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Change your fashion style with polka dots

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… Britain’s royal fashion… Now become a latest fashion trend for women in India also…

Polka dot dress for women are girlish, and playful. They give a royal look to the beauty of a teenage girl or a women. The collection of polka dots dresses is very rich in market especially in the summers and spring season.

Polka dots has the lasting role in fashion history. It is also liked by the people because its eye catchy in every season. As Polka dots dress consists of all types of dots prints, it suits all type of dresses. It looks awesome on both soft & bold dresses.

fashion with polka

Polka Dots Fashionable Dress at a glance :

1. with Small Dots

If you want to look smart in casual dress even considering the latest fashion trend for women, then try small dots jump suits.  You can also match them with the hats of 1960’s. Carrying chunky bangles and gladiators or boots with these jump suits will give you stylish & smart look. This will show a perfect contrast between your hat n polka dots dress.
jump suit

  Polka Dots Dress in Party Wear

Want to try this latest fashion statement in the parties ??

Then for sure, go for big polka dots dress pattern, but keep in mind this simple beauty tip, that these pattern should be symmetric. With big dots don’t carry swanky or glitz jewelry. Sober normal jewelry and simple hairstyle will give you gorgeous look with such dresses. Use simple handbags and shoes according to the latest fashion trend.


3. Hit in accessories

If you are not wearing polka dots dresses, you can use them in your accessories. You can carry this in handbag or clutches. You can also go for polka dots hats or scarf.



If you are wearing short dress, then you can use polka dots socks. Circular earnings, round sunglasses, bracelets will give you modern touch with this print. 

The best thing to know  – Polka dots dress and accessories are the fashion trend that comes up every few seasons, but the game plan is that it continues to be in trend and preferred by fashion lovers. The vintage trends like polka dots never go out of fashion style.

So, just choose the right polka dots dresses and accessories for youself.

Be Trendy…!!!


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