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Cold and Cough | Natural Homemade Remedies

February 26, 2014 2:39 pm Published by 2 Comments
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Once due to whether changes; I severely got in touch with cold. Then I realized that whenever I am caught by cold, the cough comes with it by default..!! Oh, actually it’s the same with majority of people.

But have you ever wondered why it happens..?? What causes cold and cough..??

Majorly, the cold and cough are caused due to certain types of viruses. These viruses get inside the body when someone sneezes or coughs into the air, while many of them could become infection for your nose or throat.natural and homemade remedies for cold and cough

Let’s talk about your lovely KIDS

Various studies have shown that for the children below 6 years, the majority of the products that we use for treatment of cold and cough proves to be ineffective. Rather, they may result in serious problems under such a small age. A child of such an age group use to cough 3-5 times on an average, which could be a continuous one after the other.

By Food and Drug Association (FDA) – Many over the counter cough and cold medicines have more than one “active ingredient.”  If you use two medicines that have the same or similar “active ingredients” a child could get too much of an ingredient which may hurt your child. For example, do not give a child more than one medicine that has an antihistamine.

There are many natural homemade remedies for cold and cough  and fever as told by experts or our parents. It’s tough to cure your child’s cold and cough. Moreover, over the counter medication could probably help in relieving the symptoms of the same, but they come up with harmful side effects.

Small children who use to live with smokers have high chances of developing cold and cough.

Is it possible to know the cause of your Cough by its sound..!!

Yes, you could possibly predict the cause of your cough by the sound that comes while coughing. Have a look on some sounds below & match with what they really indicate:

  • Wheezing Cough – It symbolizes about Asthma or Bronchitis
  • Barking Cough – Symbolizes Bronchitis
  • High Voice or a High Pitch Cough – It shows that the vocal cords are in participation & the way of air passage has narrowed.
  • Whooping Cough – It happens to be the cough with loudness where you get difficulty in breathing.

Now let’s talk about the symptoms of cold and cough so that you could probably get the treatment by the natural homemade remedies accordingly.

  • Cough with the running nose.
  • Dullness in hearing due to gathering of mucus around ear drums. It could also result in mild headache.
  • Regular cough could be the symptom of Asthma.
  • Usually gets worse at night.
  • Children vomits after coughing – Take it seriously.
  • Raised body temperature, headache and unwillingness to take food – Symptoms of being caught by cold.

symptoms of cold and cough

Note: Chicken soup is a great thing for cold or flu as it heals up your cold and cough faster.

Putting upon all the things above, as a whole, we can conclude that the problem of cough and cold is very common and we cannot escape from it. Moreover, the medical products or drugs causes internal damage to our cells and body, rather than curing the root cause.

So, be prepared with the fact and apply these natural homemade remedies for cold and cough  when you go through this phase.

1)      Gargling – At least 2 times a day, gargle with warm water mixed with small amount of salt.

2)      Raw honey and lemon for sore throats – Take a tea spoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of raw honey. Then mix it up small quantity of hot water. You can have it 4-5 times a day.

3)      Take 4-5 ml of Tulsi & mix it with the same amount of pure honey. You also chew tulsi patta, or use it your tea. Have it 2 times a day minimum.natural and homemade remedies for col

4)       Have a cup of Garlic tea mixed with Tulsi and Ginger.

5)      You can add few droplets of cinnamon in your bath water. You will find the relief in congestion for sure.

6)      Add a few drops of peppermint in a pot or a bowl full of steaming water. Inhale the vapors by putting your nose above it. Do not forget to cover yourself with a towel that would help you to inhale deeply. It could also be eucalyptuses leaves in place of peppermint.homemade remedies for cold and cough  tulsi ginger tea

7)      When you feel that your throats is sour, and then chew the cardamoms or raisins. That really does wonders..!!

8)      Have a glass of Grape juice and mix a small amount of honey in the same. This is one of the best homemade remedies for cold and cough which could give you instant relief.

9)      Additionally, avoid being surrounded by the passive smoke such as carpeting dust, mattresses or other sources of chemical irritants. Quit smoking if you are an active smoker.

10)   Last but not the least, drink 8-10 glass of purified water as it is considered to be the best natural homemade remedies which makes your mucus thinner and thus, helps you loosen the cough.

All we understand is that it’s tough to get regular in applying certain natural and homemade remedies  in our daily routine because of the fact that we get highly involved in day to day activities. I would rather say that start taking supplements for the same (Supplements are not medicines or drugs) which will simply balance your things in concern with cold and cough.nutrilite vitamin suppliments for cold and cough

Vitamins A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc supplementation is beneficial with conditions that cause cold and cough

One of the best supplements for cough and cold is Nutrilite Bio-C. It’s perfectly OK Tested. 2 tabs a day and no need to worry about cough and cold.

Stay Healthy & Be Safe..!!!

Contributed by :-
Shivam Agarwal
Nutritional Health Consultant

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