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5 Scenic Contemporary Lights & Lamps for Home Decoration

September 24, 2015 11:00 pm Published by 2 Comments
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Hello, Friends!

Are you bored of the same dull shaped lights & lamps which just enlighten your home?

mughlai theme lamps for home decoration

Are you in search of some interesting ways to make your home dance & spread it’s mysterious glimpse throughout? Then, give a break to your search & stuck your eyes to these contemporary lamps for home decoration.

We generally use lamps & lights to illume our home but, do you know that the lamps are one of the best decorative items for home decoration? (Read: 5 Tricky Room Corner Decoration Ideas – Home Decor Ideas)

floor lamps for room

Ya Friends! Change the look of your home from traditional to modern with these breathtaking fixtures. There are various artistic lamps available in the market to surprise you with their beautiful & artistic light effects. Contemporary theme home decoration mainly focus on the light effects to create a luxury & rich ambience.

artistic lamps for kids room

Forget the past days, when the lamps are kept on both the side tables of the bed. Give a magical & sleek turn to your bedroom with beautifully carved hanging lamps. Make the corners of the living room alive with the large floor or Moroccan lamps. (Read: 7 Stylish & Modern Home Decorating Ideas – Home Decor)

lamps for home decoration - wall art

You can even go for Riveting wall lamps which will work as wall art in day & spread luminosity at night. These carved lamps for home decoration are available in timeless pieces of marble, wood, glass or in the combination chrome and brushed steel. To add an exotic aura to your space, pack up the old dreary lights & lamps and arrange the classic collection of magnificent lamps in your home. (Read: What Does Your Home Interior Design Say About You?)

lamps for living room

1. Different Shape Lamps for Home Decoration

Considering the focus of lights in the decoration world, we do have a variety of round lamps for home decoration. A bulb styled round shaped lamps has grown in demand because of the special light effects we are able to see through them. Moreover, other shapes and styles are mismatch with these round shape styles to create a sensational design. (Read: 7 DIY Home Decorating Ideas Using Teacups – Home Decor)

moroccan lamps - lamps for home decoration

And Yes! Don’t you worry about the location where to settle them as they can be designed and selected according to space you provided! These decorative home lamps could be put on the table, at the corners of the wall, or could be hanged by some material.

Use it the way you want and groom up your home interiors with the brightening effects. They will give a new touch to your homely life with joy. Also, mouse over to the online stores like Flipkart and Amazon to catch some works done by experts in this regards. (Read: 10 best online shopping stores..)

modern lamps for home

contemporary lamps for home decor

2. Terracotta Creations to Modify your Home

Terracotta is basically a clay-based ceramic that is generally used for ornaments, architectures, tiles, pottery and other structural works. Even the handmade terracotta mugs and lamps are the favourite ones between the societies. Can you imagine how creative and appreciating it feels to have such terracotta creations or terracotta lamps for home decorations? (Read: 5 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas on a Budget | Home Decor)

terracotta light fixtures

Terracotta lamps are being liked and preferred largely since ancient periods. As people take the interest in terracotta items, our Indian artisans have been doing innovations in the same field to serve you better.

Especially, the cuttings are being done to re-shape and to give the special light effects. These cuttings can be filled or expanded with various patterns and designs that will spread the lamp light to give a luxury look to your interiors. (Read: 5 Decorative Hanging Paper Lanterns | DIY Home Decor)

contemporary lamps - modern lights & lamps for home decoration

3. Mughal Theme Lamps for Home Decoration

Do you want to experience the look and feel of ancient Mughal times by just lying down on your cozy bed?

So, get ready to infuse the ancient Mughal charm into your rooms with stylish and creative Mughal table lamps. This old style theme is always an add-on to the home interiors. (Read: 5 Classy Jute Decorative Items for Interiors – Home Decoration)

artistic lamps - modern lamps for home deccor

In this contrast, you can go for the hanging lamps or even some light spreading places like corners and balcony. You can get the lamps for home decoration available in the market that consists of Mughal-inspired cuttings and prints. You can also see the Mughal styled work creation that gives marvellous looks to home interiors.

lamps - bathroom decoration

4. DIY lamps

If you are not in a mood to buy & don’t want to pressurize your pockets, then go for DIY lamps. These lamps are easy to make & won’t pinch your pockets too. It just needs your creativity & imagination. (Read: 5 DIY Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget You Must Go For)

DIY lamps - contemporary lamps for home decoration

There are many ways to make different artistic lamps through recycling the wastage. You can use yarn to make a lampshade for the side table or hanging lamp. Wrap your old lamp with the designer lace so that it can reflect its texture on the walls. Use the waste tin box or wood logs & sheets and carve your favourite designs on it. Fix the light inside & enjoy its artistic look.

DIY lamps for home decoration - modern lamps

floor lamps - lace lamps

5. Wall Lamps

If you want your walls to glaze out of sleek designs, then wall lamps are perfect for it. No need to hang them from the ceiling, just fix these lamps on the walls. These wall sconces will bathe your home in sparkling & elegant lighting without the cords & stands. You can also fix these fixtures to space which you want people to focus on. It will act as a spotlight. Beautiful wall art can also be created through these wall lamps for a surprising look. (Read: Wall Decoration | Decorate the Walls with Classy Wall Stickers)

wall lamps - modern lights

We are approaching the ‘Festival of Lights’, that is, Diwali & this time, we would suggest all of you to enlighten your home interiors with these trendy lamps just for a change. We are pretty sure that you will get your return on Investment in this case. (Read: Wall Decoration | Decorate the Walls with Classy Wall Stickers)

wall lamps - lights & fixtures

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    Hello Kanchan, I recently moved into a new place and I was considering redecorating my house to give it a nice Mughal fusion look. I across your blog with the 3D printed décor lamps and other interesting designs. They have literally lit up the surroundings in the picture and thanks for the excellent recommendations.

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