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Classy One Shoulder Dresses | Latest Fashion Trend

February 8, 2014 11:49 am Published by 3 Comments
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With this changing season if you want to try something modern for the occasion then go for one shoulder dresses. Look sleek and sophisticated with one-shoulder prom dresses. This is the outfit which gives you the modern look without leaving the elegance of traditional designs and patterns. Full length gown and formal one shoulder dresses are in latest fashion trend.one shoulder dress latest fashion trend

Like LBD means “Little Black Dress”, One shoulder dresses also come in MUST HAVE list. Now make your entrance in this figure-flattering dress that features a subtle shimmer. Designers are now including these one shoulder dresses in their royal and trendy party wear collection. It’s not easy to carry classy one shoulder dresses, cocktail dresses, prom dresses.

Whether It’s a sexy one shoulder mini dress, or an elegant floor length one shoulder dress, you must take care of some things while carrying these dresses.

Know your Body Type

Be confident while selecting one shoulder dresses and choose the dress according to your body shape. Shoulder, back and collar bone is highlighted in one shoulder dresses, so before selecting modern and chic one shoulder dresses, you must start grooming yourself at least before 7 days. You can start exercising or can smoothen your skin through moisturizer.one shoulder dresses

Selection of Innerwear for one shoulder dresses

Selecting inner wear for one shoulder dresses is a smart task. While selecting inner wear you must take care that –  Is  it supporting your figure or not..? And its strips should not come out of the dress. You can go for strapless inner wear having dispatchable strips which can be adjusted according to the requirement. Nude colors and skin color inner wear are the best options for one shoulder dresses.what-to-wear-with-a-one-shoulder-dress

Enrich your dress

To make the one shoulder dress more chic and stylish you can enrich it with accessories. You can decorate your dress with sparkling broach, oversized fabric flowers and designer bow. You can use many more accessories which compliment the color and shape of your cocktail dresses, Prom dresses. If you decorate the accessories on the shoulder strip, it will give sexy, modern and trendy look.one shoulder dresses brooches

Complimenting Hairstyle

This is the most important area to focus on.  Neckline is the center of focus in these one shoulder dresses. If you’ll cover it with your hair, then the glam of the dress will be lost. So, be cautious while selecting hairstyle. Don’t choose the hairstyle which cover your neck. If your hairs are long, then keep them at the back of your shoulder or on the strip side. If you have small hairs, then curl them and arrange them on one side.hairstyle for prom

Adoring with Jewellery

You can try a bold necklace with these classy and elegant dresses. Adoring the dress with the complimenting jewelry gives a  more chic look. Avoid statement necklace with these dresses, but can go for danglers. Use of simple jewelry will enhance the glam of your dress.jewelry for one shoulder dresses

Trendy Footwear and Clutch

Designer footwear and clutch gives subtle look. Selection of the footwear can be done according to the dress patterns. Heels best suits these one shoulder dresses. You can carry ankle boots and sandles with it. Avoid using shoulder strep handbags with these floral dresses. Clutch fits with these cocktail dresses.trendy heels for prom

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