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Easy Tips for Good Mood

July 26, 2013 10:01 am Published by 2 Comments
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Something is bothering you?? Are you feeling depressed??

Stop bothering yourself with this negative emotions and stay in a !!

Here are some tips to make you happy and bring your back…

  •  Talk to the person you love being with – friend, , parents..Talking with your loved ones and sharing your problems with them will make you relax.listening music
  •  Engage yourself in the things like reading a novel, watching   listening music.These activities will help you to get out of your depressed mood.
  •  Think about your goals in life, and how happy and fulfilled you’ll be when you complete them.
  • relaxed
    Stop thinking about the matter that is making u feel depressed. Look for the best and most positive thing in every situation. It will make you feel great.
  •  Learn to control your anger. Forgive and then you will no longer destroy the vengeful feelings and anger.
  •  Start going to pool. Water is unique tool that will help you to relax, and at the same time the body is always in good shape.relax at pool
  • Start to take life easier. Dont get worried for small petty things.Be able to enjoy small success and small achievements.
  • Smile… even if you’re not actually happy, can boost your mood and make you truly smile

Stop being sad.. Say cheese…. !!!

Lighten up your Mood…!!!


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  • Guido Secco says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article. It is very informative and I agree on every aspect that is mentioned. I was surprised though with the point about “going to pools”; I did not know that but thanks. I always when I go to pools is like the problems seem to disappear (at least get lower). I too consider that talking to someone releases stress is a very good way of first, getting the thing that is bothering you OUT and second, you can get a second recommendation as to what is bothering you and sometimes the person you are talking to gives you another view of the problem and BINGO! What I do and it is written in this article is to smile. Someone told me a while ago once you get up smile, even if what is bothering still is there but you “change your chip”. Other way I consider is Sports, you segretare dopamine and endorfines. I really enjoyed this article, it gave me lots of peace…. Actually as I am writing I feel more energized to face the day and the thing that is bothering me. I too agree to take life easier, for me it is very difficult since I consider myself a perfectionist, things have to be done as first thought but then after reading this, I can say that I WILL start to take live easier. I can ask myself: “what is the worst that can happen?” and then whats bothering starts to melt and I feel better. I know and people have told me to do so but after reading it here I WILL put it into practice, that´s for sure. Thanks a lot for this article.

    • Shivam Agarwal says:

      Great to hear such things from you Guido.

      Yeah you are right that sports do results in positive in keeping one’s mood good.

      Because it helps you keep fit and active with proper blood circulation.

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