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Ethnic clocks – Give Royal Look to your Interior …

July 22, 2013 11:48 am Published by Leave your thoughts
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Are you seeking for royal look in your ?? Want to give classy & antique look??
You can go for these new ethnic clocks…
Clocks made up of old coins, wood, art work, marble are very much in demand these days.
These clocks gives unique & royal look to the interior.You can enhance your decor with the warmth of an antique clock.
Marble clock are decorated with gold foil embossing, stone work to give them a modern look. Some ancient patterns like flower designs, peacocks, elephants are also embossed on these marble clocks. These  watches enhance the look of your interior.
marble clocks
>> Creation of old coins
Old ancient coins are also used in decorating gold & silver plated clocks. These clocks have big dial. You can use these clocks in big areas of your interior.
old coin clock
>>  Carving work on clocks
Carving in attractive styles and designs add a magnificent appeal to your place.Carving involves shaping wood to make objects of utility and chiseling parts of wood to form intricate designs, with the help of hand tools. These clocks are reasonable also.carved-leather-wall-clock--UDU2Ny0xNzg2Ni43NDkxNQ==
>>  Clocks with wooden touch
Wooden clocks are again in demand due to its stylish and exquisite designs. Wooden work gave new life to the wall clocks. You can buy them according to the match of your interior furniture.
wooden clocks
>> Wood With Brass Antique Clock
These clocks with is beautifully handcrafted to add the finishing touch to your home or office decor. They make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries,  or any occasion, and compliment most styles of decorating.
wood with brass
>> Wooden Cuckoo Clock
Cuckoo comes out each hour to announce the time with his famous sound. These clocks have graceful decoration & Volume control system. Classic touch to any room in your interior.
 Enjoy with New Royal look to your interior…!!!
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