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7 Easy Exercise Tips for Teenagers Having Busy Schedules

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Being a teenager means having a lot of energy but so little time because of a lot of responsibilities in school, at home and in other aspects of your life. There seems to be a lot of exciting things that happen every single day and it is one of the reasons why most teenagers are having a hard time integrating exercises to their schedule. This is why exercise tips for teenagers are necessary.

easy exercise tips for teenagers

One of the challenges that most teenagers are facing is weight gain. This happens fast during the teenage years because of hormones, appetite, and the availability of a lot of options that you can take on the table. Unlike older adults, being a teenager means you can eat whatever you want and there is lesser thought on how food can affect you. A lot of teenagers are gaining weight because of their lifestyle. If you are already starting to worry about your physical health, it is about time that you think about having a workout routine.

teenagers exercise tips

If you have a very busy schedule, here are some easy exercise tips for teenagers that you should consider:

1. Prioritize Your Exercise Time

Surely, one of the reasons that you were unable to have a regular workout session is your very busy schedule. If you want to maintain a healthy and fit body, you have to consider reorganizing your tasks, responsibilities, and other things that you are doing every day. One of the most important exercise tips for teenagers is to prioritize your exercise time. This is a bit of a challenge but if you are serious about your goal to lose weight and maintain a great shape, you should also be serious about integrating your exercises to what you are doing regularly.

To be able to do this, you need a list of activities and try to look for the best time in the day for exercise. Choose that time when you are not doing anything. That way, you will not find reasons not to continue. As a teenager, one of the best things that you should learn is how to prioritize the most important things in life. Your body and health should be treated as the most important possession that you have. This way, it will be easier for you to prioritize exercises.

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2. Walk While Answering a Phone Call

As a teenager, you would agree that phone calls and virtual conversations are important parts of your everyday life. Most of your conversations take place on social media or through the phone. If you are spending more than an hour taking a call from a very important person, why don’t you do something that will be beneficial to your health.

Instead of lying down or just sitting while you are talking to someone, why don’t you wear your earphones and take a walk. This way, you are also exercising your legs and you will not feel tired because you are busy doing another thing.

The conversation on the phone is a great distract grabber that will help you go a long mile without feeling tired. This is something that people do whenever they are tired of walking or exercising. This is one of the easiest and most practical exercise tips for teenagers that you can consider.

call while walking - exercise tips for teenagers

3. Skip the Elevator, Take the Stairs

This tip is very practical in a sense that it will give you more time to appreciate the things around you and it can give you more time to explore the building. Instead of taking the elevator whenever you are going up or down a building, why don’t you just take the stairs? There are different benefits that you can get from walking. Not only does it help you sweat and shed some calories but it will also help you strengthen your muscles. (Read:  Low Blood Pressure Causes, Symptoms & Control – Ezyshine)

You can walk anytime in the day especially if you are just inside a building. This is the reason why taking the stairs is something that you should consider as a priority.

stair exercise tips for teenagers

4. Do Your Household Chores

Did you know that being busy inside the home can also help you lose weight and maintain a healthy body? This is one of the reasons why you should be happy if you are tasked to do something at home.

Instead of feeling bad and getting mad about the number of tasks that you need to complete at home, you should start moving now. This is one of the exercise tips for teenagers that really matters. Start by cleaning your room and you will realize how much calories you will be able to shed as you do it.

household chores - easy exercise tips for teenagers

5. Try to Wake Up Early and Go for Jogging

Waking up early is sometimes a really great challenge to teenagers. While it is easier to stay up all night, you will really find it really beneficial for your health to sleep early and get up early to jog. The fresh air in the morning can give you that calm feeling. Your energy level during the earliest part of the day allows you to go several miles and cut calories without really feeling stressed and tired easily. (Read:  10 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit – Healthy Lifestyle Tips)

jogging health benefits

6. Do Balance Exercise While Brushing Your Teeth

There are also some perfect moments for exercise. If you can multitask, you will find out that you can exercise and do another task at the same time. One of the best exercise tips for teenagers is to do balance exercise while brushing. There are different balance exercises but you can start with the simplest. You can just put your feet apart and bend your knees. Be in that position while brushing and that can already be very helpful.

exercise tips for teenagers

7. Get the Help of Fitness Apps to Track Development

One of the advantages that this generation enjoy is the availability of Smart phones and other gadgets that can help you track your fitness development. You can also use your phone to buy phentermine 37.5 online. The best thing that you can do is to choose the best fitness app that can help you lose weight and monitor your exercises.

fitness apps to track devlopment

It is indeed a great deal to consider all these exercise tips for teenagers if you want to be healthy.

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