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Engineering Exam Tips..

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Exams – It can be stressful for some, but not for all. I have found some good engineering Exam tips that will help engineering students to reach the finish line.Study-Time-Time-for-Tuition-to-help-in-studies

  • If students are rich with time then they should cover those chapters in which they are feeling not comfortable and feeling low in confidence.
  • Guess the number of questions that can be asked from a unit before starting the preparation. This will also help you to guess out-of-portion questions which when attended will fetch you maximum marks.ExamTips
  • Engineering is not an individual sport, and neither is an engineering education. Studying with your fellow engineering students really helps—it sets specific times and dates to study and gives you a to discuss and clarify subject matter with your classmates.
  • Make an exam study schedule. This should be done as early as possible, allowing for smaller, more frequent study periods rather than one huge full-day study period on only one subject.
  • When you start studying, remember that your paper is not going to get valued line by line. Hence read the concept first and understand it better. You can do this faster than mugging up the entire question line by line.study time
  • When preparing equations, be sure to note the units and the explanation of the quantities used.
  • Remember, it does not really matter how much you have studied. What matters is “how you present your paper”.
  • Drawing neat diagrams and labeling them is one of the ways of presenting the answer sheet neatly and in an impressive way in order to score good marks. Students should always use a separate rough column and fair column. They should also have a habit of underlining the important points with black pen or pencil to make it easy for the teacher to check .
  • Last but not the least, Drink lots of water, take proper diet, and sleep well. So that you remain healthy, fit and energetic.all the best images

All the best for your exams…

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