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Essential things in handbag during monsoon…

July 12, 2013 9:46 am Published by 1 Comment
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, How’s u doin ?
I’m here again with lots of monsoon tips. This time u’ll get to know what all Essential things in handbag you must carry  during monsoon…
>> Face Wash
You must always carry a face wash that helps to improve the appearance of the skin, clean,healthy, young and make it smooth.
>> Jelly Flats
The right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit- Our markets are filled with a variety of beautiful, chic footwear as well as gaudy footwear. You can put jelly flats in this rainy season.
These are very comfortable and can help you tread the muddy path with ease and comfort.
>> Folding Umbrella
This is very essential accessory that a women must carry in monsoon as rain can ruin a day, ruin a and make a woman completely miserable. Folding umbrellas are now available in market which can be folded easily and kept inside your bag or purse.
>> Tissues & Handkerchief
You must carry disposable tissues with you to get rid of extra skin oil, dirt. Handkerchief  & tissues will help you out in sticky rainy season.
>> Makeup Stuffs
 In rainy season, blusher will help you to get touch ups, as during monsoon you hardly carries any makeup. It will help you to look fresh & presentable. You can also carry dry powder instead of packed powders. Bright color water proof lipstick will add a charm in your beauty.
A wide toothed comb will be perfect for your wet hairs.
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Keep these things in  handbag or purse and there will be a charming day throughout the monsoon for you. Get prepared for monsoon showers….

Have a happy and colorful monsoon…!!!


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