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Designer Jewelry boxes – special home for special Jewelry

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Jewelry boxes keep your jewelry safe n organized so that it won’t create a mess during the occasions. Variety of designer jewelry boxes are now available in the market. Jewelry boxes come in different sizes, shapes, and materials, from leather to wood to vinyl. Purchasing correct type of jewelry box will help you in managing your valuable jewels, wedding ring or family heirlooms properly according to occasions.

Designer jewelry boxes will also enhance the beauty of your dressing table.

Designer Musical Jewelry Boxes

Music jewelry boxes are a combination of the jewelry box and music box. It is designed in the way, it can hold jewelry and have sweet melodies. Whenever you will open the jewelry box to take out the jewelry, a melody is played. These designer jewelry boxes are adorned with fabrics, inlays, tassels, or other interesting additions.music jewelry boxes

Designer wooden  jewelry boxes

These type of jewelry boxes gives vintage look to your dressing table. There are several varieties of carving-deep carving, usually with the dragon or lotus flower motifs, shallow carving, done all over the flat surface. Most of the wooden jewelry boxes are made from mahogany or oak, but in some instances, you will find other types of wood material as well.

wooden jewelry boxround jewellery case

Leather jewelry boxes are carried by men and are mostly made up of dark leather. They are made to hold watches, rings, wallets and even loose change.

leather jewelry boxes

Jewelry boxes for kids

There are so many beautiful jewelry boxes are available in the market for kids. Disney characters, fairies etc. are painted on these jewelry boxes. Music Jewelry boxes are also available for kids.

Designer jewelry boxes
sweet kids jewelry boxes

Travel jewelry boxes are made up of hard outer covering as compared to other boxes.They even consist of a lock to give your jewelry more safety during traveling.

travel designer jewelry boxes

travel jewellery boxes for women

Keep your Jewelry safe in above trendy set or case so it looks more attractive and add stars to your personality as its owner.

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