. One of the best approved & tested calcium supplement is Nutrilite CalMagD. This Nutrilite brand has been ranked 1st in Readers Digest for his quality and health benefits since years. You can consult for some other brand calcium supplements too. This will give you an easy access to channelized calcium supply for your body growth.

nutilite supplements
Apart from this, consume foods high in calcium such as curd, cheese, almonds, fruit juices, or even salmon fish (non-veg). Definitely, these sources of calcium will boost your bone health for sure.

Follow these calcium health benefits for women to stand up by yourself to the world.


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